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9.11 investigation

911skeptics.blogspot (Issue 12/13)

Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political aftermath
Monday, December 6th
By Ewing2001


911skeptics.blogspot.com -Issue 12/13

The 9/11 3/4 truth movement

Last week appeared to me like an eternity.

Too many things happened, as to reflect all of them properly and in the best manner,
but i will try to do my best.

For the first time in months, i was thinking about to retire from research and (media-)activism.

My thoughts about a resignation concluded first of all, from an ongoing attitude and irritating behavior of spokespersons in this 9/11 "truth"-movement, as represented in the activist group 911truth.org, which had not been willing to accept their mistakes, explain their cover-ups, stop their ignorance, arrogance and blindness towards physical evidence of 9/11 or put the infiltrations of obscure or controversial new age gurus on hold, including population eugenic Virginia Deane Abernethy, Vice-President of the original Club of Rome.

I still think that their controversial reputation, which discredited this movement (or their vibes) cannot be repaired anymore and that the main board members should resign, however continue with their individual projects and be replaced by someone else, to keep the name of 911truth.org.

One of their last controversial decisions, by supporting 9/11 Visibility (Emmanuel Sfarios),
was to release a story by Kevin Ryan (Underwriter Laboratories) too early,
before NIST was able to respond.
Ryan, who questioned the official story of the Tower collapses was fired some days later, the bombshell story died before it could really develop. Noone took responsibility.


There is more:
The only thing, which could stop another 9/11 (this weekend once again announced by phantom figure al Zarquawi), an increased police state and pending fascism, would have been a more radical push of the complete truth and real narrative about the first 9/11.

However it is still not accepted in mainstream media, though possibly widely recognised by now.
This movement however is still growing, fortunately ignoring the cat fights and cover-ups behind the scenes.

Furthermore we couldn't stop the so called "9/11 bill".
Responsible for this is a corruptive 9/11 panel and unfortunately, by saying this with all respect, the result of some manipulated 9/11 family members around Mary Fetchet and Carol Ashley.

They knew our files. They wouldn't listen.

I will therefore announce my partly retirement from the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Playing into all this is also the decision that inn.GlobalFreePress was shutdown on Sunday morning, bpilgrim- my system administrator retired.
He had no other choice and cannot be blamed, there are personal reasons which i don't want to explain right now.
I owe him my biggest respect. Without him there wouldn't have been stories of ewing2001 on globalfreepress or many other features from WoodyBox, Flori06, John Doe II or -Michael Kane!

My articles and the 9/11 section of inn.globalfreepress are currently down.

This includes also my recent two articles of "the lost terror drill-Chapter 11" (which received almost 9.000 visitors) and "9/10- 9/11: The Johnstown "Terror Team" Cover-up" (a co-article written with TEAM 8+ member John Doe II, article cached here), closing in to the final smoking guns of 9/11 and maybe the so called "holy grail".


In some publicly undisclosed negotiations over the last few weeks, bpilgrim offered to send his server to NYC and it will possibly relaunch next year under the same name and direction of my friend Wat "Rob" Tyler from Shadow Government TV and Michael Kane (GNN, Clarity, ny911truth.org and FTW)

Both have nothing to do with the decision of bpilgrim.
Everyone tried to save this project.
As i said, they are my friends, therefore they also offered me to continue to work with them together.

However my friendship with them is more important than to find an intelligent conclusion, on figuring out, whether Mike Kane and the next GFP stands on the "Mike Ruppert issue", but also on my personal ideas on the future of blogosphere, "Atom" and RSS.

I have no final thought yet, if i will work with them as an advisor,
continue with my own section or news department or more.
Wat Tyler promised to backup my stories, which are currently on hold.

However, in any case, i wish them the very best and an international support of this great manpower team. Meanwhile, SGTV will also continue with appearances on a weekly radio show.
For any support or requests regarding my backup files, please contact watsrevenge@hotmail.com

In other developments, INN World Report might shut down for the 2nd time in 3 years, in 1 week.
Our approach to get new fundraisers, didn't work out in time.

Also my business concept, to turn this project into a 24/7 satellite radio show project incl. live TV- and radio stream, as an international blogosphere news show, was not accepted by the producers yet.

Already some months ago, a merger between globalfreepress, INN Report and 911review didn't work out, because of internal personal and technical misarrangements.
My daily news portal was also never integrated into the official website of INN World Report, which is available at innworldreport.net.

I will now offer my concept of a satellite radio/tv-blogosphere show to someone else.
Actually i would like to work for Howard Stern :)


Today i will also write my last blog at 911skeptics.blogspot.com for this year and decide,
if i will pick it up again, next year.
This weekly blog will definetely go on vacation until the end of this year.
Lately, it also took almost 8-10 hours to finish it. Some weeks ago, i was still writing with the birds at 9 AM in the morning. That's really nuts :)

I will remain at 911Truth Action and as a lurker at 9/11 Truth Alliance, though there isn't much going on over there anyway lately.
The most constructive input still comes from here at 9/11 Truth Action, IMHO.

I will also remain at TEAM 8+, a new research group, and try to continue to work as a journalist and also stay with 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance.

I also will continue to collect input from my international correspondents and might forward the one or other article over one of many different mailing lists.

I just finished proof-reading Webster Tarpley's new book and recommend that everyone should buy and read it. It's coming out soon and will be the MOST important 9/11 book EVER.
I might release a review at portland.indymedia.com, when it comes out.

Shockingly, this weekend's death of Gary Webb hits us in a time of increased oppressed investigative journalism.
Below, the column of "9/11- Frameup on Humanity" includes an important tidbit about Gary Webb's latest article.

There could be also many other reasons for a retirement, one might assume.

What about a cliche?
A long time ago i was always killed. Unfortunately not by a government agent or some men in black, but by a close associate from INN World Report, who didn't want to hear my 9/11 stories anymore and almost stroked me to death.
True story. The only reason, why i didn't call the police, was to get our show in the can and not to risk our reputation.

Or what about a romantic reason? My girlfriend denied to marry me.
Or maybe i'm just burned out? Not true. It's also not true that i follow some good advices, to "take a longer vacation".

Maybe it's frustration, depression or that i'm constantly broke? Also not true.
Everything happened already before, in the last few years and i always decided, to continue.

Secretly on the payroll of some other weired intelligence? Not true, because i'm also constantly hungry. I still regret any kind of recruitments :)
A personal note to the NSA, who's a regular log-in guest on my sites:
I guess, you have to take the less comfortable way again and sniff my e-mails.
You're still bastards for me, who betrayed this nation and the constitution. Shame on you and go to hell!

Possibly another reason to retire, could be that noone ever borroughed me money, to release my 2003 "9/11 encyclopedia" as a self-published book, including "911truth.org".

