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Prophecy Dec. 11 : Fatwa

Justifying the call for Jihad against the United States of America, on December 11, 2004, another day of the New Moon

Justifying Jihad

A summary of my work over the last eight years and a brief account of the entire story line going back to my early teens can be found about half way down the following page under the heading 'Saving the Religious Right' : Time to throw a brick

Blow the trumpet at the New Moon


The Earth Day Wing, April 22nd, 2001, Summit of the Americas
Followed on April 23rd by the New Moon

Blow the trumpet at the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day. I hear a voice I had not known: "I relieved your shoulder of the burden; your hands were freed from the basket. In distress you called, and I delivered you; I answered you in the secret place of thunder; I tested you at the waters of Meribah. Selah Hear, O my people, while I admonish you! If you would but listen to me! There shall be no strange god among you; you shall not bow down to a foreign god. I am YAHWEH your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it. But my people did not listen to my voice; they would have none of me. So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels. Oh that my people would listen to me, that they would walk in my ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn my hand against their foes. Those who hate YAHWEH would cringe toward him, and their fate would last for ever. I would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you." Psalms 81

1. I did my time, and now they can do their time

I did my time twice, and when I think about over the matter this convinces me that it is just about time for somebody else to start doing their time for a change.

When I was fifteen and this all began, it was like being transported to fairy tale land, where I became Peter Pan. Such a magical place is not supposed to exist, and indeed if you were to tell people about Peter Pan and pixy dust, they would assume that you need a doctor, and are not living in what those people call 'the real world'. The 'real world', as they call it, is a cold, grey, even monstrous place, which they insist is normal, even though it is obvious that this monstrous place produces monsters while twisting and harming the people who live there, an interesting thing to note, while people sometimes sigh and dream of fairy tale land, you know, another world which might be possible and better than this monster land. In fairy tale land everyone would be healthy instead of spiritually sick, and poisoned by the toxic atmosphere that hangs over monster land.

How people ever got the idea that a place as destructive and harmful as monster land was the 'real world' is a good question, but I do understand the process, having experienced it somewhat myself as a child, as I was born and raised in monster land, and did not move out and go to live in fairy tale land until I was fifteen. So I do retain some memories of the mind warping power of that dragon that rules over monster land and who thus dictates the nature of reality that must then be accepted as 'the real world' by the people who live in monster land, who then become a little monstrous themselves just through the process of living in such a place. As I mentioned, I left monster land for good when I was fifteen, and I can only imagine just how compelling that bleak, grey, monster land becomes after a person has grown up to become an adult in monster land.

Well to make a long story short, after a few months in fairy tale land I began to get angry, because I was thinking to myself, 'I think it might be the monster god of old Israel, that YAHWEH, who rules over fairy tale land.' And as everyone would know who ever picked up a bible that thing was a monstrous tyrant, a dream crushing brutal monster, a mass murderer and genocidal maniac, not to mention some kind of Nazi who takes away all human freedoms and forces people to learn the goose step and the 'Heil Jesus! Seig Heil!' (You know, like they are taught to do over in the religious right). Not only that, but I was as queer as the day was long, and I knew just how much that tyrannical old YAHWEH oppressed such queers as myself, and that was the last straw. I was not going to put up with such dictatorial conduct.

And so one evening, after spending about three months in fairy tale land, being sprinkled constantly with pixy dust, I stood on back step outside the back porch, and I told that old YAHWEH to take a hike. And then I went off by myself for about four years.

Well, when that four years was over I had changed into one of those monsters from monster land. I noticed the great loss, and how far I had fallen, but there did not seem to be anything I could do to change back to Peter Pan, now that I had transformed into a monster living in monster land. I was in deep mourning, because I hated being a monster in monster land, and I wanted all my feelings and emotions back the way they were before, but it turns out it is just not that easy to accomplish that back flip. Telling that old YAHWEH to take a hike was the worst sin I ever did in my life, even if, looking back on it now, it was done out of a kind of ignorance, caused by the sinfulness of the church and that soiled bible of theirs, a book with lots of monster talk from monster land added in, just to make it a suitable bible for those who live and go to church in monster land.

Well, ignorance or not, I caught supreme hell that time. This was the first time I ever got on the wrong side of that old YAHWEH from ancient Israel. It was horribly painful and very terrifying. I got picked up and tossed into a big furnace, and then the smelting began, melting off iron, tin, copper and lead. Now looking back on it all, I did want to leave that monster land behind, and I did not want to take on that monster personality style myself. I wanted to get rid of that monsterism, and if a trip through the smelting furnace was what it took to get that off, looking back on it all, well I suppose it was worth it, even though I was intensely bitter about the experience at the time.

