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election fraud post-selection actions


Reports from throughout Ohio present a clear and disturbing
pattern of state and local election officials obstructing the recount of Ohio's 2004 presidential vote, according to the Green Party's presidential campaign which initiated the recount and is monitoring the process.
"Ohio election officials are violating both the spirit and the
letter of the law governing the recount," said Cobb-LaMarche Media Director
Blair Bobier.

In two counties, Monroe and Fairfield, election officials have
refused to do a full hand recount, as required, when hand and machine
tallies don't match. They have instead opted to get new machines to count
the votes.

In the vast majority of counties, election officials have
pre-selected precincts to be sampled, rather than choose them randomly as
required by law. In Cuyahoga County, the pre-selection of precincts
eliminated those which reported the most problems on Election Day, thwarting
the intent of the recount and raising serious concerns about the integrity
of the process.

"Ohio's partisan vote-counter and Secretary of State, Kenneth
Blackwell, presided over the most error-ridden election in the country and
he is now intent on preventing the people of Ohio from scrutinizing those
results. We have asked Mr. Blackwell to establish uniform standards and
guidelines for the conduct of the recount and he has refused," said Bobier.

In at least two counties, Montgomery and Coshocton, the recount
has discovered that the state certified the wrong vote totals. The official
results won't be changed, however, because of loopholes in Ohio's election

Other problems with the recount range from volunteers being told
they couldn't ask questions, to an allegation of tampering with voting

Reports from the recount are being filed by Green Party monitors
on a daily basis. They can be found on the Cobb-LaMarche website at


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Would citizens' arrest work? 18.Dec.2004 13:14

law abider

People who break the law -especially if the law represents democratic procedures - should face the wrath of the enforcers of the law. If the law is a fair and just law, then the public must be the enforcers. The State when it becomes partisan and corrupt, when it uses the police and the state apparatus to enforce partisanship and law breaking loses its status as a representer of the people. Citizens then have a social responsibility to put a stop to corruption and prevent the power of the people (demo=people/cracy=power from the greek)from being overthrown.

Arrest the real criminals - those who defend corporate/fascist greed and lawlessness.

dig it 18.Dec.2004 14:40


"-In the vast majority of counties, election officials have
pre-selected precincts to be sampled, rather than choose them randomly as
required by law.-"
which translates into ' we fixed not just a few key areas but that the fix was endemic and pervasive...'