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Vote with your dollars

OK folks, so we lost the election and we've had a few days to wallow in grief and disbelief. So now what? How about our own version of modern day rebellion, an economic sanction on the kidnapping of our government? Perhaps dollars are the language that will finally make them understand.
We came up with this simple plan to extricate our own finances from the grasp of the evil ones.

Who underwrites your credit card? We had a card from LLBean. Turns out it was managed by MBNA who contributes large quantities of money to the Republican Party year after year.

If you have a card through a retailer, likelihood is that it is underwritten by a large financial institution, one that likely supports the business friendly Republican agenda.

Solution: Get rid of it! Or at least switch to a credit card that will invest their profits locally for causes you can get behind. Here are two great options:

SalmonNation -  http://www.salmonnation.com/COMMUNITY/SN_VISA.html
Scholastic Plastic -  http://www.albinabank.com/scholastic.asp

Let your former company know why you are switching. Send them a letter and tell them that they engage in practices you can't support in good conscience.

We used to bank with Washington Mutual. Well it turns out that they like to outsource jobs.

Albina Community Bank is local and independently owned. They invest in local causes and businesses.  http://www.albinabank.com

ShoreBank Pacific is the first commercial bank in the US with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development. www.eco-bank.com

Again, let your former Bank know why you are switching.



By buying local and investing locally we help our neighbors and our own communities thrive. Consider changing the way that you think about investments; for instance, a donation to a local food bank could be considered an investment in your community. See Willamette Week's 1st annual give guide and the Chinook Book.


STEP 5 (the hard one): INVESTMENTS
Do you own U.S. government bonds? Blood money! Sell them now. Take the penalty.
We'll all sleep better.

What about your money in IRA's, 401k's and Retirement plans? Ask your plan administrator for a socially responsible fund option. Get together with other people whose funds are managed by the same company. A large organized group demanding better options in their investments is more likely to be heard than a single person. You asked and it didn't work? Try again and remember there is strength in numbers.

Here are a few sites that offer Socially Responsible Investment information:


i love guilt free capitalism 14.Dec.2004 15:15


it goes great with my anti-depressants

My father told me 14.Dec.2004 16:07

Uncle Sam

Always pay cash.

When was this written? "ok folks so we lost the election"...the thing was rigged from the get go.

With the dollar in a bear market, it doesn't matter what bank your money is in, if you have it in dollars, it's depreciating. It's a noble cause to not support the petroleum/military industrial complex and I support you, but these are not economic times to "fight back". Think about your family and shift your money into something that does not have a death warrant attached to it.

and what money would that be? 15.Dec.2004 12:20

dead guys on the bills

in your fairytale, some u.s. dollars never ever, ever, get blood on them, or buy the person using this money, into slavery(morgage, property tax, and buy more{earnmore}, it can't last, buymore our economy needs you, blah ect.insurenceblah) and building a "business". your money is in an insulated bubble, as it passes through the hand of the killing machine called the american economy. and eveybody's money is equal that is to say, you get what you workfor, and get what you pay for. your fairytale land doesn't have a giant that comes and stomps small buisnesses when the giant is no longer entertained by the little peoples endeavors. your money is so special that it's worth has nothing to do with how and why things are so (cringe) affordable to the giant consumerist little people. not only that, your money is enchanted! people in other lands can't see it, its invisible. your investments and jobs don't hurt anybody or anything, why do you need money? privaleged $laves. physician heal yourself, and float the payment check quick, you don't want to have to owe yourself interest.

Get offshore bank account 16.Dec.2004 08:54


And convert your dollars to euros. Cayman Islands are said to be a good place for offshore bank accounts. There are other places as well.