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Support Shirts available for Josh Harper/ SHAC 7

This Christmas season you can either give your comrades some story about not buying into the "Judeo-Christian Hallmark Nightmare" and bum everyone out, or you can cough up some dough and give them an awesome shirt, and support a victim of the NeoCon war on activism at the same time. Hell, something good should come from Christianity, right?
Animal Liberation Or Else
Animal Liberation Or Else
That's right, long time Earth and Animal Liberation trouble maker Josh Harper is facing Animal Enterprises Terrorism charges in June. In order to make sure he doesn't go to court looking like a complete hayseed he needs to raise some funds for court clothes and other expenses. Solution? The Josh Harper Support shirt! Designed by, "Ego," a well known Seattle Tattoo artist, these 100% cotton shirts are frickin' nice, yo. Check the picture in this article for the design.

The support shirt is available for $15ppd, priority shipping included. The available sizes are childrens large, and adult medium, large, X-Large, and for us big vegans, XX-Large. You can paypal Josh the money at veganjoshua(at)Yahoo(dot)com along with your shipping address and shirt size.

See www.shac7.com for more information on the case.
Right On!!! I am definately buying one, or maybe two!!!! 15.Dec.2004 01:36


Josh Harper is one of my heroes and I will defiantely spread the word about raising funds for him!

Shirts available at Food Fight! 06.Jan.2005 12:43

Food Fight! Grocery info@foodfightgrocery.com

We have some of the shirts available to buy at Food Fight! Vegan Grocery. 4179 SE Division. All money goes to Josh.