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**Holiday Action Alert** GVR Still Supporting HLS

GueAnd who said registering your disgust couldn't be fun?! Printed below is one example of a Carole against Cruelty. Come up with your own little jingle and let 'em have it! The GVR Company still has the audacity to make a market for Huntingdon's shares. They likely have not heard enough from us about Huntingdon and the nightmare it is.
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
This week, PLEASE vow to step it up a notch. If everyone recieving this email spends five mintues to make a call, write a letter, send a fax - there would literally be NO time during business hours for GVR Co to attend to its bloody matters.

'Happy Holidays'

* We hope this greeting finds you safe and happy, Except this gift, a poem that's rich and sappy.
* You may not know me, nor my friends, But we hope you'll help GVR make amends.
* For two long months its supported a lab, It's called HLS and your company holds its tab.
* Five times investigators have exposed its lies, causing animal suffering and our gasps and our sighs.
* For toothpastes, lotions, and sweeteners too, HLS poisoned animals until they were sick and blue.
* As four month old puppies were punched in the face, GVR Company became a greedy disgrace.
* Tormented primates where butchered while still breathing, creating a movement whose anger at GVR is quite seething.
* Ignoring the science, ignoring the morals, Your company has experienced some financial quarrels.
* Keeping afloat this awful company's stock, Supporting a company whose science is but a crock.
* But with holiday spirit we are trying anew, asking that this message be passed through you.
* Please push for compassion and a little respect, a relationship with Huntingdon we ask GVR to reject.
* Sorry to ask you, and put you in the middle, but if you have a dog, please try just a little.
* History remembers those who stood by what is right, they embody the flame in Lady Liberty's light.
* This holiday season let your compassion abound, by joing the fight to close Huntingdon down.

CALL GVRC GVR Company LLC (Look at all these 800 numbers... They are just screaming for payphone attention!)

Chicago IL: 312-986-8882
NASDAQ Trading: 800-638-8602
Bulletin Board: 888-714-0505
Agency: 800-469-7606
International: 312-294-7760

AND WRITE: It takes five minutes and an evelope to make the difference. If everyone reading this sends one letter this week we WILL knock them out!

One Financial Place
440 South LaSalle Street Suite 3909
Chicago, IL 60605 USA

Check  http://www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE HLS!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacamerica.net