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Something to Ponder in the Days Leading Up To Dec. 22nd

On December 22nd, the Portland City Council will once again meet to decide whether to re-certify the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF). When you go to protest this violation of our constitutional rights, be armed with the knowledge that JTTFs all over the country have been exposed for blatantly spying on political and environmental activists and critics of the government.

On December 2, the ACLU filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests all over the county to expose this nest of vipers. According to an ACLU press release, they filed FOIA requests in 10 states (including Oregon) and the District of Columbia "seeking information about the FBI's use of Joint Terrorism Task Forces and local police to engage in political surveillance." Said the press release:

"The FOIAs seek two kinds of information: 1) the actual FBI files of groups and individuals targeted for speaking out or practicing their faith; 2) information about how the practices and funding structure of the task forces, known as JTTFs, are encouraging rampant and unwarranted spying."

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