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Ohio's Electoral College Casts Ballots unan-. .WAIT!! SCOTT PETERSON EXECUTION ABOUT TO BE

It's official. Not much anyone can do now. Fl went too. So it's over. Kerry seems to have tried to step in at the last minute, but nothing notable came of it, it would appear. Too late, too little, but wanted to get his name in at the end. What a sick situation we have in this country. Expect some staged stories involving Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson if anything keeps going after this.
Ohio Electors Vote Despite Challenge
Ohio's Electoral College Cast Ballots for Bush Despite Group's Challenge to Review Election

COLUMBUS, Ohio Dec 13, 2004 The Ohio delegation to the Electoral College cast its votes for President Bush on Monday, hours after dissident groups asked the state Supreme Court to review the outcome of the state's presidential race.

The 20 GOP electors voted unanimously for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

"The vast majority of people understand this election is over," said Gov. Bob Taft, who was at the electors' voting session in the state Senate chamber.

The challengers who went to the Supreme Court question whether Bush won the key swing state by 119,000 votes, guaranteeing his victory over Democrat John Kerry.

The court did not act on their request before the electors cast their ballots

homepage: homepage: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=326161

NEWS BREAKING STORIES! 13.Dec.2004 14:33

a cascadian

if there was ever a revolution or up roar about the fascist coup I will bet the news breaking story will be that Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson and Robert Blake are having a threesome in some state pen. Brought to you first by Fox news.

Wait breaking news!: Martha Steward has made it a foursome! Brought to you by CNN.

"Official?" Nothing we can do? 13.Dec.2004 15:44


Bullshit. Why just give up? Did the Ukranians just give up? No. Why should we?

This is FAR from over. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in the world because we did not stand up and DO SOMETHING the first time bush and company stole an election. In part, I think, it's our fault those people died because we did not do anything to stop it. But at least we could be forgiven ..well, a little, anyway, because we did not know just how bad this person and his petty little regime would be. This time, we have no such excuse. If we just sit here on our asses and let him do this AGAIN, there will be no redemption.

Rise up while you can, or go to hell.

More Breaking News 13.Dec.2004 16:09

Corporate Reporter

This just in... Michael Jackson is not in court today. We don't know when he is expected back. I'll have another report tomorrow.

Corporate Parrots of America 13.Dec.2004 16:22


and kill vote fraud story, or you won't get your crackers!
"Crackers! Crackers! in the news, And Shiny Objects!" BRAAK!

Hang on a sec!! 13.Dec.2004 19:01


""The vast majority of people understand this election is over," said Gov. Bob Taft, who was at the electors' voting session in the state Senate chamber."

Isn't Bob Taft also Skull & Bones like Bush and Kerry?

"The Old Line American families and their descendants involved in the Skull & Bones are names such as: Whitney, Perkins, Stimson, Taft, Wadsworth, Gilman, Payne, Davidson, Pillsbury, Sloane, Weyerhaeuser, Harriman, Rockefeller, Lord, Brown, Bundy, Bush and Phelps."


Wanker, investigator reporter

This just in: Scott Peterson awaits his first night on deathrow. More at 11:00 followed by the New Gilligan's Island. (brought to you by Viagra... "we are working hard for you".. and Paxil.. "election blues have you down then take a pill")

BLOCK FOX 14.Dec.2004 09:13

Scroo the Media

FOXblocker now available, for whatever it's worth(actually, about $9.00US.

When can we block the rest of the corporate scum?

Election Fraud is the Key Issue 14.Dec.2004 16:22

to be distracted from

This Scott Peterson case is used to distract from the election fraud on two levels, one seen and one unseen. High Practioners of the art of Black Majik derive occultic powers from child sacrifice. That is why you see high profile cases during times of great deception. The sleeping masses not only are distracted from the election fraud by focusing on the Scott Peterson case as it is plastered across the mass media but it is also operating on a spiritual level to make them know but not care.

There is much evidence of satanic ritual murder by people in high positions for this reason.