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Photographs of Salem V.O.T.E. Rally

Some phototos of the Rally at the Capital steps in Salem Oregon, which took place today.
Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury
Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury
Electoral College and Assembly
Electoral College and Assembly
Truth and creativity abounded in both the display of signs and remarks by a number of people. After the scheduled speakers had their say, everyone went into the Capital to witness the electoral votes being cast for Kerry and Edwards.
Following this, citizens took turns addressing the crowd. One young man cautioned the crowd, "I would invite you to become accustomed to getting food from people you know, because pretty soon, they may be the only ones from which you may be able to get it. Regardless of Kerry or Bush leading this country, there are greater forces at work that will put us in very differenct relationships with each other soon....It is the love between us, the people we know, the people we see, that will sustain life on this planet for those who truly wish to live. Because clearly, there are many who do not."

Another speaker, a young lady, addressed the crowd about our committment to truth and each other. "Lets also remember to know that there is a higher power that is with us, because it's the truth, and the truth is about love, and that's why we're here. We're here to end the suffering; we're here to uphold the truth."

Audio files, and hopefully, video files will be posted later.

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