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Withdraw $9.11 to Withdraw U.S. Troops From Iraq!

a messaged, cash-flow boycott
JOIN THE $9.11 B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT to Bring All U.S. Soldiers Home from Iraq!
(Phase 2)

U.nited States
H.ome from Iraq now!

Why have we Americans allowed the Bush Administration and our elected representatives to effectively bankrupt the U.S. economy by using OUR taxpayer dollars to fund an illegal, preemptive war on Iraq? To date, over 1,300 U.S. soldiers and an estimated 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died and nearly 8,500 U.S. soldiers have been wounded in this illegal war. And the war, death, destruction, and grieving continues despite our organized campaigns and anti-war protests.

So, what can we, THE PEOPLE, do to make our ELECTED government officials listen to our demands?

We can accomplish this through a MASSIVE, collective, cooperative series of MESSAGED, CASH-FLOW BOYCOTTS.


$9.11 Withdrawal, U.S. Troop Withdrawal

On Wednesday, December 22, 2004, withdraw $9.11 CASH from your bank, savings & loan, credit union, or ATM*.
(*ATM withdrawal, the minimum, $20)

Do not spend, lend, or invest this CASH.

Inform the teller or bank manager that you will redeposit the CASH when all United States soldiers are withdrawn from Iraq.

If you've withdrawn your CASH from an ATM, simply write $9.11 B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT on an ATM bank envelope and put it in the ATM slot.


Keep in mind, this is a MESSAGED BOYCOTT, and its effectiveness depends on YOU!

After withdrawing cash, it is imperative that you phone, fax, or email George Bush, ELECTED government officials, and the media about your participation in the $9.11 B.U.S.H. Boycott. Let them know that this CASH has been pulled out of circulation, and it won't be spent, lent or invested until all United States soldiers have been withdrawn from Iraq.

Snail Mail or Fax your bank receipt (black out your account number) to your Congressional Representative.
(Remember....Representatives are elected every two years!)


http:// www.president@whitehouse.gov

vice.president (at) whitehouse.gov

(Contact your representatives!)

(A list of television networks, nationwide)

(newspapers, by state & city)

Email everyone you know who opposes the war on Iraq and ask them to participate in the
$9.11 B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT.

Contact local/national organizations who oppose the war on Iraq, and ask that they endorse this boycott.

Call radio talk shows.

Write letters to the editors.



$9.11 B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT, Phase 3: Thursday, January 20, 2005.....Inauguration Day!

$9.11 B.U.S.H. BOYCOTT, Phase 4: March 20, 2005....Second Anniversary of the Start of the War on Iraq!

More to follow.........

Contacts:  ps4erth@yahoo.com


Creative Ideas for $9.11CASH, Phase 1: