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KBOO Morning News Story List 12/14/04

Check out the stories that we ran this morning. Did we miss anything? If so, contact us and make us feel bad. We need the feedback! Plus, if you scan this, you really will be better informed.
I crawled out of my 'spider-hole - for this?

1. Vicki Phillips (new PPS director) - Shame on you! Fraud, graft,
federal money for religious groups..where does it end? In Portland, apparently.
2. WA has issued permits so Hanford can start making those radioactive glass blocks.
3. Texas Pacific meeeting over Enron\PGE (FSRN - this local story went national!)
4. OR Supreme Court considers gay marriage issue.
5. Burnside Bridgehead meeting. (KBOO)
6. Dean backer picked for National Democratic Committeee.
7. OR electoral college votes. (KLCC)
8. Feds propose to continue status quo for Rogue River - look out fish! Watch out, turtles!
9. CA activists urge gasoline boycott over immigrant license bill.
10.Researchers never warned the administration before AIDS drug was shipped to Africa.
11.Bush picks Leavitt for Health & Human Services.
12.Former Bush Campaign official indicted for phone-jamming
13.Pentagon whistle-blower (FSRN)
14.Election challenge filed hours before Electoral College vote in Ohio.
15.CA journalist who claimed CIA, Contras, crack connectioon dies.
16. Chilean judge charges Pinochet: homicide & kidnapping.
17.Rebels hit Baghdad's green zone with 2nd suicide attack in 2 days.
18.Trial of former Baathist and Saddam Hussein to begin - sometime.
19.Inquiry sought into claims of US funding.
20.Gaza strip (FSRN)
21.China, Russia willl hold first wargames. (Listen,
even if I say so myself, this is a helluva story.
This should be on the front page of every paper in the
nation. The US has an enormous trade deficit with
China and Russia has the last significant oil reserves
on earth. Both countries want to form a
military/economic juggernaut to counterbalance US
hegemony. Sorry to ruin your whole day, but there it

We did not have time for the story about the foreign
polls and what they tell us about how the world sees
Americans. But trust me, it was a good one.

Chris Andreae

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Did you miss anything?! 14.Dec.2004 10:07


What about the Scott Peterson case?
No Weather?
WHat about traffic reports?
Maybe a little sports?

Why are you filling all this airtime with meaningful stuff when you could be cenerating revenue through comercials?

Seriously though... keep up the good work.

And thanks for the China/russia heads up.

how about 14.Dec.2004 10:37

the point.

economics. if you play the american economy, you are guilty. slaves.

clarification 14.Dec.2004 11:36

so it goes

15.CA journalist who claimed CIA, Contras, crack connectioon dies.

Mr. Webb did not just claim it, he backed it up with solid evidence that has never been refuted.