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Review: WMD - Weapons of Mass Deception

Where Michael Moore, the fly on the wall, tip toes...Danny Schechter stomps around like the elephant in the room.
Dec. 12, 2004

If your reading this on an independent media outlet, there is not much you probably are not aware of already in regards to Danny Schechter's film, Weapons of Mass Deception, but don't let that stop you from seeing it. However, for the loved ones in your life, this might make the perfect stocking stuffer or New Year's media reVolution.

Schechter delivers an entertaining, yet, informative film. He uses a similar approach that the mainstream news used to sell the Iraq war, except his product...is revealing what's behind that curtain, and it's not the Wizard of Oz.

What do you get when you cross relaxed media ownership laws, the military industrial complex, and public opinion? Weapons of Mass Deception. Insider turned outsider Danny Schechter makes his case in this expose of the mainstream media's "fuzzy" coverage of the runup to war. He shows us how with a little marketing, there's a sucker born every minute.

If I only had a brain

The market makers, the PR firms, the embedded journalists, the "fuzzy" coverage, the spin, and yes, even the lies...it's all in there. Using clips from mainstream press, without needing to add much more, he lays it on the table for you in one shot and it's not pretty. Greenwald(outfoxed) showed us a sliver of the entertainment that fox news painstakingly tries to sell us as journalism. Like wedding cake, Schechter shoves a whole piece in your mouth and it tastes good.

Having a list of credentials that would make any mother proud, Danny Schechter doesn't need to worry about deflecting the oncoming mainstream media smear that will make Moore look like Walt Disney. After watching Weapons of Mass Deception, credibility is something that is not his job to prove anymore, that ball lies with the mainstream corporate press, given the lack of coverage in the investigation of voter surpression & fraud in the 2004 election. Schechter shows you how pseudo-patriotism, lack of "guts", and trying to "sell it", got in the way of delivering an important message...the entire truth. One moment in the film captures a journalist asking a US soldier to show the world exactly how to turn your compact shovel into a comfortable chair. In Weapons of Mass Deception Danny Schechter has kicked the door wide open for a new army of independent info-warriors to take the lead, if they haven't done so already. He takes the time to speak about these independent media sources in the movie, giving credit to his newly adopted counterparts. Seeing the Indymedia logo on the big screen, should give any fan of this volunteer network a smile.

As much as Weapons of Mass Deception entertains or "preaches to" the "choir", whom have already come to the same conclusions, indeed, it will enlighten the skeptics.(at least those who actually view the film). Call it a movie, documentary film, "op-ed", or whatever you like. It's new school independent media, with good ol' American entrepreneurship, that would make any "ownership" society envious. Schechter's website for the film, wmdthefilm.com as well as mediachannel.org, takes his independent media activism and mainstream media criticism one step further by providing visitors with his "dissection" of the mainstream headlines.

Trailers and theatre showtimes can be viewed on the website:  http://www.wmdthefilm.com

Fairness Doctrine 15.Dec.2004 10:06


The big issue which relates to the mess we're in is the Repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. This must be dealt with first and foremost before the media can be put under control.