Or maybe it's the confusion that it took Mike Ruppert almost 3 years, to figure out that i'm also operating under the pseudonym "ewing2001"? Just kiddin, but it's true.
Or that 911skeptics.blogspot is not included on the new deception dollar (though i'm not 100% sure about this)

Maybe i'm scared that the Homeland Security will arrest me as a "terrorist"?
Not at all.
Or that i was hacked various times etc.. etc...?

There might be a lot of rumours coming up soon and i'm already amused, to read the best ones.

...and now to something completely different:



9/11: Frameup on Humanity- Updates (Issue 12/13)
Final Issue for 2004

9/11 -Part II?

A german report in "Tagesspiegel" revealed on the weekend that Abu Mussab al-Zarkawi is apparently planning "a terror strike of greater magnitude than the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York..."
This latest PsyOP, even as just "threataganda", comes as no surprise to me, since too many people had been made aware of the real truth about Sep11th. A new attack would finally bury all research and activism and throw back all related activities for years.


Ross Gethman, who runs anthraxandalqaeda.com, wrote me last week, and asked to "delete your reference where you say my website has often been accused as a disinformation site".

Since i'm only reporting about the majority of the vibe, i received about his site, i will not do that. I wrote him back and told him that the anthrax attack was orchestrated from the United States.
It is also well known that they had genetically modified ames spores from Fort Detrick, which matched the official analysis of the anthrax attack.
Gethman tries to connect the anthrax attack to Iraq and a bogus organisation named "Al-quaeda".

Asner, Ed

I always was and always will be a big fan of Ed Asner's movies and TV series, especially "rich man, poor man".
Last week, i was a bit disappointed that Asner "caved in" and basically made a u-turn, by writing that 9/11 was based on negligence. I heard a different view a long while ago, even personally from him on the phone.

Someone else might speculate, why this has happened now.
Maybe someone threatened Asner with some infos of his past?:

Daniel, Ed Asner, aka brother-in-law of Judge William Newsom, is the uncle of Gavin Newsom, aka Gehlen Org people.
William Newsom and J. Paul Getty, Jr. were on the board of Otto von Bolshwing's "Trans-International Computer Investments, Inc." known as TCI, Inc. back in the 1960s to early 1970s.
Allan Dulles worked for Prescott Bush, and in 1945 spirited $200 million from Swiss bank accounts of the Gehlen Org, safe-harboring it with German exiled Otto von Bolshwing in Amsterdam..."

http://www.ds.psu.edu/ ... shopping%20mall%20near%20Pittsburgh%20Airport%20DSC01131.JPG

ATC evacuations

On September 11th, strangely three air traffic control towers had been partly or totally evacuated:
Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Johnstown, as recently widely reported by members of TEAM8+.

John Doe II once again debated, why this is odd:

"...Seeing all theses three evacuations together there is one central question that does arise:

In none of the three cities were skyscrapers evacuated at that time. And UA 93 only switched off its transponder at 9:41 and Cleveland Center only adviced NEADS of UA 93 being hijacked at 10:07 (CR, 33). Why does the FAA give order to evacuate due to the threat posed by UA 93 if it not even informs NEADS at that time?
So, why were three towers evacuated while the controllers all of the US had there hands full of giving their best to help landing all planes in the UA airspace?..."

Avery, Dylan

Dylan Avery's mini-film "Loose Change", is still available on letsroll911.net. A new DVD of Avery will be released in a couple of weeks.

Burnback, Mark

Mark Burnback is the Fox reporter, who stated on WCBS that the incoming aircraft at the south tower had no windows and a blue logo on or near the nose of the aircraft.
I can now confirm that he repeated this statement some months ago. I heard a taped conversation with him on the phone. Someone should try to track him down again. He left FOX and is currently still working at one of the other major US News stations. I'm also aware of three other eye-witnesses in New York, who could confirm this statement. They all too scared to speak out.


Cashill, Jack

I'm not sure about the real reasons for this DVD.
It seems that Jack Cashill, another TWA 800 researcher, is just one of the regular "Clinton-bashers", but maybe there's more?
"...Cashill leads the viewer from Oklahoma City to Dubrovnik, where Ron Brown's plane crashed, to the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia to the destruction TWA Flight 800 off Long Island to the Olympic Park bombing. As Cashill proves beyond dispute, these are not multiple conspiracies but all part of one major political fix, the mother of all fixes, the Mega Fix..."

Dulce Decorum

One of the respected members of TEAM 8+, Dulce Decorum, is still looking, together with another member, John Doe II, into a "definite flight manifest" of Flight 11.

At the 9/11 section of democraticunderground.com, Dulce also pointed out that something was very strange with the official plane of "flight11", with its tail number N334AA.

Dulce is looking since months deeply into the registration process of some Sep11th planes, which is even far more complex than the regular BTS data base research.
It is amazing, what Dulce found out. Here about Flight11 aka tail number N334AA:

"...One N334AA aka "Flagship Vermont" is a DC-7 whose nose resides within the National Air and Space Museum.
It was manufactured in 1956 and has the serial number 45106/735 or 45106/738.
Apparently it flew for about nine years before being beheaded in 1962.
I have not yet been able to determine the circumstances under which the dismemberment took place.

According to the FAA, yet another and better known alias, the Boeing 767-223, serial number 22332,
was manufactured in 1987, and given an airworthiness certificate on 04/10/1987.

However, it was only placed on the CIVIL AVIATION REGISTRY on 01/06/2000.
This means that for 13 long years it was ..... WHERE????


As pointed out a while ago, Dulce also looked into the Social Security Death Index, and was heavily attacked on this discussion board of DU, for doing this.
However, this index has something to say about the official passengers of Flight 11:


John Ogonowski, 52, Nothing found
First Officer Thomas McGuinness, 42 Nothing found
Barbara Arestegui, 38 Nothing found
Jeffrey Collman Nothing found
Sara Low, 28 27 Oct 1972 -- 11 Sep 2001
Karen Martin 6 people with that name died in 2001. None in September.
Kathleen Nicosia Nothing found
Betty Ong, 45 ELIZABETH ONG 11 Feb 1909 -- 05 May 2001
Jean Roger, 24 JOAN P ROGER 23 Aug 1940 -- 20 Apr 2001
Dianne Snyder, 42 DIANNE B SNYDER 06 Jul 1945 -- 25 Oct 2001
Madeline Sweeney, 35 MADELINE A SWEENEY17 Dec 1916 -- 09 Dec 2001 (MARY F SWEENEY 01 Jan 1929-11 Sep 2001)

Anna Williams Allison, 48 Nothing found
David Angell, 54 23 Mar 1960 -- 25 May 2001
Lynn Angell, 45 Nothing found
Seima Aoyama Nothing found

Myra Aronson, 52 Nothing found
Christine Barbuto, 32 Nothing found
Berry Berenson, 53 (BIRDIE BERENSON 15 Mar 1904 -- 22 Aug 2001)
Carolyn Beug, 48 Nothing found
Carol Bouchard, 43, (CAROLE J BOUCHARD 11 Jun 1940 -- 10 Jun 2001)
Robin Caplin Nothing Found
Neilie Casey, 32, Nothing found
Jeffrey Coombs, 42 18 Sep 1958 -- 11 Sep 2001
Tara Creamer, 30 30 Nov 1970 -- 11 Sep
Thelma Cuccinello, 71 THELMA R CUCCINELLO 01 Feb 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001
Patrick Currivan Nothing Found
Andrew Curry Green Nothing Found
Brian Dale, 43 BRIAN P DALE 23 Oct 1957 -- 11 Sep 2001
David DiMeglio (DAVID M DIMEGLIO 08 Feb 1967 -- 01 Mar 2002).........

