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human & civil rights

legal help for army deserters

where can I get help?!
With 5500 troops having deserted so far, there are probably around 50 people who could badly use some legal help and getting organized into a resistance group. Can any of the legal help that people get for civil disobedience be used to help out people who are taking a big risk to oppose Bush's war?
NW Military and Draft Counseling 15.Dec.2004 04:07


A place to start is:
NW Military and Draft Counseling
They´re in the phone book. If that doesn´t work, ask the NW Vets for Peace (phonebook).

call the GI Rights Hotline 15.Dec.2004 13:03


Call the GI Rights Hotline at 800.394.9544 or visit their website at  http://girights.objector.org/