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Summary of today's Books to Prisoners action

Post office joy...
In the tradition of Oakland's Books to Prisoners group, a hand-full of portland books to prisoners members gathered in front of the post office(by PSU) and asked people to mail book packages along with their other mailing items. The response was quite impressive, we managed to get about 25 packages sent this way in 3 hours, and with donation money, we payed for the last 13 packages we needed to ship. If you helped us out today, we thank you very much.

We will inform you of the next time we gather to send more packages.
HOW DO I DONATE? 20.Dec.2004 14:54

No-Doz Bukowski

Hey there.

I work for a company that sells Japanese comic books, and we have a substantial number of a few titles with minor misprints. Nothing that would effect the reader experience too terrible - one of them is missing some key art on the introductory pages, one has cover art that was not approved by the original Japanese creator, etc.

We have about... 20 copies of Comic Book A, about 30 copies of Comic Book B, and literally hundreds of copies of Comic Book C.

I'd love to give Books to Prisoners as many of these as you are able to handle - should I just drop off a box at Rocco's Pizza, or is there a better way?

5000. - N.