The list with these strange irregularities continued and can be seen in this discussion thread.
I can reveal that since we're also looking into the fact that Flight 11 officially departed from two different gates (26 and 32), we asked 9/11 family members, if they could confirm some of these oddities. After a while, one of the close correspondents of 6-9000 family members, told me that flight 11 family members had been scared to speak out and didn't want to receive further e-mails on that matter.


9/11 Truth member Dahbud_Mensch, pointed me on a new macromedia flash animation project at flyingsnail.com, with main focus on George W. Bush.

Delta 1989

Last week, i mirrored an updated and "annotated Delta 1989 Timeline", which is currently down.


Dirty bomb

Since 9/11, the White House is still trying to scare us with the so called dirty-bomb threats, though international scientists have concluded that the threat is overhyped and wouldn't even kill many people, maybe even didn't kill anyone at all.
BBC2 brought recently a good documentary about oeverhyping both al-quaeda and the dirty bomb.
It's mirrored on informationclearinghouse.

However, this doesn't impress the U.S. and they continued with their scare.
Last week, the Los Angeles County conducted a new "dirty bomb" drill.

ABC reported that US emergency personnel and residents in Los Angeles County conducted a drill in which they responded to a mock "dirty bomb" explosion in Inglewood.


Doc.Tails is a new Weekly Sunday Evening film screening series, in New York City, featuring "compelling documentaries & prominent guest speakers in a relaxed cocktail lounge".
There is also a DJ afterparty & drink specials. Two weeks ago, i spoke about the e-voting scam, this weekend Michael Kane spoke about "peak oil, 9/11, & renewable energy".
The event will come back to 9/11 issues, but also cover many other U.S.- and geo-political issues.
Contact: Apocryphon Productions, kellyheresy@yahoo.com

Edmonds, Sibel

James Hogue, "manager" of former 9/11 truth candidate Craig Hill (Vermont) is still one of the biggest supporters of Sibel Edmonds.
I understand that she was last week on his radio show at wgdr.org.
Sibel, who was gag ordered by John Ashcroft, wrote in an email that she had "approval for 'solo'"

Fitrakis, Bob

Last week, i mentioned that Bob Fitrakis (freepress.com), was "victim" of an action campaign, including e-mails and phone calls, to use the opportunity at an Ohio recall protest speech, to drop also a line about the 9/11 Truth Movement. I wasn't aware, if Bob followed this request.

I was now also informed that there is an audio file of the whole three-hour event at

Votefraudnews reported that Fitrakis was right at the beginning of the broadcast.
However, by listening to the clip, he apparently didn't say anything at all about 9/11.
(See also "Grand Coalition")

http://images.google.com/ ... 53023224.jpg

German 9/11 trial

The Washington Post is complaining that none of the so called "german suspects" of 9/11 has been prosecuted yet. WP is ignoring that the White House is blocking CIA files and a testimony of captured KSM and Ramsi Binalshibh, both disclosed at an unknown location.

WP also argued that germany failed "to hold anyone accountable for the attacks", while the same effect also did not occur in the United States yet.

"...Meanwhile, German authorities are also trying to extradite to Spain another alleged member of the Hamburg cell, Mamoun Darkazanli, a Syrian-born German national. He has been indicted in Spain for allegedly playing a supporting role in the Sept. 11 attacks. He also has been listed as a terrorism financier by U.S. Treasury Department officials, who have accused him of being a longtime financial backer of al Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Laden...
Germany has been investigating Darkazanli for years but has not charged him with any crimes..."

As usual, articles dealing with Darkanzali, ignore the fact that in 1999, CIA officer Thomas Volz tried to hire Darkanzali as an informant, being close to Mohammad Atta, who was on a watch list of german intelligence. It also was never explained, why the United States wasn't interested in Darkanzali, right after Sep11th.

Grand Coalition

Three weeks ago i was working on a draft, which included a 3-step action for a "Grand Coalition" between the 9/11 Truth Movement and the e-voting activist movement.
For logistical reasons, the draft was put on hold. Webster Tarpley and Alex "Attorney" (9/11 Science and Justice Alliance) promised me, to revise the draft, but then both got busy.
Webster had to go to a trip to Europe and "Attorney's" wife got a baby. Congratulations again :)

In a second step, the draft also included a protest boycott against the U.S. leftwing media, to force them to start writing about the 9/11 Truth Movement including their findings and the real background of the e-voting issues.

In a third step, the same protest boycott was directed against U.S. right wing and international media worldwide, without any exception, even including high school bulletin boards or fanzines.
The third step also included some other action items, to be developed.
I might have no energy right now, to follow up on that idea.

However, the idea of the "Grand Coalition" is now also supported by U.S. Prez in Exile, a former member of 9/11 Truth Alliance and currently member of 9/11 Truth Action.
I hope, many different 9/11 truth websites and other signatures will support this idea.

Among the e-voting activists, 9/11 investigative and -activist websites should ask for a coalition on demand (in the short and long run), are:

Bob Fitrakis (FreePress), fairnessbybeckerman.blogspot.com, Lynn Landes, Marc Crispin Miller, Buzzflash, linkcrusader.com, Ballotintegrity.org, votescam.com, truemajority.org, breakfornews.com
EFF.org, commoncause.org, verifiedvoting.org, helpamericarecount.org, save-democracy.net, some members of democraticunderground.com (Eloriel, Ladyhawk, TruthIsAll etc..), Chuck Herrin, Thom Hartman, Lou Posner (stolenelection2004.com), dtmagazine.com, defendtherecount.org, nvri.org, H. Hartus, Mark Elsis (loveearth.net, standdown.net), Jesse Jackson, Jerry Nadler, Cliff Arnebeck (Recount-Attorney in Ohio), David Cobb (US Greens), John Conyers, Bloggerman (Keith Olbermann),Michael Meacher, PRAVDA, UC Berkeley, David Suskind and anyone from the UKRAINE!!

My updates about "blogosphere- voting fraud updates" had to be terminated, because globalfreepress is moving to another server, as also they're getting new producers and admins, as mentioned above.


Green Party

Will the Peace Movement Pursue the Truth About 9/11?

