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Statement of Support for Bev Harris

The Board of Directors of Black Box Voting hereby gives a statement of unequivocal support for Black Box Voting Executive Director Bev Harris, her work and tireless dedication to accountable voting in the United States.
We are saddened by the backlash of a particular web forum, media complacency towards facts and ignoring the critical story about public record access denial in 13 Florida counties and elsewhere. Theresa LePore was served papers at a public meeting -- not a retirement party. LePore, of butterfly ballet fame, already has quite a record in lawsuits brought by citizens and one by Congressman Wexler for verifiable voting.

Ms. Harris has documented the miscommunication leading up to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's editorial comments about her alleged refusal to appear on his show, stemming from producer's inability to contact Ms. Harris, not a refusal by her.

We would like to extend Mr. Olbermann the opportunity to get the facts and real story. We hope that as a journalist, he would give equal opportunity and time to Ms. Harris to set the record straight and report the critical story- the way information is not adding up in this election.

Ms. Harris and Black Box Voting are nonpartisan participants investigating problems in our election process and remedies necessary to insure honest voting. Proper auditing procedures must happen throughout with auditing of voter verified paper ballots and internal auditing of voting systems to create totally transparent elections.

When auditing processes are broken or non-existent, the opportunity for mistakes or fraud exist.

Black Box Voting's goal is to investigate and document the existing reality of elections in America and use such documentation for legislative and/or judicial reform.

It appears that some well meaning people have identified our efforts as among the most likely to overturn the results of the last election. But our goal is accountable elections, regardless of outcome.

Some would like us to release information as we obtain it. Releasing all investigative results prematurely could compromise further investigations and at least one legal action in progress.

Investigations may reveal problems irrespective of party -- not always a popular revelation. It is crucial to realize that our election system, in spite of the apparent partisan funding behind most voting systems, didn't devolve simply because of partisan involvement. It will not be fixed by partisan involvement.

Good people of all political persuasions want elections that people in the United States can trust and have confidence in. Until we have the ability to verify that process at every step in the most transparent way possible, doubt will linger.

Many people are working hard to achieve transparent elections. Ms. Harris managed to break information of that work to the general populace. We can only assume that the revelation of the state of our elections to the general public was not welcome and that Ms. Harris's investigations are getting close to some uncomfortable truths, given the viciousness of the attacks on her recently.

We, the people, have a right to oversight of our elections. When we get that oversight, it will be because of people who dared show current reality. Bev Harris is one of the people America will owe a debt of gratitude.

Update SATURDAY, DEC 11, 2004: Computer guys -- here is the WinEDS audit log ( http://www.blackboxvoting.org/dcforum/DCForumID4408/34.html) from the Snohomish County central tabulator for Nov. 2. Snohomish County is now trying to do a hand count for the Washington State gubernatorial race. Sequoia touch-screens. Good luck.

Note: Please contact Bev Harris if you can help by providing a high-speed scanner to scan in .pdf documents. Returned from Florida with boxes of records, would like to get them on the Web.

the Treatment 15.Dec.2004 08:18

theresa mitchell

Bev Harris is getting The Treatment. Her phone calls (at least) are being intercepted, and falsely answered by a spook claiming to be Harris. The Treatment is intended to drive the victim mad, and to convince everyone else that the target is incompetent and offensive.

My own sister got The Treatment once, from a different source--actually, the Pentagon spooks. They intercepted her letters to her lover during the first Gulf War so that he dumped her. She had written him every day, and they kept them in a pile. I know this because Les AuCoin got them to cough up the letters--too late. The spooks wanted to break them up, because he was Special Forces and she was with the Lawyer's Guild. This was in 1991.

I've also personally seen The Treatment applied to a Quaker who damaged a nuclear missile. I wrote a letter to her in prison, and it was replied to by an entirely different party, seeking to make her out as unstable.

Too bad Randi Rhodes isn't up to speed on this kind of thing.

It's probably Republican gestapo targeting Harris, but the important thing is that she's being targeted, and we should have the historic knowledge to figure that out.

They are afraid 15.Dec.2004 08:46

keep em running

This is a good sign...it means these assholes are running scared. We have truth on our side and they know it.

They have kept Americans running scared from the 'war on terror' for so long, now it is their turn to live in fear.

It is only a matter of time before the chimp and crew get their due!
Who the FU** does he think he is?
Who the FU** does he think he is?