Then on the Monday after Easter Sunday during the year 2000, I once again got in trouble, but this time for a different reason. There are many people in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who would remember that horrifying morning. Everywhere I went in the city, I saw looks of absolute terror and even full scale horror frozen onto the faces of the people. Some people had a look of shame, where they did not want to look others in the eye, others had this wide eyed look frozen onto their faces like a deer that was staring into the headlights of an oncoming car. That time I got in trouble because I went over the top with raging fury, and I also tried to force the situation, so I got shut down real good. The horrifying sound of that roaring was like the sound of a ferocious old judge pronouncing a verdict, with righteous indignation. What I found amazing is that everyone in town recognized that right away as God Almighty. That time I only stayed in trouble for about two days, unlike that first time when I was in that smelting furnace for weeks.

So then, as I look back over it all I conclude that I did my time, and now it is time for these people to do their time in the smelting furnace. At the end of it all this fierce smelting with all the melting and refining of those impurities is perhaps the only way to get a monster from monster land, and change that terrible spiritually dead monster back into Peter Pan. And unless you turn around and become like little children again, unless you are repaired and turned back to what you were intended to be, you can never live in heaven, which is obvious, because we don't have monsters in fairy tale land.

2. People are just like I was, and so therefore they should be thrown into the furnace, just like I was

Now I have noticed that the people in Saskatoon, who heard from God, have slipped into a conspiracy of silence, for one must suppose that like me they have gone off on some stupid rebellion against that YAHWEH, the ancient God of Israel. On another occasion I stood with about fifty people and watched these marvelous luminous craft I was telling you about flying overhead, only afterwards, to find that to a person, all fifty people decided to enter into a conspiracy of silence, and the subject became taboo. I thought that was monstrously cruel, because you never know, someone might want to leave monster land and live in fairy tale land instead, and here people are covering up and hiding the truth. They also hid that video tape that NASA made and now they are hiding that audio tape I mentioned before, and I could just go on and on telling stories much like these, since this covering up and rebellion is one of the repeating stories of my life.

Therefore, since I did my time in the wrathful furnace, now they will as well. The sin is the same. Do the crime, do the time, I say. Now its their turn.

It has been eight years, and somebody is always crying

Through the process of long training and much brutalization the people in monster land have learned to always listen to a dragon first and foremost, and to never listen to Peter Pan. It has been eight years, and after those eight years I find that those churches, as one example, are just the same as before. Nothing has changed. In the meantime someone is always crying, and people are always dying. For example small starved babies having dying and crying to the tune of sixty million since I set up my starved baby counter, in the hopes of affecting the conscience of those churches. But of course that would not work, because you see, those are monster churches from monster land, who need to take a trip through the refiners furnace.

One could argue that patience is required. Perhaps another eight years. But I am dead set against that idea, and plan to pray for Jihad against those churches, so that they might take their turn as monsters getting their monstrous slag burned off in some furnace, because it is about time. Eight more years of patient work is not going to make any difference for those monstrous people in those monster churches in monster land. During that eight more wasted years there will be more crying and more dying, and so my conclusion is that it is much better to have those churches doing some crying, perhaps even some dying, since in that case there would then be a point to the exercise, while patiently trying to work on such ruined monsters from monster land for another eight years would just be wasting my time, and leaving the wrong people to do the dying and the crying.


Starting fires

I have heard a rumor the Chavez in Venezuela is studying Trotsky. I found this rumor to be interesting, especially when I heard a report that the poor of Venezuela are now discussing Populism, which they refer to as 'participatory democracy', as a way of making progress rather than always getting sucked down that black hole of elitist institutions, which serve only as a tool to first divert and then destroy populism and people power.

So then I conclude that the poorest people of such places as Venezuela have already spent more than enough time in the furnace, and for that reason alone, one can toss a match onto a place like Venezuela and start fires. This can compared with the situation in a place like America, where one can toss matches and start a few coals smouldering here and there, but that is about as far as it goes.

Therefore, based on my own personal experience in these matters, and on my lack of progress over the last eight years, I conclude therefore that the only real solution is to start the right kind of fire in a place like America, by firing up a refiner's furnace, and burning off that iron, led, tin and copper, so that only the gold comes pouring out of that furnace.

I will also remind people in such places as Venezuela that there is just one small problem with populism, and that is that we must defang and declaw a Dragon. That Dragon is always the last resort of an oppressor. Consider China as an example, where a corrupt and discredited regime has turned to that last resort, the fire breathing Dragon, and clings to power using terrorism and murder, which is why Dragons are always found to spend so damn much money on killing and murder while never being found to spend a dime on human life, always insisting on cutting those human life budgets, you know, 'ending welfare as we know it', as just one example, a program that was not even ten per cent of the money being spent on sharpening the claws of that Dragon.

Furthermore, I will point out to the poor and the oppressed of the world that when you knock out the big Dragon, all the little Dragons will then fall like Dominoes.

