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Circle A Radio, the twice-monthly anarcha-feminist program on KBOO (90.7) has shows archived on PDX IMC!
Do yourself a favor and CHECK OUT THESE SHOWS!!!
Scroll near the bottom on the PDXIMCAUDIO page to find some of the very best radio portland has been offered EVER!


Circle A Radio collective broadcasts worldwide voices of resistance. We view our work as a tool for organizing, spreading information and providing a structure for complex analysis in order to inspire action. We strive to present information in a historical context drawing from the experiences of political prisoners, the indigenous sovereignty movement, immigrants in the United States, gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered communities, Pan-Africanists, and individuals confronting capitalism, globalization, neo-liberalism, racism, police brutality and all systems of control. We support cultures based on sustainability and mutual aid. We reject the principles of hierarchy and privilege and promote equality.

Circle A Radio collective on the web:  http://www.circlearadio.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.circlearadio.org

The trouble with radio... 15.Dec.2004 09:34

You miss it and it's gone...

This is great, not only so we can hear it later, but we can share with our friends both far and near.

Hope Andrew Geller is listening -- his show Rise Up oughtta be archived too. Last week he had two astounding interviews.

thanks indy guys and thanks kboo

Most tragic fact of all 15.Dec.2004 21:50


Is that Circle A has to archive their show on PDX INDY because the KBOO WEB SITE is so pathetic and out of date. Why, because certain board members couldn't care less if more people listen to KBOO ON THE INTERNET, as long as they still have a show. Why doesn't KBOO improve it's web site so all the shows are archived in some compressed format? Hmmmm??

Im not pissed anymore 17.Dec.2004 13:52


Many social justice groups and collectives form in a realitively egalatarian way with some diversity represented in the participants. In every significant movement I can think of, given a little time almost all the women will drop out. It has happened over and over and over and over. I listen to circle A enough to konw that they know of this constant. I think I want to post as a rhetorical question, right now in this context why???? I don't really even want an answer. I concede and apologize for insulting arturo' s show. I agree that it has its own importance. But once again, alot of the dynamics that drive women out are very insidious and quite predictable, and I would really like you guys, and I do mean guys, to take the comments down. please.

Howdy 10.Aug.2005 10:28


Can't fit A Square Peg into a Circle A.

Jaws Has Spoken 21.Jan.2006 01:17

Drenchlands drenchlands@comcast.net

Sorry I haven't had time to respond. I was worried about the first amendment there for a second with you people. I thought that you were following in W's footprints. For now I leave you this


see ya there. Ha Ha. I will be at the table with the mythbusters