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State of Florida Awards Viisage $1.1 Million Contract

Well look at what we have here. Viisage, just happened to have recently appointed Kenneth C. Scheflen as senior vice president. Who's that you say? Just a long time DOD executive that's all. What is Viisage?
[comment: So now the DOD will be handling your financial information to, "keep you safe". Gotta love privatization, everyone gets a turn at the military wheel of fortune industrial complex. Thanks 9/11 bill, now everyone can make some money turning America into a police state. I'm sure that's what the victims wanted.]

About Viisage:

Viisage (NASDAQ: VISG) delivers advanced technology identity solutions for governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses concerned with enhancing security, reducing identity theft, and protecting personal privacy. Viisage solutions include secure credentials such as passports and drivers' licenses, biometric technologies for uniquely linking individuals to those credentials, and credential authentication technologies to ensure the documents are valid before individuals are allowed to cross borders, gain access to finances, or granted other privileges. With over 3,000 installations worldwide, Viisage's identity solutions stand out as a result of the Company's industry-leading technology and unique understanding of customer needs. Viisage's product suite includes FaceTOOLS(R) SDK, Viisage PROOF(TM), FaceEXPLORER(R), iA-thenticate(R), BorderGuard(R), FacePASS(TM) and FaceFINDER(R).

About Ken Scheflen:

Kenneth C. Scheflen is a former long-time Department of Defense executive. Until July 2004, he was director of the Defense Manpower Data Center. He then left to join Viisage as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Federal Solutions. Viisage describes itself as 'a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions'

Graduated from Yale University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in administrative sciences.

In May 2004, while director of the Defense Manpower Data Center, Scheflen participated in a one-day conference in the UK called "ID Cards: The Next Steps"


[comment: So in May, he was already pushing ID cards, then he becomes VP in July, we get the 9/11 bill in dec. I wonder if the Jersey girls know they were set up.]


State of Florida Awards Viisage $1.1 Million Contract; Viisage Automatic Document Authentication Technology to Help Florida Reduce Identity Theft and Fraud

BILLERICA, Mass. --(Business Wire)-- Dec. 15, 2004 -- Viisage (Nasdaq: VISG), a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions, today announced that the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) selected Viisage's automatic document authentication technology to detect falsified documents and ensure that state drivers' licenses are issued only to the rightful owners. The $1.1 million contract awarded to Viisage is part of a federally funded Department of Homeland Security program to protect critical infrastructure, and Florida is the first state to use grant funding for this express purpose. The initiative will help the state prevent attempted identity theft and fraud, a problem that plagues individuals, economies and national security.

In early 2005, Florida will begin using Viisage's automatic document authentication technology to quickly and easily determine the authenticity of multiple documents including passports, visas, U.S. and Canadian drivers' licenses, U.S. immigration cards, U.S. border crossing cards, and other forms of identification. This process will be used to help ensure that the documents presented by an applicant are valid and entitle the applicant to a Florida state driver's license.

"Ensuring valid drivers' licenses are issued only to the rightful owners and protecting the identities of the citizens of Florida are our top priorities," said Fred Dickinson, executive director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. "Viisage's technology is a key component to these initiatives, as it provides us with critical information on whether the identity documents presented by a driver's license applicant are authentic. Ultimately this enables us to issue valid drivers' licenses only to qualified applicants, and investigate suspect cases of attempted identity theft and fraud."

The iA-thenticate software product to be used in Florida became part of the Viisage product suite through the recent acquisition of Imaging Automation, a privately-held company formerly based in Bedford, New Hampshire.

"As validated by the strong political support for the Intelligence Bill, identity documents, like the Florida state drivers' license, have become an important part of all homeland security initiatives. Whether entitling an individual to cross our borders or access information and resources, such as finances, we have all come to recognize the importance of these documents," said Bernard Bailey, president and CEO of Viisage. "Florida's progress in ensuring the authenticity and ownership of these documents is exemplary."

