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United States moves Nukes to Turkey to intimidate Iran

Just to be extra safe and certain that Iran won't try something, Bush waves the big nuclear stick
Tehran, Dec 12, IRNA -- Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi
here Sunday called the recent allegations of deployment of U.S.
nuclear missiles in Turkey`s Incirlik Air Base as a mere media
propaganda and underlined that the US problems will not be solved
through such measures.
Made the remarks during his weekly press briefing, he said
wherever the Americans are present they incite public hatred against
themselves .
Deployment of nuclear arms cannot solve the problems of the
region, he said adding that this will only lead to a disgrace for
them, he said.
On probable US attack on Iran, he said the American officials
have ruled out such a possibility and that more like a psychological
Be Wary 12.Dec.2004 08:35


Be skeptical of any news coming from the "official" news organization of the Iranian government!

No reason for this 12.Dec.2004 08:59

doubt its true

No reason to put Nukes in Turkey. One Ballistic Submarine parked in the Indian Ocean could make all of Iran one big sheet of glass, and the Iranians know it.

The Iranians should stop thinking about the US and start thinking about Isreal buying Subs for this exact same reason. If I had money to bet, I would say the Isrealis would use it too considering they believe in the end they only have to answer to GOD!

come on now 12.Dec.2004 09:38


That's a massive overgeneneralization as most of Israel's population is not made up of religious fundamentalists, and they in fact have a very large secular population. Most of the population wants to withdraw from Gaza and get rid of the settlements. There is no way they are going to preemptively use nukes. There is simply no reason for them to nuke Iran, and it would be military/political suicide for them to do so. Israel will not use nukes unless they are threatened with anihilation.

preemptively use nukes 12.Dec.2004 10:30

me again

I didn't say preemptively use nukes. I said that use nukes.

If a nuke blast went off one morning in Tel Aviv, you can bet Iran would be blamed and for good reason. I can almost bet that Terhan would get nuked. The Israelis know the whole would hates them anyway, and being loved isn't top on their list. Suicide or not, they would do it, I would bet my life savings on it.

Israel has enough nuclear warheads to kill 90% of the population of the middle east. Don't think they would stop with Iran if they get hit first. Much like Micheal Corlene in the Godfather, they would take care of all "family business" in one day.

Once again, when you truly believe that you are "God's chosen people" you can do anything to anybody and only have to answer to God in the end.

Let's stop and think for a moment. 12.Dec.2004 14:13

Bird Dog

What happens when a person walks through a field kicking bushes with out discretion?

No pun intended.

Sooner or later you will kick the wrong bush and get bit by a snake.

By the time you realize what happened, it's too late.

Time to wakeup America!

This is fucked. 12.Dec.2004 15:00

Yumi-chan cat

Why does something indirectly related always degenerate into a heated discussion of Israel? And Jews? "Chosen People" is not at all the justification in the heads of most zionists when it comes to the existence of Israel or its policies. Remember that zionism was a secular movement.
More importantly, the term "chosen" is NOT what it appears to us in english. It is NOT a claim to superiority, but a misnomer (going through multiple translations and inadvertant twistings of meaning over the centuries) for the belief that Jews should act justly even when others aren't... and that's what we anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians, anti-racist activists, etc., believe too.
I'm not saying this because I'm a zionist - I'm not one, as a matter of fact. Israel has been a disaster for the Palestinians, physically, as well as for the Jews culturally. But I do see a pattern of scapegoating, especially by ex-Christian activists (and yes, I don't know if you were raised as a Christian or not but you are following the pattern). Check your privilege.

hardly! 12.Dec.2004 20:18

once more

"Remember that zionism was a secular movement. "

No. Zionism was a Jewish ethnic/religious supremacism movement, a Nazi leaning movement which cooperated with Hitler (plenty of documentation for those willing to learn and be shocked), and at least on levels of elite puppeteering, involved parapolitically in high level occult Anglo-American groups.

Moreover, particularly after the Rabin assassination, Israel should be renamed Mossad instead--after many Mossad linked assassinations (particularly of peacemaker Rabin.)

search back through the IMC to find some great stuff here on the history of Zionism.

To save Israel for actual secualar politics one has to remove the "Jewish Shi'a" theocrats dominating it!

Israel's complicity in the "War on Terror" 12.Dec.2004 20:43

M. Kato

The Sharon regime is up to its ears in complicity with the Bush regime's "War on Terror." It is no secret that US and Israeli policy coincide in the desire to destabilize and balkanize the Muslim states in the Middle East. This insane policy could only have been concocted by Christian and Zionist zealots, controlled and put into motion by rapacious capitalists whose only god is money. For these behind-the-scene monsters, the "War on Terror" has been very profitable.

shah pahkavi's millionaire son main lobbyist for regime change in iran 12.Dec.2004 21:56

russian nuke scientist

the shah's supporters have been living in the west, accumilating wealth and power. Iranian/americans are the most well off immigrant ethnic group in this country. there are over 1 million iranian/americans.

russia sending weapons and equipment to iran

georgia has closed its border with russia, searching for alleged wmd's en-route to iran

azerbaijan province is northern iran, which is 98% azeri turks who are much closer to their turkish cousins than their persian oppressors. 30 million azeris make up the largest ethnic group in iran with the persians a close second with 22 million. this is important, because for the last 75 years the azeris have not been allowed to practice their culutre. azeri language is banned from schools and government institution (this is happening is a place where 99% of the people are azeri) with publications having to go underground to avoid the frequent government crackdown on free speech.
public executions are used to deter the rest of the population, but this is all futile as the azeri revolution movement will eventually crush the mullahs.



the UN recently ratified a resolution to recognize the movement for autonomy of the azeris in Iran.

another really important point: iran's population is 70% under 30 years of age.

One credit to the mullah's, they have managed to school a vast number of their subjects. That was their biggest mistake.