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9.11 investigation


I'm so tired of the faked bin Laden videos, that I didn't even bother to watch the one that came out just before the election, however,........


I'm so tired of the faked bin Laden videos, that I didn't even bother to watch the one that came out just before the election.

The little I saw on TV about it, lead me to believe it was most likely fake.

However, after seeing it, I am 100% sure it is fake.

Have a look at this frame from the video and ask yourself:

How did the photographer obtain the footage for this video.

The worst quality footage would have been obtained by using a cheap home video camera, but even the cheapest video camera takes much better footage than that seen in the video shown by al-Jazeera.

So who would take a nice home video with their video camera, and then go to the trouble of deliberately messing it up, before handing it to the press. Why would they make the images smaller and much more blurry, before handing it to the press. Of course, they wouldn't.

Of course, bin Laden would not mess up his own image, but someone faking bin Laden would want the video to be small and blurry so that it will not be clear that it is not bin Laden.

There are lots of other give-aways, eg, the press without fail just "assumed" that this video was legitimate, even though the person in it could have been just about anyone with a surface likeness to bin Laden. The fact that the press never questioned the tapes authenticity clearly shows that the press released the video, not bin Laden.
Educated in the west 14.Dec.2004 05:37


Since he's addressing the American people...why not just speak english? We're having a hard time understanding his language(and getting proper/full translations), I wonder why he doesn't want to get his message out clearly?

osama is like "goldstein" in george orwells "1984" 14.Dec.2004 07:13


In George Orwells famous novel "1984" which clearly shows techniques of mass manipulation a virtual person called "Goldstein" symbolizes the enemy. Goldstein does not really exist, but the state ("big brother") needs the threatening evil-doer Goldstein to justify repression against its own people and to gain support for its permeanent war against others...
Goldstein is shown on viedeo tapes again and again - and the people project all their hate on him. They love their state ("Big Brother") and hate Goldstein...

Of course I do not doubt that Osama bin Laden exists - but he is obviously todays´ Goldstein.

- ? - 14.Dec.2004 07:16

- - -

as u all know - bin laden had close ties to the CIA - the USA supported and financed bin laden in his war against the sovjets in afghanistan in the 80´s.

Baaaaaa Baaaaaaaa 14.Dec.2004 09:25

Ralph Cramden

There are a whole lot of the sheeple kind of homo sapien, much more of the sheeple than people who think for themselves.
World wide I'd say the sheeples out number the independent thinkers by at least 70%.

The Wizard of Oz was a parody of the sheeple. It was Toto the dog who discovered the Wiz behind the curtain.

It really doesn't matter if that was OBL or Karl Rove in make-up in that video.
It had it's intended result.......it put Bush over the top.

The "free" press bought it, therefore the sheeples bought it.

There really is not much difference in the people of the middle east and the You-es-ay; the majority of the people are sheeple, they both allow elected/religious leaders to run their lives.

It's what the elected/religious leaders count on.

Inscrutable Malice 14.Dec.2004 19:01

Herman Melville

Bush is Ahab and bin Laden is Moby Dick.

not so sure 15.Dec.2004 01:41


How do you know Al Jazeera didn't run the video through a fuzzy filter, just to defend themselves from American gov't attacks that they are allowing Bin Laden to send "secret messages" to his agents embedded in his videos? (claims that they have indeed made in the past).

Check out the cool morph at the bottom of this page 15.Dec.2004 12:01

Jody Paulson

Batteries Required 16.Dec.2004 18:04

Ed Norton

It's an animatron like they have in Disneyland.