Griffin, David Ray

Vancouver Sun: A theologian asks the hard questions about 9/11.
I just received his new book. Thanks, David. Will start too read soon.

Harris, Bev

NO comment

Herman, Douglas

Douglas Herman wrote on RENSE:
"..The beauty of a coup is when you don't know it's happening to you. For most Americans, what happened on September 11, 2001, was exactly as the mainstream media reported: a terrorist attack masterminded by a turbaned fanatic akin to the fictional Count Dracula. For the rest of us, the attack was as significant as the Reichstag Fire and as painful to watch as the JFK assassination. We had witnessed a coup as obvious as the one that occured in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas..."


Hicks, Sander

Sander Hicks' recent interview with Mickey Z., about the 9/11 Truth Movement comes around and was now also picked up by Counterpunch and Russ Kick's disinfo.org.

The article ends with a list of people, in which Hicks offered "some resources for readers to follow-up. It was released one week ago:
"...These are the guys/gals I like: Daniel Hopsicker, Mike Ruppert, Robert Parry, Peter Dale Scott, Gary Webb, Lois Ann Battuello, Anthony Lappé, and Rep. Cynthia McKinney..."

A harsh critique of Sander's interview is at Portland Indymedia, by someone posting as "researcher".

Hopsicker, Daniel

Last week, Daniel Hopsicker released Pt.III of his investigative series about the manipulated 2004 election. We finally arrived in the Ukraine:
"...A retired CIA agent, whose illegal and unfettered access to election rolls in Martin County Florida was a major source of legal contention after the 2000 Election, traveled to the Ukraine four years earlier to teach "grass-roots politics" to people there, The MadCowMorningNews has learned..."



Kerik, Bernard

Thanks to a close INN correspondent, last Thursday, surprisingly, the National Enquirer called me to ask about my "Bernard Kerik files" at inn.globalfreepress.com.
It was planned to pitch a paragraph of my section about him, where i implied that Kerik had prior knowledge about 9/11. They also promised to pitch my name and INN World Report.

Unfortunately Kerik withdraw 4 days too early from his nomination for Homeland Security.
"Nannygate", obviously a cover to distract from his other endless financial scandals, took over.
The "9/11-prior knowledge" would probably have topped this.

National Enquirer, a popular supermarket tabloid, is released every wednesday.
Logically i received today an email, which said:
"...Thanks for getting back to me last week and speaking to me about Kerik.
In light of his recent step-down, The Enquirer has decided to pull their story..."

My point was that Kerik confirmed in the opening statement of a May, 17th 2004 testimony at the 9/11 panel that he, together with the OEM, drilled "building collapses" and "plane crashes":

"...Not only were drills and tabletop exercises conducted, like the one simulating a bio/chemical attack in the mass transit system, but actual emergencies like blackouts, building collapses, storms, plane crashes..."


Noone at the panel followed up on this.
If this statement is true, it didn't explain, why the evacuations of the twin towers didn't happen in time and is also leaving open many other questions.
It implies that New York WAS aware of a pending "terror attack", including attacks on high buildings and possibly also the collapse of the Towers.
(This finding also finally combines the "plane swap/drill research" with the "collapse research")

Unfortunately it also wasn't disclosed yet, who had been participants in these drills.
The OEM was originally run by Jerome Hauer, who is connected with some shady business deals in 1998, about West Nile Vaccines, one year before the official "outbreak".
Hauer was furthermore involved in the controversial construction of a Bunker on the 22nd floor of WTC 7, which also included offices of the CIA, DoD and the IRS.
WTC 7 basically turned into a military-intelligence building in late 2000, when Blackstone (TRW) obtained parts of the mortgage.

WTC 7 collapsed in the afternoon on Sep11th, at around 5:20 PM, under still unexplained reasons.
Hauer also organised a security job for former anti-terror chief John O'Neill, at Kroll Associates.
O'Neill died in the Towers in his first week of the job.


Thanks to TEAM8+ -members Frank Levi. and k-robjoe, we found this less known, bizarre story, released on November 12th, 2001.
A finnish 9/11 connection?:

"...A death notice appearing in Sunday's edition of Helsingin Sanomat has caused something of a stir in this country. The notice was for Mohamed El-Amir, born in Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt, in 1968, who died in New York on September 11.
The English-language death notice had been placed by a Finnish-born 58-year-old woman who is a citizen of Australia.


El-Amir is also known by the name Mohamed Atta, and is suspected of having been one of the hijackers who crashed an American Airlines Boeing 767 airliner into the World Trade Center in New York on September 11.
The death notice has aroused a good deal of media attention in Finland.
"The notice came to us about two or three weeks ago. We did not publish it immediately, because it awoke some suspicion. We made our own inquiries, which did not reveal any terrorist connections. Therefore, we did not have any reason not to publish it", says Janne Virkkunen, Editor-in-Chief of Helsingin Sanomat.
On Sunday evening, the woman who had submitted the notice said that she had been in contact with El-Amir for about a year through an Internet chat room.
"I am a student of classical archaeology. I met him in chat, and we immediately established a very close friendship. He said that he is an Egyptian architect, which means that we had very much to talk about", the woman told Helsingin Sanomat..."


Let's roll is planning to release free 9/11truth xmas cards.
As far as i heard about this idea, it's definetely worth to check it out.
The cards (without promotion of any particular website) are addressed to the White House, Pentagon and the U.S. Congress.

Luis y Sally

Recommended from my favourite 9/11 correspondents in spain, also running an UA175 research website, Luis y Sally: bagdadrap.com, possibly also interesting for Michael Kane.

M., Brad

Brad M, member of TEAM 8+, physics911.net and 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance, mirrored another compilation of his findings, "911 Major Problem with Pentagon Investigations" at Portland Indymedia.

McKinney, Cynthia

Up on Counterpunch:
Dems are withholding senority from Cynthia McKinney

"Metal 9/11"

I'm not really sure, what really happened last week in Ohio, because i didn't really skip through the tabloids, but the death of Pantera musician was now called 'metal 9-11'.
"...His name might not be known outside heavy metal circles, but fans revered "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott for his innovative guitar playing with the band Pantera and a friendly spirit that belied his tragic death..."


Miller, Marc Crispin

Since George Bush repeated his wish, last week, to work on a "new world order", i would like to recommend Professor Marc Crispin's book, "Cruel and Unusual- Bush/Cheney's New world Order".
Marc Crispin Miller is probably one of the few real leftwings, which criticized the problems within the democratic party and leftgatekeeper scene.
I also can assure you that he's a supporter of the 9/11 truth movement.
These are the "leftie" intellectuals, we really need. Last week, we had him in an interview at INN World Report, speaking out about the voting fraud.

Modern, Tom

9/11 researcher and "Woolworth-transcript" specialist Tom Modern (ex-NY Press) needs help.
Modern is still trying to dig through some more radio PDF-transcripts, which apparently revealed some other strange happenings on Sep11th. I had no chance or luck to find out more about this, because i also didn't even open these transcripts yet.

