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This technique will cut through the electronic waves.

Now that Patriot II has been passed by the House... there is almost no time left at all before the Internet goes down...amongst other things that will take place. And I for one... have little hope left that what is to occur is unstoppable and completely Karmic. But... as one of the last attempts to help my fellow human beings before communication becomes more difficult, I will submit this information--although it has in the past -- rarely been taken seriously. Yet this is really ONE countermeasure to the electronic harassment that actually 100% works. I can vouch for it.

It is Meditation.
But it is not so simple. The meditation needs to deepen. 'Fear' and anger or any type of inner agitation keeps the waves attracted and will strengthen them. Anyone who tells you any different either does not know what he is talking about or IS A PERP. The deeper I go inward into meditation and relaxation and lose my 'fear' of the electronic harassment... the sooner it actually dissolves. Yes. It DISSOLVES 100%. It will keep coming back but with practice, dissolving it gets easier and faster... and 'THEY' KNOW WHEN IT IS NO LONGER HAVING AN EFFECT on you. A more abstract concept that is absolutely TRUE --- is that what they're doing is AN ILLUSION. It is not real. Yes, it is real when it happens -- but it has an effect on my body because I AGREE to its existence and in this way I allow it. This concept is very subtle and it takes time to understand. I personally have only been able to finally understand it enough to USE it to dissolve the attack -- by meditation.

Another way of saying the same thing is, I deeply relax (ALWAYS must first relax my body and then my mind by stopping my internal associations) and then allow it to happen without trying to stop it or control it.

It would be best to confer one-on-one with someone knowledgeable in AUTHENTIC meditation techniques as in Zen or Tibetan Buddhism, so that you find the way to deepen your relaxation and can ask questions which will undoubtedly come up.

Sometimes you can feel the movement of their electronic wave in your body --THERE IS A DEFINITE PHYSICAL MOVEMENT THAT CAN BE FELT if I am very 'quiet and still' inside.... like A MECHANICAL CIRCULAR MOTION --AS IF SOMETHING IS BEING CHURNED. Deepening ones relaxation at that moment with only a little attention on the 'churning motion' will make it dissipate to nothing.

This same relaxation or 'state' needs to be drawn upon while awake and active during the day, which is possible the more you practice. I have been meditating for many years but I did not know that it was connected. I called Mike Rupperts office last year and spoke with a woman, Cynthia who told me that it was connected to HAARP and it was based on VIBRATION. When you meditate, your VIBRATION changes.

The practice of 'CHOD' in Tibetan Buddhism is fantastic for this. Buddhism is NOT a religion -- it can be implemented whether a person is Christian, Jewish, Moslem, etc. They are simply ancient and time-tested practices and techniques of meditation. And I also recommend the book "TRANSFORMING THE HEART: THE BUDDHIST WAY TO JOY AND COURAGE" by Geshe Jampa Tegchok -- it talks about giving up my fears, anger and attachments in great detail. This information about how to deal with these emotions will help tremendously in facing the onslaught of harassment in ALL areas. There may be new techniques of harassment that they will be implementing in the future and relaxation is the only way to not panic and lose complete control of my senses.

If one truly believes in a Higher Force... then one must have enough real Faith to begin to seek this as a way out in ACTION. Don't you feel that this is not only about high-tech... but something spiritual also? As if something Karmic is happening? All the religions agree that this is some form of 'Armageddon' but it is NOT supposed to end in total annihilation, as was originally predicted. That prophecy was mitigated and changed because the MAJORITY of the world view of humanity does NOT support this violence. Look at the reaction in our own country and worldwide to US policy. It is NOT positive. It is only a relative few in power who are continuing this dying concept of 'control over others'. Dr. Calleman's books on The Mayan Calendar ( http://www.calleman.com)is another incredible source to understand what is ahead.

For this reason too, I need to have enough real FAITH to try meditation in the face of all future harassment techniques that might be used. Instead of filling my mind with too much information about their equipment...which I will never fully understand or be able to change in the immediate future, the way to freedom is to change MY view of their harassment. The ONLY area of real control I have at my disposal is ME. I cannot change THEM no matter what I know about their techniques. I can only change HOW I view the harassment and this view WILL CHANGE its effect on me. Essentially it is 'mind over matter'. AND I SWEAR, IT WORKS!!!

I hope someone takes this advice.
As far as I know -- and I do KNOW this works 100% -- it is the only way out... plus the deeper relaxation and meditation that I apply to practice it -- in all areas of my daily life -- will begin to transform my whole life, not just that one area and also heighten my innate intuition. This too is important as that little voice inside should be listened to as it will point to real danger before it happens.

It is a 'win-win' undertaking on all counts and should constitute the major part of my actions as countermeasure.
I agree 18.Dec.2004 16:21


I say mantras and repeat prayers many times a day. It really helps.