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CIA Behind Automated Chat Room Spying Scheme

No, no, really, this is for catching terrorists. Give me a break. The neo-cons are scared of their own shadows.
Dec 12 - Documents obtained by a public interest research center show that the US Central Intelligence Agency and the National Science Foundation collaborated to fund researchers developing software to electronically spy on Internet chat rooms.

The documents, obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) through a Freedom of Information Act and reviewed by The NewStandard, show that $157,673 was awarded to researchers Bulent Yener and Mukkai Krishnamoorthy to fund the development of chat room surveillance software. That document includes information about the project -- conducted under the auspices of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York -- the objective of which is described as the establishment of a "fully automated surveillance system for data collection and analysis in Internet chat rooms to discover hidden groups."

The document further explains that surveillance will determine what is being discussed in various chat rooms, who is discussing those topics, and if the topic is "hot" in a particular chat room. "Thus, the proposed system could aid the intelligence community to discover hidden communities and communication patterns in chat rooms without human intervention," the document states.

The description goes on to explain that the "award is supported jointly by the NSF and the Intelligence Community."

Another document obtained by EPIC through the Freedom of Information Act is a "Memorandum of Understanding" between the National Science Foundation and the CIA outlining a "jointly funded research initiative" to "encourage long-term high-risk research approaches to scientific research in support of the nation?s fight against terrorism."

While the amount of money provided by the CIA to the initiative has been blanked out, the Memorandum shows the National Science Foundation contributing $2.5 million in both fiscal years 2003 and 2004. The document also shows that the National Science Foundation is providing 70 percent of the funding, leading The NewStandard to extrapolate that the CIA provided an average of $1 million in each of those years.

According to the CNet News, the development of the surveillance project itself has been known about for some time, but the CIA?s involvement was unknown until the release of the documents.

Heh 13.Dec.2004 20:51


They're going to be very bored CIA agents. Most people in chatrooms can barely spell a complete sentence much less mastermind anything snoop-worthy.

I mean, when most chatters are like "OMGWTFBBQ!!1!1!!11!" and "c u l8r boi" etc....


a note to 'colby" 13.Dec.2004 22:42


dear 'colby':

the whole point of the article is that the surveillance program is automated. cia agents may be bored easily, but spy software never rests.

Right, so check this out 14.Dec.2004 02:03

Uncle Sam

keyword snoop:
Hi Mom, I went to go see the *white house* on my vacation. I took *pictures*, it's much bigger then I thought. I didn't get to see the *pentagon* because our stay was short. Then we *flew* to the last leg of our trip to *texas*. I'm not sure why everyone is so scared of *terrorism*, it's not like the *plane* wasn't inspected for *bombs* or anything. Anyway, *security* has really increased. So when me and judy got to dallas, our first trip was to the kennedy *assassination* museum. We took allot of *photos*, I'll show them to you. It's kind of surreal. I have *pictures* of every *angle* from the *assassination*. I have *pics* from the window, street, and of the memorial. I still wonder how LHO *shot*, the *president*.

And then you get a knock at the door, guilty before proven innocent...just to be "safe".

Kind of like that teenager that got ratted out(and visited by FBI) by his 60yr old neighbor for having a sticker on his car. Bush with a crown on, that said, "off with his head". He ends up sobbing in tears, while his paranoid delusional neighbor thinks he just cracked the next john wilkes booth case. America no longer exists, one by one they are getting rid of the laws to be able to do all this legally, actually, too late. They are moving quick now because everyone his hip to the scheme.