Here are the highlights:

-a man who insisted getting through security on a USA Shuttle at LaGaurdia as it was being closed off
-a man with a firearm at Gate 3 of US Air at Laguardia on A.M. of 9/11
-two men who "took off" but they got their cars
-another report of a "suspicious employee."

I wish i could add or explain more, but that's all i have. For any help or input, please contact me or 911Science@email.com, the group will forward the stuff to Tom Modern.


Moore, Michael

Embarrassingly, Michael Moore sent some new emails around, which are begging their readers, to "vote for Fahrenheit 9/11", to win "Best Film" at the People's Choice Awards.
Moore also mentions George Bush in his email:

"...He may have been (barely) the people's choice on November 2 (Ohio recount excluded), but now the people get to vote again, this time for a movie..."

Morgan, Rowland

I mentioned a while ago Rowland Morgan.
This is not a pseudonym, he is the co-author of Ian Henshall (9/11 Skeptics London).
Their book provisionally titled "911 Revealed" is due to be published in June 2005.
It is an overview, more for the general public, but they think they "are putting a
powerful sceptic case and one or two minor discoveries". Look out for his posts from crisisnewsletter for more information.


Oracle CEO Larry Ellison "is convinced that had the intelligence community used a unified database from Oracle, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 would never have happened.
"As it was, Mohamed Atta passed through international customs saying he was visiting on a holiday, while the police in Broward County, Florida had an outstanding warrant for his arrest," Ellison said during his keynote at Oracle's OpenWorld conference here..."



Osama lighter

A cigarette lighter discovered in Iraq has become a cause of concern for a local man and his wife.
"...Rodger Baughman says he got the lighter from his son, SFC Scott Baughman of Hillsboro, who said he had taken the lighter from an insurgent in Iraq.
The lighter has an image of Osama Bin Laden, the date 9/11 and the World Trade Center with an airplane pointing at it and a hole in the building.
Rodger Baughman told KPAM radio listeners Friday morning that he believes whoever made the lighters, as well as the insurgents who buy them, are "sick."


Patriot Act II

I think, my favourite article on PATRIOT II, most of its controversial parts now have been embedded in the so called "9/11 bill", duping everyone successfully, comes definetely (who else?)from Alex Jones:

"Secret Patriot Act II to give Hitler's Powers to Bush:
...Alex wrote this back in 2003 and it won second place from Project Censored. We're glad that this story is still circulating -- it is as important and timely as ever. Now, the National ID Card and Patriot Act II have passed the house and is in the Senate..."


Paul, Don

Another interesting compilation on some, from critics recently renamed "pee oil" research, was now compiled by 9/11 researcher Don Paul.
Not included, a recent analysis by DavesWeb.
The following quotes on this research, which was recently linked to the original wordings of "Club of Rome", are coming from Paul:

"...Peak Oil has the appearance of a scam. He refuses to even address alternative and
renewable energy sources, simply issuing blanket statements that they won't meet energy needs, despite reams of evidence to the contrary, including the
Navy's own cold fusion research:


The Brazil and the EU are producing tens of tons of fuel from sugar cane and other vegetable matters:


The Japanese have figured it out


and are taking zero-point out of theory and into venture capital funded reality:


Roy McAlister claims that multiple renewable energy sources can readily meet current and projected energy needs:


In fact, most of the planet is figuring out basic science which has been known for decades.
The diesel engine, as we should all be aware, was originally designed to run on peanut oil, not on petroleum derivatives:


People continually claim that the war in Iraq is just about oil. I disagree.
The war in Iraq is about far more than just oil. Oil is simply the "scarce resource" we are programmed to selfishly covet from our international neighbors so that aggressive war intent can be promulgated as accepted doctrine without rational ethical and moral consideration.

The adoption of industrial hemp as a biomass and building fiber source would eventually end our
reliance on foreign oil and re-vitalize America's heartland from decades of destructive corporate
agro-business. If Henry Ford could build cars from hemp plastic in the 1940s, how foolish are we to believe that we can't do the same today?


In 1943, the USDA was pushing "Hemp for Victory", today we are waging war on the cultivation of the very same *crop*:


How ignorant are We the People to accept the word of such obvious shysters as those interests profiting from a controlled resource when the science is clearly against their claims?..."



There seems to be another project besides Portland 9/11 Truth, who is informing about oppressed evidence regarding 9/11.
On Portland Indymedia, someone named "William", informed us about an event which included:

-Painfully Obvious WTC Demolition Evidence on Film Blasts Official Stories
-See What Cameras Actually Recorded on 9/11
-Excerpts from Filmed Proceedings of the March 2004 'San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11'
-Evidence that Bin Ladin May Already Be Deceased
-Pentagon Crash Site Anomalies~

The event took place on Sunday at the Multnomah Central Library and included a lot of sources of plaguepuppy.net

Rabbi Philo

Rabbi Philo continues with his entertaining mixture of rant, satire and critical analysis of the 9/11 "truth" movement.


Rectenwald, Michael

Last week, CLG Founder and Chair, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., appeared on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country"to discuss New Republic editor Peter Beinart's "An Argument for a New Liberalism:
A Fighting Faith."
Rectenwald used the opportinity, to smuggle in some "trojanic" remarks about the voting scam and 9/11. I mirrored some highlights of the transcript:

"...I'd like to talk about some miracles that happened in Ohio, like 4,400 votes added to a precinct that had only 800 votes—voters in it, OK that voted for Bush. Let's talk about the miracles of Diebold...Once Diebold controls the election—and it's a Republican-owned corporation that promised the election for Bush from the outset, are we supposed to believe these results?..

...did you know that George Bush Sr. was sitting in a room with bin Laden's brother on the day that 9/11 happened?...

...it was the Project For a New American Century that said we needed a new Pearl Harbor in order to mobilize their international agenda of a war in the Middle East. Let's not forget that. Project For a New American Century, they told us that, did they not?..


Ruppert, Mike

With respect of the loss of Ruppert's friend Gary Webb, i don't wanna go much into the posting of this article, in which Mike Ruppert accused 24 9/11 researchers as UFO-David Icke-"flakes".

Here just the most important notes:
The story is based on yet another response of WING TV on Mike Ruppert's research and behavior, including some "misleading facts" on the so called "wargames", which i try to distinguish from "terror drills", which actually would combine the planning of 9/11, the anthrax attack and the controlled collapse of the Twin Towers.
Every detail was planned, and we now have the evidence on that.
However, Ruppert doesn't go that far and did not respond on my "Chapter 11" yet, in which i made clear the difference. Also Barbara Honegger and Mike Kane had unfortunately "no time" to respond.

The article is up since 3 weeks, had almost 10.000 visitors but is now under maintenance, since the server from globalfreepress will be re-installed in NYC, in the next few weeks.
I'm not sure, if it was mirrored somewhere else.

