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Where's John Kerry?

No article here, just wondering what the @#&% Kerry is doing these days. Some people occasionally post info about Kerry joining the fight in Ohio, but I don't know where to find this info. Does anybody have any knowledge of what Kerry is doing these days?
a thought.... 12.Dec.2004 11:42


If you really want to find him...wash tammy faye baker's face!

kerry doesn't want to start a war....we could lose too much 12.Dec.2004 12:59

wondering where he is too...

think about it...a congress with a republican majority. A republican neo-con cabinet, and dang-near facist president. Republican judges and secretaires of state in crucial election
areas. A divided nation. A nation at the breaking point....If Kerry were to try to mantle
a battle personally for winning Ohio the republican attack machine would go in full swing.
Protest crackdowns. Citizens' unrest and arrests. Blockage of all legal avenues needed for the proper recount. (Blackwell is already showing he's hiding something) I think Kerry's need to stay in the background is obvious. The FBI is apparantly turning towards investigation. Mainstream media is opening up. Congressional investigation is being proposed, etc etc etc.
Much better than 2000. Actually, just about everything is going well for him and the Dems in terms of gaining something. To make a full frontal attack right now could compromise everything. "first they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win!" Mahatma Ghandi. Let's fight them on our terms, not theirs.

I get a little annoyed sometimes wondering where the hell he is myself. But, it may be better for him that all the organizations and citizens do the "leading" for now. He needs to remain "neutral" so the republicans are relatively on the least amount of defense. Let the improprieties of the election be brought into the light by as much non-partisan activity as possible. Stealth. The election was manipulated by stealth. Let the truth come out with stealth as well. Like a big chess game. Kerry isn't ready to strike just yet.

He was in Iowa, then off to Iraq 12.Dec.2004 13:03

As seen on TV

I saw a few days ago he was in Iowa thanking the voters who voted for him.

I also heard he is headed for Iraq soon.

I guess he is running again for President in 2008...

oh my god! 12.Dec.2004 13:11

empire slayer

> A divided nation. A nation at the breaking point

please, for the love of christ! for the 10,000th time: kerry exists to perpetuate the status quo. period. end of story.

where is kerry? busy propping up the rotting empire that got him where he is now.

how i wish more people realized that NO ONE is going to save us--not god, kerry, gandhi, aliens or anyone/anything else. we must save ourselves.

then they ignore you? 12.Dec.2004 13:18

good gosh..

Dear Sir,

You are making a bunch of assumptions about things..

A nation at the breaking point???
(please describe why its any different now vs. 5 years ago, or 10 years ago? I see
little differnce as far as people's attitude.

Just about everything is going well for him and the Dems in terms of gaining something???
Sorry, I hadn't noticed that.. Did anybody else here notice everything going well for
John Kerry and the Dems?

Mainstream media is opening up??
Ok, please describe "opening up. Perhaps your definition is different than mine.

Congressional investigation is being proposed???
By who? Cynthia McKinney? John Conyers? Jesse Jackson? When was the last time anybody in
the democratic party paid any attention to this crowd, let alone the republicans or
the press?

Kerry isn't ready to strike just yet?
Maybe he is waiting his turn right after Micheal Dukakis mounts his counter-offensive?

The media, and republicans, and the nation are in "Ignore you" mode as they have been for sometime.

Legally speaking, we are fucked… 12.Dec.2004 13:31

but that doesn't mean we should give up.

If you read the law/constitution, at this point in time (December 12, 2004) that can legally done about the election except hope that congress will nullify the election and place John Kerry in as president. Personally, I don't see that happening.

So unless you can image John Kerry leading a column of Tanks up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Whitehouse, or you can find some obscure amendment to the constitution that ejects a legal election certification from a Secretary of State, then I suggest you stop deluding yourselves and others.

Don't set yourselves up for a big disappointment that is based on wishful thinking or disinformation.

By all means push for a recount in Ohio and Florida and anyplace else to ensure the count is accurate, demand reform, god knows we need it. But there is nothing legally at this point in time that will cause a change the outcome of this election.

BET I KNOW 12.Dec.2004 15:42


I Think he is in bed with Dennis Kucinich.

