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NO WAR! 4 A Petrochemical corporation free Holidays

Becoming independant from petroleum corporations will help save the environment, end the US occupation of Iraq and increase local community sustainability..
The Holiday season can be celebrated guilt free if people can boycott petrochemical corporations and instead spend time with friends and family. This can seem a nearly impossible as most American families celebrate the tradition of lavish gift giving and feasting, all requiring energy expenditure that usually has petroleum as a base source..

Plastic wrap and other plastic materials are also petrochemically based. DuPont, one of the largest plastic manufacturers since WW2, contributed large sums of money to the prohibition of hemp, an excellent source of biodegradable plastics because of hemp's 70% cellulose content. Currently bioplastics are difficult for most people to access, though hemp bioplastic advocates are attempting to change this..

Hemp Plastic site;


There is a rumor amongst conspiracy theorist lunatics that Monsanto is seeking a series of patents on GMO/GE hemp, however, this is unverified and can still be dismissed as "wacko logic" until further proof manifests itself through the corporate media filter..

Petroleum is of course the major way of transportation. In the cold/rainy winter weather, most people don't want to ride bicycles. Having a weather-proof bicycle is just a matter of design, a thin transparent shell over the top of a recumbent/reclining bicycle could be produced from recycled materials or even bioplastics!!

Combine this with biodiesel bus/van/transit or even biobubble cars and you could have safe, warm dry transit for everyone that is nearly free..

Making your own biodiesel is simple as obtaining used veggie fry oil, then mixing with either methanol (wood alcohol) and sodium hydrozide (lye, NaOH) or ethanol (grain alcohol) and potassium hydroxide (KOH). The latter combo people can make on their own, though ethanol is considered moonshine and can bring about snooping feds with surviellence equipment..

Ethanol info;


The ethanol/methanol and NaOH/KOH mixed with veggie fry oil in the process of transesterification, the byproducts being the hydrocarbon chain (biodiesel) and glycerin (save 4 homemade soap)..

Petroleum available to America since WW2 was used for paving freeways, internal combustion engine fuel, agricultural chemicals (fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide), plastics, pharmaceutical products, synthetic clothing and many other items that to this day we take for granted. Though some of the petroleum reserves are located in/near America, a great deal is from foreign lands such as Venezuala, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and now Iraq..

The quagmire is not just in Iraq, it's here in America because our economy suffers a corporate coerced dependency on petroleum products. Bush/Cheney and cabal are insisting that this depedency remain in effect. After all, if we all started riding biodiesel busses and bicycles, they would no longer be wealthy tyrants who can justify surviellence of the American people in the name of "War on Terror"..

Beef consumption is a favorite pastime for many people during the Holiday season. Some beef is grass fed and organic, though most is fed with large scale agribusiness grains and/or corn. This corn is dependent on fertilzer, pesticide, and herbicide that originates from a petroleum base..

Bison, elk and antelope once roamed the hills and valleys that are now dominated by cattle. Whether free range or factory farmed, the consumption of cattle takes petroleum input and also a land space that once belonged to the native ungulates (hooved mammals) mentioned above. Bison were killed by European settlers in an effort to cause serious harm to indigenous peoples of the Great Plains as they depended on these animals for food, shelter, clothing etc. The ranchers of Montana still kill bison that wander across the invisible border..


Bison, elk and antelope don't need petroleum for agribusiness grains, they can survive on the native perennial grasses of the plains. Migration and natural diet of bison, elk, etc. prevent overgrazing and resulting plant loss as witnessed in more sedentary cattle. Native grassland ecosystems are endangered as a result of rangeland and agribusiness 4 cattle feed..

American Grasslands;


People who still desire to eat meat should be willing to hunt and kill the animal themselves. Here the animal lived a life of true freedom on the restored grasslands instead of life trapped in a slaughterhouse penetentiary. The meat of bison contains more protein and less fat when compared to cattle. This restores the relationship of predator to prey, recognizing that the hamburger being consumed was once a living, breathing being. Ditto this for factory farmed chicken compared to native pheasant, duck, grouse, etc..

Local permaculture organic farming breaks the monopoly of monoculture agribusiness petrochemical dependency, river restoration brings seasonal flood pulse minerals and nutrients to land that collects soil instead of losing soil to mass erosion and wasting..

Mississippi flood pulse;


Windmills, rainwater collection and solar panels are complimentary energy sources that don't require bills to PG&E..

Though the hemp plastic may require some help, most of the above advocates a community based Do It Yourself (DIY) approach to diet, transit and living material. This will eventually prove favorable to depending on petrochemical and/or biotech corporations that offer to do it for you for a price. This trap continues the treadmill of overworking people to benefit the corporate elite..

This Holiday season people can choose to break free from petroleum corporations..