I was also at WING TV, pointing this out, though many of what i said, wasn't really planned to be on camera, but i'm 100% behind my points.

I'm also mentioned in Ruppert's list of these "25 UFO-David Icke-"flakes", but i don't feel really insulted :)

Here is the irony: Now that i was declared as an UFO associate, it's interesting to know that i was credited in in three chapters of Ruppert's new book, who is, by his logic, a non-UFO researcher.
Ruppert himself is generally promoted at RENSE.com, a clearly UFO-research supporter.

Just for fun, i also googled "ewing2001 and U.F.O." and found only one significant entry:
"Whitley Strieber" (a traditional U.F.O. author), who i discredited as not credible, for the following claim:
In May 2002 Strieber, reported on a "witness" and friend, who told him that he "had been staying at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston on the nights of September 10 and 11 told (him) that the FBI had cleared the hotel on the morning of Monday, September 10, at about four AM, and had searched it".
The problem was that Whitley's "friend" confused the name of the hotel.
The FBI didn't storm Copley Plaza, but Westin Hotel.

However, i can assure that in three years of research, the most disinformation items did not come from U.F.O. authors, but from "credible technicians", "aviation specialists" or "former government employees".

There is also something else. The traditional definition of U.F.O. means "unidentified flight objects".
In this case, i have to agree that i indeed very often mention these unidentified objects:
A77, AA11, UA175 and UA93 did not hit their targets. The flights had been switched, swapped or never took off. Non-commercial aircraft targeted the Twin Towers. Period.

To finish up this picture. One of the biggest "UFO researchers", Art Bell, was also at WING TV, but declared the complete 9/11 Truth Movement as a hoax and tinfoil hatters.
That means we're unfortunately not welcome in his UFO club, because still representing a "conspiracy theory" :)

Maybe we should add that Art Bell himself was often accused to be on the U.S. Government payroll, but that makes it even more complicated. Which UFO researcher is now "for real"? :)


And what kind of "lizards" are really ruling this world? The "flying lizards"? ("I want money!")

Oops, with this long paragraph about U.F.O,'s, i might end up at google again, and will hopelessly end up as a "UFO-freak" and finally destroy my reputation. :)

I also googled "ewing2001 David Icke":
Once again, only one significant entry:
"Hollinger Paper compares Michael Meacher with David Icke".

Hmmmh, that was a story from a british paper, i once mirrored at globalfreepress.

Well, then i'm happy that i also in the same club with a former british minister.

To be fair, i also mentioned Icke in my 2003 -"9/11 encyclopedia", together with at least 100 other 9/11 researchers, in the same online WIKI.
Interestingly i recalled that Icke wrote a helpful chapter about flight93 and even analysed the seismographic records.
I can't find this kind of analysis on 911truth.org. Maybe they should also put an UFO sign on it, then they can finally add some scientific research on it :)

Unfortunately, i don't even HAVE the David Icke book.

Mike, in case, if you read this and everything is happy again, you once promised me, to send me your book, but this didn't work out. Maybe you can send me instead Icke's book for Christmas? :)

Please write to INN World Report, Nico Haupt, 56 Walker Street, 10013 New York, NYC.
This also for any kind of lizards, donations or the "documents about Cheney".

I will also promise to turn into a "neophyte", maybe i will start writing about the "doxography of ancient philosophy".

Merry Xmas :)


Satellite Spy System

As mentioned earlier, the so called "classified spy satellite system", as debated last week by U.S. Congress, and one day after the introduction of the controversial 9/11 bill, has ties with 9/11.

This "secret satellite system" isn't new and was well known in Washington, in the last few years. As mentioned in my Chapters 6-8 of "lost terror drill?", it is also connected with "Project Trailblazer", which was officially launched in 1998 and subcontracted by the NRO and NSA to a dozen of smaller companies, among them BTG Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Titan Corporation and many others.

2 companies, who received a contract of "Project Trailblazer", worked in the attacked wing of the Pentagon, on Sep11th: Booz Allen Hamilton and BTG Inc., which was sold ten days later to Titan Corporation, recently involved in the Abu Ghraib scandal. All 5 employees, who worked on this project, got killed.

In reality, this satellite program is already the third generation of the "stealth satellite program", and is being built primarily by Lockheed Martin.


It's also important to know that one of the candidates, who might become the new "intelligence czar", could be Stephen Cambone, which is already controlling the NRO, NSA and NIMA (formerly NGA).
Cambone is Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, before he also was Staff Director for the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization from July 2000 to January 2001.

Cambone is strongly linked with the "secret satellite programs".

Currently Cambone is mentioned in a german complaint by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and four Iraqi citizens, which was brought under the German Code of Crimes against International Law (CCIL), regarding the Abu Ghraibh torture scandal.
Also included are former CIA director George Tenet, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, Maj. Gen. Walter Wojdakowski, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, Brig. Gen. Janis, L. Karpinski, Lt. Col. Jerry L. Phillabaum, Col. Thomas Pappas, and Lt. Col. Stephen L. Jordan.

Schwarz, Karl

Schwarz continues with his new article series, "Part II, Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble".

In opposite to Kyle Hence (see "Spitzer"), after my request, Schwarz sent me immediately a very long response, how he will deal with Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in the future. I planned to release both responses of Hence and Schwarz, to be fair, at the same time for this weekend at inn.globalfreepress.com, but Hence referred to 9/11 Citizen's watch, where there is still no response.

Meanwhile Schwarz made his new strategy public, but also provoked new outrage among some 9/11 scientists, with some of the latest postings, where he argued that an "A3 Sky Warrior" hit the Pentagon and the WTC had structural equivalent of osteoporosis


Schechter, Danny

Schechter is one of many of the "established left wingers", who doesn't wanna hear much about 9/11 research. In his new documentary, "Weapons of Mass Deception" he apparently ignores that the very same people, who lied about WMD, are strongly connected with the real perpetrators of 9/11.
Accusing many 9/11 researchers as "nutcases", Schechter also ignores that his documentary is about a former "conspiracy theory".
I also believe, that the U.S. Government doesn't care, if we watch this film.

Silverstein, Larry

Last monday, a federal jury ruled that "the assault" on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was in fact two occurrences for insurance purposes and made Larry Silverstein happy, who ignored a "third event", the unexplained collapse of WTC7.
I think, the lawsuit should be restarted again, under this premise :)

Now a division of GE Insurance disputed the jury's 9/11 decision:
"...On Thursday, GE Insurance spokesman John Novaria provided a prepared statement saying that the Kansas City-based reinsurance company is examining its options. Novaria said GE Insurance's Industrial Risk Insurers unit would owe $237 million if the World Trade Center attacks were considered one event.
"Industrial Risk Insurers is convinced that the attack on the World Trade Center was one occurrence," the company statement read..."



