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Aryan Nation Coming to Town

Hatred Flyering Campaign
Check it our for real at  http://www.nukeisrael.com/index.htm.

What do you do? They deserve the worst, but they are an easy target. Not even really the real enemy, just a bunch of confused kids that deserve one hell of a beat down.

And fuck the ACLU for dealing with them.

the people of portland dont care 16.Dec.2004 04:24

anna nuke ,aus germany

a couple months i found out ayan nations were having there 10 year anerversary at the end of october ,
no body did any thing .the people of portland dont belive theere is a rasict problem . they only think of bush an war ..that is the only coaaus they think of fighting .
be cause they are so white breed .
portland will never fight nazis again

skinheads 16.Dec.2004 08:34


Not that i don't loathe skinheads. It would seem as if instead of fighting them, that it would be better to understand and address the underlying causes of their racial prejudices instead of merely dismissing them as monsters. All I'm saying is that when competing for jobs in a lower socio-economic status, it becomes hard not to scapegoat the most visible groups, and easy not to become educated. Maybe these people would benefit from some education.

wait a while 16.Dec.2004 12:11


Except for children who've been indoctrinated by their parents, or maybe those of older ages who've been coerced and intimidated into thinking and behaving hatefully, nazi's and racists have no excuse for their behavior. They're adults of free will and they know better than to unjustly deprive the rights of another human being, harrass or torture them. They are voluntarily psychotic, and love what they do. Average americans will do something when the chickens come home to roost.

Woah, woah, woah... 16.Dec.2004 12:16

Fuck the ACLU?

Look, I don't like Nazis. They disgust me. But I think it's a measure of the ACLU's integrity that they will defend these assholes despite how repugnant they may find them to be. Because like it or not, they have every right to be just as fucking stupid as they want. And the ACLU recognizes that, despite the obvious loss of popularity they may suffer as a result.

yes, f the ACLU 16.Dec.2004 14:04


I disagree with the above commentator. Free speech rights are not just "interesting" or "academic", they have real consequences for real people. I don't think its a measure of ACLUs integrity that they will defend such folks, I'm sure there are many groups and defendants out there who could use some first amendment legal aid; the ACLU is being picky. Why? Why choose to defend right wingers, don't they dominate global politics as it is. Maybe it sets good precedent. Bullshit- the courts don't care, when they want to supress, they supress.

The ACLU loves being in the spotlight, and this puts them there. But where were they when the Portland Police wouldn't release spying files, when our rights were squelched in the streets, etc.

We should know what they're up to 16.Dec.2004 14:18


It's better to have them out in the open, than underground.

A christian is a christian is a christian 16.Dec.2004 16:28


[Quote]It would seem as if instead of fighting them, that it would be better to understand and address the underlying causes of their racial prejudices instead of merely dismissing them as monsters[Quote]


ACLU a mixed bag 16.Dec.2004 18:34


I was surprised to learn recently how ardently the ACLU has been fighting for corporate personhood rights, and against campaign finance reforms. They do a lot of good work, but also a lot which is counterproductive to the rights of real people.

nazis are disgusting so are nanny panny liberals 17.Dec.2004 09:52


i think the only way to figure out the nazi problem ..is get them to move away ,an counter there flyers

everyone's place 05.Jan.2005 23:05

a rogue chipmunk

I do not say "fuck" the ACLU. They do their job, but now it is time for the anti-fascists to do our job. Be it by hook or by crook.

You are the Nazi Skinheads wet dream 06.Jan.2005 11:57

Randy Blazak cfrb@pdx.edu

First of all, it wasn't Aryan Nation's 10th year anniversary, it was Volksfront's. Secondly, that "anti-racists" use violence against racists just turns racists into martyrs. Ever heard of Gandhi? MLK? You don't beat hate with hate but with love. They ARE mixed up kids and the most powerful weapon against racism is a former racist who was lead out of that bullshit world, not a dead racist.

I am proud member of the ACLU, which defends ALL our rights (even yours). The ACLU is not a group that believes the Constitution is only for leftist Americans, it is for ALL Americans, even right-wing assholes.

My "white power" is in my open hand, not my clenched fist. Grow up and love your enemy. It actually works.