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Video online of Clint Curtis testimony

We've yet to review it, but video is now available online from portions of Clint Curtis' sworn testimony before U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio. - Brad blog
Video online of Clint Curtis testimony

Real Audio version here.

Windows Media player here.



Did anyone else notice? 12.Aug.2005 17:52

PepeLapiu pepelapiu@msn.com

Watch the video carefully, the whole time, the mouth of every person that is speaking is hidden. We NEVER see the person speak. In fact, the cameraman looks to me like he tries deliberately to obstruct the view of the speakers with some other object in the field of vision. The only time we both see and hear someone speak is toward the end when the discussion becomes irrelevent. As far as I know, this video is a fake and I won't change my mind until I see at least some recognition in the mass media or some sort of oficial document.