Skinner, the admin of democraticunderground.com, did still not decide about the future of the 9/11 discussion forum. Strangely, since the election, this forum is hidden in the "archived or leftover"-section, though still active.
Skinner aka David Allen (not to be confused with the plan9b-publisher of "BlackBox Voting"), is closely connected with the DNC.
Meanwhile, some members are also getting "sick of these stupid DNC e-mails", which usually provokes a removal of their membership.

A former associate of Skinner has the following to say:

"...Skinner is a former professional organizer for the DLC. Skinner is a disciple of Al From.
He's been using DU as an instrument to promote Al From's agenda since the birth of DU.
I was one of the orginal DUers. I was originally using the id "Brad Majors" (from Rocky Horror), then went to using my real name on the forum. I wasn't banned from DU. I walked out when Skinnner started allowing post promoting keeping Bush's entire tax cut package in place when Graham's Presidential campaign started advocating that position.

Skinner has one of the foulest tempers you can possibly imagine. Insulting. Rude. Profanity that would make a Navy Chief Petty Officer blush. Then he deletes his flames to leave no evidence to understand why there are charred ruins all over the forum. DU is a reflection of every bit of that. I've known DU.com was going to blow it in a big, ugly, public way for a long time because of what I saw from the people who manage the site. It's very sad..."

I was banned in late 2002 at DU, for flaming unnamed "DU-members, when i started a breaking news thread about a New York protest against Hillary Clinton.
I was flamed first, for doing this.
In this night, another dozens of members got removed, too.
Skinner later apologized for the removal and offered me, to come back, after a huge number of members protested against this night of "long knives".

I decided not to go back.

Since Sep11th, the 9/11 forum of DU was formerly a melting- and meeting point, for 9/11 researchers and -(media) activists like Paul Thompson, WTC collapse specialist plaguepuppy, ewing2001, Nic(k) Levis aka "Jesus Christ", DulceDecorum, Medienanalyse, WoodyBox, Wat Tyler (SGTV), bpilgrim and many others.
Many of them later started their own projects.

Most popular, Paul Thompson released his famous "9/11 Timeline project" first on DU.


Spanish 9/11 "ties"

"...A Moroccan terror suspect wanted by Spain over alleged links to the September 11 attacks is the victim of mistaken identity, a court heard today.
In April, Spanish investigative judge Baltasar Garzon identified 35-year-old Farid Hilali as a 9/11 co-conspirator.
But at an extradition hearing at Bow Street Magistrates' Court in central London, lawyers for Hilali argued that Spain had targeted the wrong man.
Spanish authorities believe Hilali to be the mystery caller who telephoned Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas, the alleged head of the Madrid al Qaida cell, in August 2001, just weeks before the American attacks..."

I mentioned Yarkas in my 2003 article "Mohammed Atta - Slips Under Radar of 6 Countries?"

In my opinion, Yarkas is indeed a key person, linking all european "9/11 patsies" together.
He was under surveillance of many different european police- and intelligence agencies, many years before 9/11.


Spitzer complaint

Last week i was heavily harrassed by Kyle Hence (Justice for 9/11), who accused me to confuse "his Spitzer complaint" with another PR initiative of Karl Schwarz.
In reality, i asked nicely, whether "Justice for 9/11" would change their strategy, since it was announced by Eliot Spitzer that he would run as a governor, which might risk the outcome of this complaint.
When I released the first story about this complaint, i also linked in an update to a flash animation, which included Eliot Spitzer. This animation was recommended by Karl Schwarz, which i mentioned at that point.
I wasn't aware that he would follow up on the same case, some weeks later.

I never removed this link, honestly forgot about this, when Hence reminded me about it last week, also urged Online Journal to alter the association.
I then removed the name Karl Schwarz, because i figured out by now that Schwarz wasn't linked with this website, which included this animation, as it originally appeared. I still left the link to the animation though.

I would like to point out that these different approaches, to reach Spitzer regarding a re-opened 9/11 investigation, are indeed from different nature and i always pointed this out.

More embarrassing, Hence does ignore that the effort behind this complaint was sponsored by Jimmy Walter, who deserved a proper respect for supporting this symbolical action, independent from its outcome.

Instead Hence, in opposite of his promise, didn't even link to Jimmy Walter's own project, reopen911.org, or the people who did put it together.
Yet we find Kyle's and David Kubiak's name and organizations prominently displayed.
It looks, like they bite the hand that feeds them, break their word.

In a telephone call with Hence, i also couldn't resist to insult him for being "responsible for the re-election of Bush". Why not?
I had no better idea, for someone, who's blocking other 9/11 truth evidence by claiming, america "isn't ready for the whole truth".
He wished me to hell and hung up.

Well, i think, i'm already be there :)



N. Levis' "summer of truth"-concept will ironically continue throughout this winter.
In the works:
Rescheduled for Saturday, Jan 15, 2005: "Justice for 9/11" Rally and Music in Battery Park to support opening a new criminal investigation of September 11!
I hope, this rally will also include another visit of Spitzer.

Not that i have any problems with it, but why does his website include a picture of a galaxy?
Is this to confuse this activist project with another "U.F.O. website", Mike Ruppert is warning us about all along? :)

Tardio, Cpt. Dennis

Last week, i mentioned the conversation of this firefighter, who said, he had the impression, "as if they had planned to take down a building, boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom...".
I said mistakenly, this was Salvatore D'Agostino, but i was corrected that this was Captain Dennis Tardio. This is correct. Actually i wasn't sure, which of the both was emphatic about the detonations.
The clip was first shown on CNN and came from the Naudet Brothers video, which was broadcasted weeks later.

Thanks for the correction. I think, it was 911totalinfo, who informed me on that, but i lost my notes on that.


It should be also mentioned, who else was involved in this documentary:
"...Damian Van Cleaf, John O'Neill, Chris Mullin, Tony Benetatos, Tom Spinard, Chief Joseph Pfeifer, Lt. Gary Lajiness, Joe Casaliggi, John McConnachie - but the main guy in the firehouse clip was Captain Dennis Tardio. Maybe D'Agostino was the other one that was emphatic about the detonations - there was a third guy in the middle as I recall, who didn't get a word in until right at the end. It's at 9-11research.com

Tardio is the guy on the right. He appears later in the documentary, looking very skeptical about the disappearance of both towers..."

US Airlines 583

TEAM 8+ member John Doe recognised that Sep11th's captain of United Airlines Flight 583, was one of the last witnesses of the alleged flight route of UA175, as seen in radio transcripts, obtained by The New York Times.



Voxpop.net, a new project of Sander Hicks (ex-Soft Skull Press, ex-INN), announced last week their first-ever "9/11 Book Fair" on 12/18, Saturday, 7 PM.

