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The "Election": A Possible Explanation for Where Everybody Is

I have wondered why the people of this nation did not get up off the couches and go to the streets after Bush stole ANOTHER fucking election. I think I may have discovered the reason.
Can it be that people still don't know? I shy away from the corporate media, and I pay very close attention to what's happening in the world around me. So I guess I forget that there are still people out there -- evidently lots of them -- who still think Bush actually won the election. Yes! Unbelievable as it seems, there are still people who are blaming the awful presence of another bush regime on the "red states," on the religious right, on the "bible belt." They still think it was their neighbors who sold them out, rather than a sophisticated and nefarious scheme developed and implemented at the very highest levels.

This is heartening news. We're not just lazy and complicit; we're simply uninformed. And who can blame us, with the well-financed corporate media there to brainwash us in our living rooms? This means there is still hope. Those of us who know the truth must tell the truth. It's up to us now to inform our fox-watching neighbors that the election was STOLEN. We need to be as informed as we can be, learning all the facts and evidence. We need to be able to share our sources and document our evidence. And we need to get the word out. If you have a copier, make flyers. Let's print out Greg Palast and Amy Goodman and Ralph Nader, and everyone else who is putting the pieces together. Then let's go where the fox audience goes -- to the malls, to the bowling alleys, to the suburbs. Let's hand out flyers and talk to people, and let them know that no, they are NOT alone, isolated in a sea of uncaring red states.

Then, let's all go to Washington.
frustrated as well 13.Dec.2004 13:53


I can relate! Why the hell are people NOT out and pissed off??? Is it the coffee that has passified people or the meth or is the Scott Peterson trial that fascinating to the point that people can just throw away their civil liberties?

I know the corporate media has intentionally played down events and rallies. When they do air stuff they word it as a "few dozen people" in Salem or they say "democrats still have it in their heads that the election is not over". (just a note: it is not the democrats demanding recount or re-vote it is the Greens and Libertarians).

PLEASE if someone has pictures or video of the rallies in Salem or other capitols for the 51CapitolMarch or today's rallies PLEASE POST in Indy Media.

Here are some people in action, where were you? 13.Dec.2004 18:24