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Ohio hand recount suspended after exposing tabulator malfunction

At 4 pm today, after failing to get a match of hand counted ballots with punch card tabulator (ESS)...
Ohio, Fairfield County, suspends recount

At 4 pm today, after failing to get a match of hand counted ballots with punch card tabulator (ESS), two hand counts and two times through machine, after stating they were awaiting a call back from that company to have a new machine delivered, less than 30 seconds later convened a board meeting, voted to suspend recount, to await a new machine from ESS, and recount will be re-done Saturday, same exact precincts, the building is now closed, you are to exit the facility. BOE blaming issues on "machine failure" in order to avoid the now required entire county hand count. Precints were not random, they were selected by BOE, one from the Dem and one from the Repup.

This after their call to SOS Kathy Blackwell.

Greens will be going for a TRO. They are fully aware of entire circumstances of this report.

BOE's trying to get around mandotory handcounts of entire counties by calling it machine failure rather than follow clear statute. This will be breaking I am sure before long.

First hand witness to events above....myself


Kenneth 15.Dec.2004 17:39

George Bender

I believe it's "Kenneth" Blackwell, Sec. of State.

Kathy Blackwell 15.Dec.2004 22:17


i believe mtnester was making a joke: Katherine Harris + Ken Blackwell = Kathy Blackwell.

Glenn Sanders
Votergate Resource Center

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Glen 16.Dec.2004 00:44

George Bender

Okay thanks, now I get the joke, but this is such a complicated and confusing mess already, and so hard to follow, that I think it would be helpful to lay off the joke.

Kenneth 16.Dec.2004 05:43


If you want to be taken seriously as a source of news,
then refer to officials by their correct names. You can
find enough here to criticize without undermining your
own credibility this way.

blackboxvoting.org 16.Dec.2004 07:27


Actually, this "joke" originated on her site. It's not really a joke, she said something like, just like KH, KB is doing the same, we should call him kath.B...because of his stonewalling and shady back-room maneuvers. Why is he doing this? What is everyone scared of? Bush clearly won, right?

Since this happened before, I think we need to put the breaks on, I don't want rep or dems deciding what votes count and which do not, or machines. There is a clear conflict of interest, either bush wins again on a technicality, or he wins fair and square. I would like to know it's fair and square, and I didn't vote for Bush or Kerry, so I have everything to lose, even my vote not being counted! Has anyone noticed the thousands protesting across the country. Hundreds of thousands at the RNC at alone, anyone see the thousands at the last inauguration, any one hear about the thousands going to washington...so let's not sugar coat this $hit, people want answers, or DUH-MOCK-RATSy fails, again.

If those answers are "secrets", it does not look good for the future. You can't deny that. Running around closing offices, stone walling, ignoring, only increases the amount of suspicion. That's dumb for both parties, if they want to make this go away, they need to acknowledge it, not run from it. Red flags are going up everywhere.