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November 3rd Protester Needs Witnesses

I need witnesses to my arrest
On November 3rd at around 730 PM I was on the SE corner of 1st and Morrison downtown. I was taking part in the post-selection rally when I was thrown to the street from the sidewalk by a police officer who claimed I had assaulted the horse I was near. There were about 3-4 horses on the sidewalk, if that helps anyone remember this incident. If anyone saw this, or has video of it (REALLY HELPFUL), please call the number below. Ask for Tony.

a friend told me that the cop who beat you was 14.Dec.2004 10:32

Scott McCollister

he has a "problem" with anger-management, and this coupled with his being stupid...equals trouble

You know...it could have been 14.Dec.2004 13:49

Scott McCollister

that was on that horse. He is stupid enough to plant his big fat ass on a small quarter-horse!