The event will include Jamie Hecht, Ph.D., an editor at the From the Wilderness newsletter, and NY 9/11 Truth.
The following books are currently ordered for this event:

9/11 Commission Report: Final Report
Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq -Behind the War on Terror
Brisard, Jean-Charles- Forbidden Truth-Oil, Power, & Empire...
Brzezinski, Zbigniew K. -The Grand Chessboard
Everest, Larry -Iraq and the U.S.
Griffin, David Ray -The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions
Hopsicker, Daniel -Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta & the 9/11 Cover-Up in Florida
Lance, Peter -Cover Up: What the Government Is Still Hiding about the War on Terror
Ruppert, Michael C.-Crossing the Rubicon


Webb, Gary

One of the last real investigative journalists of U.S. mainstream media, Gary Webb was apparently killed in a suicide.
I'm mentioning him here in this column, as he was an important idol for professional investigations and courage and there is also something interesting about a company in one of his latest articles, he was working on.

The story of Gary Webb's suicide has now two different versions.
In one version of MercuryNews he was found dead of "gunshot wounds".
In an updated version, it turned into "a gunshot wound"

The original version is still mentioned in SacBee's obituary

It also says, "he left a note, but officials would not disclose its contents...".
The original version says however, "a note posted on his front door that read "Please do not enter. Call 911 and ask for an ambulance."

I don't want to comment this now.


Last summer, the weekly Sacramento News & Review hired Webb to cover government and politics.
He had recently written two cover stories, including one on how much money Sacramento County was making off the use of red-light cameras.

Here is more background:

Gary Webb's last big story starts harmless, but it's getting interesting after some paragraphs, because he was writing about a company, which i also filed as rather "suspicious".

Webb was writing about the company ACS, which used to be integrated in Lockheed Martin.


ACS is connected with ACS Defense, which was also mentioned in my article series at "lost terror drill?" (Chapter 6-8). Webb investigated kickback arrangements between San Diego and ACS, whether i focused on ACS Defense (formerly Lockheed), which is connected with "The Eagle Alliance" (1998-2001), which was a side project of "Project Trailblazer", which later turned in this week's so called "secret satellite project" (see above), now legitimated through the new 9/11 bill aka PATRIOT II.

Another obituary by Robert Parry, "America's Debt to Journalist Gary Webb", is available on
Consortium News, another one at Michael Kane.
I'm sure many more might follow, here also another one by Mike Ruppert, who was a friend of Webb.


WING TV, which had almost 30-50 research guests about Sep11th, in their online TV Show, will produce their "9-11 ON TRIAL", which is set to be broadcast March, 2005.

WMD fake data

On globalfreepress, at the INN department, i also reported about this CIA officer, who was asked by "Managers" to fake WMD data.

There is more interesting about the background of his attorney Roy Krieger.

He also represented between 1999 and 2000, various CIA officers, which had been accused, possibly as scapegoats, of having been involved in the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, in May 1999.
Unfortunately my website is down, where i posted more sources and pointed out that this "accidental" incident also forced to put an assassination attempt on Bin Laden on hold.
The assassination was planned for the same time period, when Bin Laden was in Kandahar.

As described in Vanity fair magazine, the observation was conducted by none other than "Imperial Hubris", now known as Michael Scheurer, which obviously blocked some other intentions:

".....the missiles were on place, and everything seemed like a go....
But earlier that month, outdated intelligence had caused the United States to mistakenly bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. It appears that Tenet's assessment that the intelligence had only a 50/50 chance of being accurate helped kill the operation...
...In a September 2004 letter to Congress, Scheuer wrote that Alec Station had given the government about 10 chances to capture or kill the terrorist leader. But (Richard) Clarke disputes such claims..."



If i'm right, the attack on the embassy was arranged for various reasons, including to put the assassination attempt on hold.
One of them, was for political reasons towards China, the other one, as Webster Tarpley generally will point out in his forthcoming book "synthetic terror...", when it comes to Bin Laden, "to preserve a patsy of incalculable value".

In 1999, the satellite technology was already so advanced that i doubt, the bombing of the chinese embassy was a "mistake".
In the same year, both NSA and CIA also covered up another advanced surveillance technology:
ECHELON, as described in my series of "lost terror drills".

The reason?
9/11 was already in plannning. Any disclosure of advanced satellite surveillance technology would have made the official story of 9/11 less credible. "Negligence" was part of the original script of the real perpetrators around the NRO and NSA.

In a letter to CIA acting general counsel John Rizzo dated Dec. 6, Attorney Roy Krieger requested now a meeting between the officer and CIA Director Porter J. Goss because of "the serious nature of the allegations in this case, including deliberately misleading the President on intelligence concerning weapons of mass destruction."

The case is still developing, but mainly ignored by mainstream press.

Here we also have another case, which is closing in on Douglas Feith, together with the AIPAC spy scandal, the cover-up of Stephen Cambone's Abu Ghraib connection, the Valerie Plame-GATE and John "Jack" Shaws accusation that Feith, his former law partner L. Marc Zell and Ahmad Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress party, were involved in a "conspiracy" of "steering Iraqi reconstruction contracts". Shaw has been removed from office last weekend.


9/11 truth- and news blogger Xymphora picked up another unexplained death case this weekend:
"...Jason Korsower, a healthy, athletic 29-year-old writer on Islamic terrorism, died ..in his sleep. His mother, Karen Grablowsky, said:
"It wasn't an aneurysm. It wasn't a heart attack.
It wasn't the obvious things that could happen to a healthy 29-year-old."

Washington Times writes that this "mysterious death ..interests the FBI". Korsower worked for the "Investigative Project", the organ of Steve Emerson.

Zwicker, Barry

Embarrassingly, i totally ignored that Zwicker has a new website, greatconspiracy.ca

That's it for this week, this year and maybe forever.

I have many many people to thank, from all the last three years, but i would especially mention the following names, which deserve my biggest respect for input, or the one or other reason:

Larry Shea, Webster Tarpley, Carol Brouillet, 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance, bpilgrim, "Cuiller", DulceDecorum, Team 8+, Matthias Broeckers, Jackie O aka Cosmos, Missy Galore, "warcry", "suphoto", Phil Jayhan, Dick Eastman, Fintan Dunne, "mellebelle", Michel Chussodowski, Pondo aka prez in exile, "discovediversity", Gerard Holmgren, Simon Aronowitz, Catherine Austin Fitts, Angie d'Urso, Karsten Thamm, Rabbi Philo, Allan Duncan, "Flori 06", Anthony Hilder, Joe, Lenny Charles, our TV host Mizan Nunes, Wat "Rob" Tyler (SGTV) and Michael Kane.
Plus a very huge list of regular correspondents, which is too long to mention and usually filled 3.500 emails a week in my inbox. I love you all, please stay in touch :)

My special respect goes also to Jimmy Walter, who sponsored our Grand Ballroom event, also kept INN Report alive for a while, and many other good ideas for this movement.

"They" didn't win. It's up to you, to figure that out. Just don't wait until 2008.
Peace :)

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - George Orwell