The Invisible Man 12.Dec.2004 15:54

Carniverous Hedgehog

Maybe there's no chance that recounts will go forward or make any difference, but at this point what does John Kerry have to lose? The problem is that he does not have the killer instinct or a cadre of thugs willing to push his agenda and he simply didn't want the Presidency as badly as the pResident.

My obvious question - something I haven't seen discussed or addressed - is why was he not considered as a replacement for Daschle?

He doesn't have to go on the attack about the elections . . . the Green and Libertarian parties are doing that for him. But he could certainly question and discuss any Bush nominations, programs, deficit-building or pie in the sky schemes. The man is CLEARLY not a leader. After the concession speech, he has - for all intents and purposes - dropped off the radar screen. A real party leader still in office would remain visible and fight for the people who voted for him. Instead the impression he gives is that he is sitting on the remainder of his war chest with his thumb up his ass.

And he's going to Iraq, is he? What for? What possible good could he do in Iraq? He has no power to change the situation, bring anybody home sooner . . . not even any power to deliver more armor or supplies.

If he's going to draw the spotlight on prisoner abuse, it's already been done and continues to be done better by foreign countries with unembedded media.

I was never very enthused about Kerry and am now bitterly disappointed.

He might as well be made out of tissue paper.

The High road, and the low road…. 12.Dec.2004 17:44

just some ideas.

What does John Kerry have to lose?

Reason # 1
Kerry believes he has a chance at winning the nomination in 2008!

Reason # 2
He believes he has increased his prestige in the Senate. Increasing one's prestige in the most exclusive club in the world is the reason that a lot of these senators run for president. Or they run to be a VP pick for someone else, or they run trying to show Cable news Execs how available they would be for their TV News show.

Why was he not considered as a replacement for Daschle?

I think you answered that question yourself, but here are some other reasons.

Reason # 1
He has one of the worst attendance records in the Senate. To be in the leadership you have work VERY hrd. I don't think Kerry wants to work that hard. He seems content to spend his days wind-surfing, and playing middle-aged Boy-toy.

Reason # 2
If he is running again for president in 2008 he can't be his own man if he has to speak for the democratic party as a whole.

Why is he going to Iraq?

Reason #1
Many congressmen and Senators go to various countries (via the taxpayer) to visit US troops. Hillary went there last year. Senators vote for funding for the military and they have a duty to see how it is being spent.

Why is he not fighting back?

This is a reasonable question and here is my opinion.

The High Road :

Be a gracious looser like Nixon was in 1960 and don't dispute un-provable ballot problems. Few people now believe Kennedy won in Illinois and Texas because of the fraud committed. Nixon knew that even if he could prove fraud, it would only tear the country apart, it wouldn't change the outcome, and if the election was thrown into the House and Senate (democrat house and Senate) he would loose (again). So he didn't challenge the results. He came back to win 1968.

The Low Road :

Demand vote recounts Ohio and Florida and almost guarantee he would confirm Bush's victory and his own defeat. Throw the election to the House and Senate who would vote based on their respective parties and he would loose (again).
Appear as a conspiracy-driven, sore loser to the public, and to your colleagues in the Senate, completely trash any hope of every being able to win anything again.

Two weeks after the 2000 election Al Gore had dropped 20 points in public opinion because of they way he conducted himself during the recount. I think its unfair, just like Howard Dean has been trashed because of his "I have a scream" speech, but that is the way things are. Its not fair, but its reality.

Kerry didn't want to become another Al Gore.

Counting his GELAC Money 12.Dec.2004 22:07

Carry the Koward


"John, they want you to recount the election, serious, lots of fraud, you could be president"

"Shhhh, I am recounting"

Try Idaho 13.Dec.2004 06:41

Spud Boy

He may be living it up at the 8,000 sq ft+ shack in Sun Valley, squandering energy and resources more rapidly than Republicans at a Defense Contractor Trade Show.

BUT HE *LOVES* ME ! 13.Dec.2004 08:09

he's not going to call you, honey -- just go to bed

Kerry was never anything but a figurehead for ABB.

That's why *I* voted for his ass.

Anybody who believed in him as a "leader" or a proponent of positive change in the world was a sucker.

If you're still waitin' on him now to lead or change something, you're a triple sucker.

The fascists rigged another election, they probably got away with it, whatcha gonna do about it now?