Crushing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - America's Unholy War during Ramadan

Images taken from Da hr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches which show the murderous rampage of America's armed forces through the Fallujah Ghetto during Ramadan.


Young boy holding white surrender flag murdered

Series of Images of citizens of Fallujah who were murdered within their homes








An old man slaughtered with his two daughters


Bodies Eaten by dogs



Igniting the Furnace

it is obvious that the war in Iraq is criminal, a war of sacking and plunder, and that the American forces are only in Iraq to 'privatize' hundreds of Iraq's state owned assets while forcing that 'neo- liberalism' onto Iraq, and then plundering trillions of dollars worth of Iraq's O-I-L, which will of course become the 'private property' of the Elite Have Mores of America, the political base of King George. Little more needs to be said about than that. Furthermore it is worth noting that you can throw a match onto America, and not much a fire starts burning, since apparently for the American people, as monstrous as they have become living in the United Monsters of America, the thought of knocking down whole cities in other countries has become somehow normalized, as has been overthrowing governments and then stealing bananas or O-I-L or whatever else those Elite Have Mores of theirs have been looting for the last century.

The obviously twisted morality of America is revealed when you recall just how outraged the Americans were when someone knocked down two lousy towers in their country, never mind destroying entire cities and knocking down buildings themselves all over the world.

Therefore I believe that a suitable furnace for the American people is to begin to pray nonstop both for Jihad in Iraq, thus teaching the Americans what it is like to face a super power in military combat, when that super power inflicts over whelming air power. As well I believe that it is entirely suitable, and well justified, to begin to pray for a California Earthquake so as to bring over whelming air power onto the soil of the United Monsters of America, so that they might learn what is like to have entire cities flattened in a war, to do without electricity, to have the water not working any more, infrastructure wrecked and ruined, while they hope for emergency food aid, and other such monstrosities that come out of America and are then inflicted on other people.

Furthermore I point out that this prayer is entirely in keeping with the Most Sacred Law of God, which states that what you do to others is what God is going to do to you. And so, since the United Monsters of America is a criminal nation which routinely violates the Sacred Law, I am going to pray for justice, and take that criminally twisted morally corrupted nation to the highest court I can find.

For I understand very well what I am doing, what I expect to achieve, and how I expect to achieve it. Throw another log into the furnace. Eight years of tossing logs into that smelting furnace is long enough, and now its time to toss the match.


For over a century the United States has been occupying and oppressing the poor, plundering their riches, overthrowing their governments and establishing dictatorships, humiliating and oppressing their peoples, terrorizing the nations, and turning its military bases around the world into spear heads through which to force through 'neo-liberalism' in order to allow a small capitalist elite to practice 'globalization' and thus plunder the entire planet.

If some people have formerly debated the fact of the oppression and the plundering, the criminal war crimes taking place in Iraq have made the modus operandi of the United States self evident. Yes, the best proof of the intentions of the United States is the brutal aggression being committed against the Iraqi people, which will then be used as a staging post for further aggressions in the region, while the world community has proven itself helpless to stop this latest outburst of Nazism. At the same time that this brutal theft was taking place, the United States was once again plotting the overthrow of a government, this time in Venezuela, with the same objective in mind, to plunder and loot Venezuela's state owned assets and take control of her O-I-L, just as they have done by brutal military force in Iraq, and they also attempted during the same time period to steal the natural gas of Bolivia. What we are seeing here is nothing new, but rather just a continuation of a well known and criminal foreign policy of sacking and plunder that has characterized this mighty oppressor nation for the last century.

Despite the terrible devastation inflicted upon the people of Iraq, once a prosperous nation, now reduced to third world status, with their cities being leveled to the ground, and after causing the death of hundreds of thousands of children through brutal sanctions designed to keep the O-I-L in the ground until the Americans could come and sack the place (thus protecting the bottom line and keeping up the profitability of the operation), despite all this death and destruction, the Americans are once again repeating their horrific massacres, as though they are not content with the protracted blockade imposed after the last ferocious war or the fragmentation and the devastation that resulted.

The Law of God dictates that what a nation does to others will be done to that nation, and all of religious history teaches that the Jihad is the moral response to the oppressor nation when the Egyptians or the Assyrians or other such monstrous countries use their overwhelming military superiority to destroy and oppress the weaker who are helpless before their powers.

Furthermore I make note of the fact that God has given the order for Jihad against the United States, something the American government knows full well, having got more than they bargained for on that November evening several weeks ago when they were conducting audio surveillance outside my residence. I also point out to people that YAHWEH does not fail to act on a threat nor does YAHWEH take back the words that have been spoken.

.On that basis, and in compliance with God's order, therefore I issue the following fatwa to all people of good faith The ruling to pray for the Jihad against the United States of America, the destruction of its military power and the imposition of Divine Justice upon that nation--is an individual duty for every believer who has the faith to do it in any country where such people of faith are found.

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