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Dyncorp Sold to Private Investment Firm

Dyncorp, the defense contractor is being sold to a private investment firm from New York.
(Apologies in advance. I don't have time right now to do the proper research on this but thought I'd raise a red flag that might spark some interesting information sharing.)

Dyncorp is a defense contracting firm with a sordid history. One of there more most heinous moments came several year back in, I believe, Bosnia. They were under a Pentagon contract to train peacekeepers or cops, etc. On the side they were running a child prostitution ring.

Reuters is reporting that they are now being purchased by a private equity firm known as Veritas Capital. The founder and President is a Council on Foreign Relations member and former First Boston Director. Since its founding in 1992, one of their acquistions includes the former Raytheon Aerospace division. Since they are a private firm we know little about who actually owns and profits from their work. Here is a link to a type of advisory committee they keep on retainer.


Here is a great link to information about their previous defense contract work. Note that over 60% of their Pentagon work is either "sole source" or was "open bidding" with them as the only bidder. Notice that they have also acquired over $385 million in "small business set-aside" contracts from the Pentagon.


These are dangerous people and need to be watched closely. Anyone know more?