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Hit and Run This Morning, North Portland

Around 8:30 this morning, a new silver sports car rammed into a parked car in front of the Nu-Rite Way Market, on Mississippi Avenue. This is close to the intersection of Mississippi and Shaver.
Around 8:30 this morning, a new silver car smashed into a parked car in front of the Nu-Rite Way Market, on Mississippi Avenue. The Nu-Rite Way market is one of the two minority owned businesses left on Mississippi Avenue, their rent has recently been raised and their business isnt picking up with the new additions to the neighbourhood. I went in there around 9 am and asked what had happened outside.

The proprietors son told me that the silver car, which was still on the road, smashed into a parked car in front of the business, and he heard a loud noise, and looked outside. He assured me that he saw two white people get out of the silver car and run south on Mississippi, towards downtown. It is called a classic hit and run.

Shortly thereafter about five officers showed up and blocked off Mississippi Avenue, from Shaver to Failing. As of 9:30, the street was still blocked off and the tow truck was just arriving to remove the silver car. The car that was hit had already been removed.

I didnt speak to the police officers to ask if they had apprehended the two suspects that ran down Mississippi.

In other news, the greenhouses just up the street (north) from the Mississippi and Shaver intersection, are replacing their plastic coverings. During the windstorm the other day, some of it shredded pretty heavily and they are replacing it all. They plan on taking the old plastic to the dump, but dont really want to do that, so if you can use some large sheets of plastic, they will be there all day and are very happy to see it be used.
Re 5 officers showing up 15.Dec.2004 10:41

Did they shoot anybody?

Usually, when 5 officers show up in a N PDX neighborhood, someone gets shot. I wouldn't call them unless I had to....

Next time, maybe the community could figure out a way to solve the problem without calling them in? Just a thought.