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Show Your Support For Ohio Vote Fraud Activists

Visit Cleveland Indymedia and show your support for progressive and democratic activists on the front lines of the fascist coup on American civil liberties and freedom.
I feel somewhat helpless that I can't do more for the battle taking place in Ohio, which is probably the real frontline in this war on terrorism (i.e. war on democracy and human rights).

Visiting Cleveland Indymedia I learned that the city on the banks of Lake Erie and home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has the highest poverty rate in America. I went to Cleveland several years ago and, despite its relatively vacant downtown storefronts, found a city with a rich ethnic heritage. The Rock Hall was cool, there's a central nightlife area called "The Flats" which was fun to party in and meet people, the view of the sunset over the lake was beautiful, and there was a lot of interesting Art Deco buildings downtown, which city planners seem to have done a good job of integrating with modern architecture.

One thing we progressives from other parts of the country can do is put Cleveland on our list of vacation sites, to help their economy, and support what they have been through this election.

We can also visit the Cleveland Indymedia site and get news straight from Ohio of what's going on and post our support of what they are doing.

homepage: homepage: http://cleveland.indymedia.org/news/2004/12/14003.php