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Xmas time for George W!

Xmas time is here, and we should all bond together to celebrate and show our love for our favorite pResident! The man loves simple things, like fossil fuels and burning stuff, so the perfect gift for him is. . .

Yes, if anyone deserves to get a lump of coal in his stocking, it is W. Why not send him a few lumps of Kingsford, a brick of low-grade Lignite for that nice "fuck up the planet" scent, or even a nice healthy sack of Anthracite, one of the harder coals and thus perfect for smacking him in the head.

If everyone from this site sends him a lump of coal it could make for an amusing news piece. The secret service will go apeshit, the rest of the planet will have a nice laugh, and W will probably never get the joke. He will however use it to cook up some of that heart-attack food he loves, so you will help remove him from the planet that much faster!

So, next time you are out on the town, grap a lump of coal. Or some ashes from your neighbor's grill. Or a rock from the driveway; there is no need to be picky. Parcel post for a five pound sack is less than ten bucks to DC, or you can stick one brick in an envelope for less than a buck.

Mail to:
George W. Bush
C/O The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Remember: Don't light the coal, it will go out before it gets there. And the SS gets kind of pissy when you do that.

ps- W must be the only man on the planet that does so much for fossil fuels, yet does not believe in evolution, or even in the existence of dinosaurs.