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Ukraine: Election Fraud Supporters take campaign across country

AFP reports Yushchenko supporters taking their message from Kiev to the countrysides. Also, A Slovak-funded organization will reprise its role as election observer in Ukraine on December 26, when citizens recast their votes for president.
*does the miss America wave*

"Hey, remember the United States, yeah...we've got hearings going on, election fraud, have you heard?". I'm moving to the Ukraine. Yushchenko may be pro-west, but the people are still behind him. "hands-off" is right.

Yushchenko supporters take campaign across country

More than 50 supporters of the Pora (It's Time) youth movement will head to the pro-Russian eastern provinces, hoping to win over voters in areas where support for Mr. Yushchenko's opponent, Viktor Yanukovych, has been strong.


Slovak government supports democracy in "hands-off" approach
Ukraine court decrees re-run

"The Ukrainian people are devoted to democratic values. They have demonstrated their readiness to choose their own destiny through endurance and non-violent protest," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Juraj Tomaga told the SITA news agency.