Viisage-You don't know the truth- 2 Federal lawsuits & more-People don't care 22.Dec.2006 09:04

Mark Lerner - Not anonymous thetruthwinsout@aol.com

I am sick and tired of people pretending they care. I have been cooperating with federal officials and am involved as a consultant in a federal lawsuit against Viisage. For two years I have tried to get the "Truth" out to the American public. I have been fighting this battle alone. I have gone to the newspapers, ACLU, spoke directly with people in Congress and others in our government and yet the truth is still not getting to the public. I have spent my life savings on this issue. I am a proponent of the use of biometrics. My opinions on this area were sought out. I never worked for Viisage but was very close with their most senior management including their former Chairman of the Board. In my relationship with them I uncovered several disturbing FACTS. Number 1-Senior management provided information to specific people that was not available to other investors (This is being investigated at the federal level) Number 2) There was intentional deception if not fraud involved in Viisage's claims concerning the capability of their technology. Number 3) Several of Viisage's senior people are on record with me as admitting the deception and admitting they knew about it at the time 4) Viisage intentionally omitted telling investors and clients/potential clients about
not only negative news related to their technology and finances but also about what was needed in order for their technology to work. Even if everything was done that Viisage didn't tell clients about they still would not achieve the 90% results Viisage claimed they got during testing at Logan airport. 5) A brokerage house (headquarters) that was receiving information that other investors weren't, not only made million's off of Viisage but also participated in Viisage's secondary offering. 6) One of the largest clients of that brokerage house filed with the SEC that he owned 2.9 million shares of Viisage. 7) That same brokerage house was the only brokerage house that posted a price target of nearly double where Viisage was at when the first of many lawsuits were filed against the company. Every other brokerage house downgraded Viisage.

There is much more. The point is it may take another year for all this to get out. The two lawsuits are in Federal District Court located in Boston.
The have survived several motions but it still could be a year or so before trial dates are set. The federal investigation is on going and that could take as much as another year to complete. There is no way to know since federal authorities do not discuss where they are at in an investigation.

I am working with the Kansas City Star to get the full story out. I provided the newspaper with overwhelming evidence including but not limited to tapes, emails and other documents. Lawyers involved in the class action suits have told me there is overwhelming evidence or both civil and criminal wrongdoing. I am not an attorney and will not state that but will say the evidence is clear and irrefutable. The newspaper has said they are not sure they have the reources locally to investigate the story. Their national editor is considering turning it over to their Washington office's. This back and forth has been going on for two months.

This issue is very important to all Americans. Biometrcis are needed as a tool but it is imperative that there is strong oversight. Also we must be able to trust the people that run these companies. They have access to all of our's most sensitive information.

I have asked for help in this battle from groups like the ACLU and others. It seems they have their own priorities. I can't find one American that cares enough to help me move forward in getting this major story out. I have approached people and been told "I can't do anything. We must trust our leaders.". "It is too depressing for me to think about.". My favorite response are those that say "I have my own problems.". Then there is always the "I wish you luck and it is important but there is nothing I can do.".

Americans have lost their will. Only 1/2 even vote and that is for national candidates. Local elections are lucky to draw 25% turnout.
We should all be ashamed at out how we are honoring those that have given so bravely for our country.

I can't find anyone that is willing to stand up and be counted. Not one person that cares enough to get involved. I hold each person that has seen the evidence I have resposible if we are attacked again on our soil and it turns out that Viisage's technology was involved in letting the "bad" guys in our country. I don't have just one or two pieces of evidence about what I am saying. I have a mountain of evidence that I am willing to share to anyone that cares enough to want what is best for our country. Each person that reads this now knows the truth. Will any of you join me in getting this story out before it is too late?

The truth will get out one day. The two lawsuits in federal court will one day be heard. The federal investigation will one day come to light. In the meantime Viisage, now L1, continues to grow. Many of the "old" people are still in place.

For those that read this-Be brave enough and care enough to contact me at
 thetruthwinsout@aol.com I am the source in the attachment included. Read the entire attachment and you will understand what I have been saying.
This matter pertains to us all and that includes our children and grandchildren. Are you a spectator or participant?

(816) 401-7615