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Phone Blockade This Week on HLS Customer

Call Forest Labs' Toll Free Numbers This Week
This week, Dec. 13-19, is World Week Against Forest Laboratories, and there are demonstrations going on all over the U.S. and in the U.K. Do your part by helping with the phone blockade on Forest's toll-free numbers. Pick an hour block each day to call during business hours (8-5), and make a call every time you pass a payphone (do not use your home phone). Talking isn't necessary if you wish to remain anonymous, and beeping noises can be fun if you get bored with silence. Every call you make to these toll-free numbers costs them money, and the more time you spend on the phone is less time Forest spends with their customers. Let's give 'em hell.

Most important number: 1-800-947-5227 New York, NY

If that number is tied up, here are alternates:

1-800-285-5227 Commack, NY
1-888-636-9888 Farmingdale, NY
1-888-324-7870 Hauppauge, NY
1-800-678-1605 St. Louis, MO