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Photographs From You Stole My Vote Protest

Photographs of todays Protest in Salem Oregon, at the State Capital. This was a nationwide protest organized by You Stole My Vote
Pete Hamer, Oregon State Coordinator
Pete Hamer, Oregon State Coordinator
Elizebeth Atly, Portland Code Pink
Elizebeth Atly, Portland Code Pink
Johnny Marie, Actions Speak Portland
Johnny Marie, Actions Speak Portland
Attended by approximately 300-350 people, the protest featured speakers and music. Speakers included Pete Hamer, Oregon State Coordinator of 51 Capital March; Elizebeth Atly, of Portland Code Pink and Johnny Marie of Actions Speak Portland
The mike was then turned over for anyone who wanted to speak, including a 13 year old young lady and a phone relay from Portland with information from a press release concerning events in Ohio.

These photographs show some of the creative signs and give a feeling of the strong love of Democracy which pervaded the event.

Though personally not at the event, I am reporting second hand from someone who was present.
Photographs by justicelies.

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Vision beautiful 12.Dec.2004 18:30


The rally looks beautiful! So glad hundreds came out. I'm coming tomorrow. I worried that the cold wind might affect turnout. North of the Columbia River, it is still blowing, and I've heard of some power outages. Let the wind calm down, but the people vocal and strong.

Supporting News Is Scant, So Far 12.Dec.2004 20:14


Cruising some of the other IMC sites, this is the only other report I found on this nationwide event. Hopefully, some of the other suppossed 29 protests will weigh in soon, somewhere on the IMC network.


Also, a couple more pic from the protest

Clean Elections nationwide or Oregon Secedes! 12.Dec.2004 20:39


I second the idea.

Local media 12.Dec.2004 20:49


Channel 6 had a brief account on their 5pm news, saying there were "dozens" of protesters... a quick shot of the crowd ... a smirking news reporter. Pretty disappointing, not even a serious attempt to research what the rally was about or that it was nationwide. No interviews with attendees.

Thanks to those who went 13.Dec.2004 06:08

didn't go, but...

I've been so sick to my soul that we seem to be just letting this happen again without a thought, that I have been unable to drag myself out of it and actually DO anything. I did not go to this event, because I didn't see what difference it could make. Now I'm ashamed that I did not go, because I see that it's ME who has been allowing it to happen: other people ARE doing something. Thank you to everyone who went. I'm gonna go make and distribute some flyers now, explaining to FOX americans what really happened. Time to get up off my own ass. Nothing will change until each of us MAKES it change.

Come to ActionSpeaks meeting tomorrow 13.Dec.2004 08:08

pp we@ActionSpeaksPortland.org

Drag yourself out Tuesday evening at 7pm to the Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark, for another ActionSpeaks meeting. Be a part of the solution.

The election is NOT over. Make every vote count!

to bad it had to come to this 13.Dec.2004 18:00

2 cheers for skull and bones!

yeah, kerry would make a hellava good pres, and lets face it, he won. we dont need no thought control, we dont need no elections, we dont need a choice at all!