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20/20 hindsight

If Clinton had gone to the mat to get statehood for Washington D.C., the addition of 2 democratic senators and a democratic representative (likely) would've prevented the permanent lock the republicans have achieved in congress. Of all the lousy things Clinton did, and is reviled for, this inaction on his part should be at or near the top of his negative legacy.
I was recently in Washnington DC, a city of a couple million people, who vote overwhelmingly for democrats. DC is an expensive city, and the people who live there pay federal taxes, but they have no senators or voting congresspersons to represent them federally.
I was struck by the fact that the tag line on their new license plates proclaims "taxation without representation is tyranny."
If any of the staff of the federal government look out the very dark windows of the limosines ferrying them to and from Virginia, they should get the point.
Well.....If bill and hilary had gotten the point, maybe they would've made their opening shot to enfranchise the citizens of DC into the federal government. Given the democratic party 2 permanent senators, and probably taken a representative away from a red state and given the jackasses another permant seat in the house.
As I drifted off to sleep a couple nights ago, the notion crossed my mind that had DC contributed a couple of Barak Obama's to the senate in the clinton years, things might've gone differently in 2000 when no senator would support the minority caucus' motion to challenge the (now permanent) usurpation
of all federal process by the most fascist element of the republican party.
The corporate DLC....what a fucking bunch of losers.
Vent......I feel better now?
oh well 15.Dec.2004 08:54

Uncle Sam

...and just think if Clinton hadn't relaxed media ownership even further, we might be getting the truth from them.

Did he do that on purpose? Nah