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Photos: No Stolen Election: Boston Update Part I

Photos from the state house 12-13-04. Some election fraud protestors, Alice Brown?the pilgrim programmer[photos], "like a butcher holds his finger on the scale"[video], were inside and warned of their free speech.
Yesterday, an enthusiastic group of dedicated patriots were present to voice their concerns to electors in Boston. Alice Brown?, the computer programmer who explains vote fraud in exclusive video obtained by the indymedia network, was not able to stay in the room and mentioned that 2 electors were writing their concerns. As of this time, no further word from this meeting.

Cold and sporadic drizzle didn't keep away election fraud activists who were met with enthusiastic thumbs up and honks from people passing by. Some on lookers stopped to get information and wondered why they hadn't heard anything from the corporate mainstream press. One older gentleman, a bush supporter, wasn't pleased to hear the news. The activists tried to calm him down and explain, as he shouted angrily "landslide" and "clinton was a womanizer". One younger antoginizing passer by screamed, "four more years"....activists responded, "when are you going to sign up for Iraq?"...he kept walking with no response.

"Where is the media", is the question on everybody's lips. I told them where to look.

video of sunday rally:

How to steal an election: No, really!