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Canadian Firm Threatening to Shut Down "Anarchism for Children"

The website with the stories for anarchist children faces shut down due to complaints from police officers.
The host of the Anarchism for Kids website, according to a group of anti-Arab/anti-Muslim harassers, is going to shut the website down featuring the anarchist children's stories and the argument that childen should not be taught about anarchism. You can direct your complaints and questions to: 1-866-317-4678 (toll free) You can also follow the link: http://www.netfirms.com/companycontactform to a contact form for NetFirms. The website threatened with shutdown is: http://anarch.netfirms.com
who 15.Dec.2004 09:31


Who are the folks trying to get net-firm to close the site?
Who are the "group of anti-Arab/anti-Muslim harassers"?
Is this group connected with the statement that  http://anarch.netfirms.com faces shut down "due to complaints from police officers"?

The group calls themselves KOBE. 15.Dec.2004 14:57


They are a privatized COINTELPRO operation connected to the FBI, various local police departments and a defense contractor, Cycorp of Austin, Texas.