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Animal Activists Make House Calls

Animal activists have been busy locally. Their voices are being heard wherever vivisectors live.
On Halloween, a handful of OHSU researchers connected with the Primate Center received a special visit from a group of costumed animal activists. Among the researchers who received visits were Serjio Ojeda, Cynthia Bethea, and Peter Kohler, the President of OHSU.

Activists outed researchers by informing neighbors of the vivisectors' profession and reminding neighbors that their pets may not be safe. The activists' message for the community was, "Do you want to see a real house of horrors? Check out the OHSU Regional Primate Center, where infants are taken from their mothers on the day of their birth and placed in small cages with no bedding or toys. There they slowly go crazy with nothing to call mother but a piece of carpet the size of their hands."

Activists described the self-mutilation that occurs in the Center and rounded off the visit with chants of "Your job, your fault, your money, your fault, your greed, your fault," and "When animals in labs are under attackm what do we do? Act up, fight back." Finally, the costumed crew reminded vivisectors that their job is not done, chanting "We'll be back!"

On Friday, December 3, yet another group of OHSU researchers connected with the Primate Center received a rousing visit from animal activists eager to let neighbors know who tortures animals for a living. Susan Smith and Daniel Casey received visits, and the general response from the vivisectors has been to bustle about and turn off the lights.

Neighbors responded with curiousity or anger, attesting to the success of activists in being heard. Strong voices and a megaphone are to credit for spreading the word. Although activists cannot say when researchers will be persuaded to end their bloody practice, they say that they will continue to remind vivisectors of on-going animal suffering, even when the vivisectors are not officially on the job.
The Blood Is On Their Hands And On Their Money 11.Dec.2004 15:31

The Three Blind Mice

Hats off to the activists who take the time and initiative to make a difference and who also put their own safety on the line. We are very pleased to see this new movement starting up in the Portland area. SHAC has set a new standard for demonstrations and relentless determination and the ARA around the world are following suit. I hope the vivisectors are on alert that the bar has been raised and will raise even higher until they realize that the price of torturing animals is no longer worth the risk to their own well being.

Thank You Animal Rights Activists!!! 12.Dec.2004 01:29


It's good to see people speaking on behalf of the animals!!!! Thank You!!!!

bend sez 12.Dec.2004 07:12


fight terror with terror 12.Dec.2004 11:01


i agree.speak out and act up until all animals are free from all labs. standing outside their labs holding signs does not work.when they experience the same terror as the animals in their cages experience then they will begin to understand the errors of their ways.the real terrorists wear white lab coats.

Wow - this should be featured - 12.Dec.2004 23:37

Go activists!

I didn't know activists were doing home demos here. What are the addresses??? Maybe they need a few more visits!

Tip of the iceberg 13.Dec.2004 07:58


Go Activists
Appreciate your inquiry about the vivisectors'home addresses.Here are a few that have already received visits.More will be published as more home visits are made.Plans are underway even as I write.Remember if you can not visit them in person you can always send them a "polite" letter expressing your point of view.

Martha Neuringer
25150 NW Ridge Road
Glenwood, Or 97116

Serigo Ojeda
8145 SW 191 Place
Aloha, OR 97007

Cynthia Bethea
10367 Alpenglow Way
Portland, OR 97229

Peter Koller, OHSU President
1863 SW Montgomery Drive
Portland, OR 97201

Susan Smith
13400 NW Germantown Road
Portland, OR 97231

Daniel Casey
3250 SW Doschdale Drive
Portland, OR 97201

Martha Neuringer 13.Dec.2004 13:25

monkey puke on Martha's face

For the past 19 years, Martha Neuringer, a researcher with Oregon Health Sciences University, has been terrorizing and killing infant rhesus monkeys in nutritional deprivation experiments at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center in Beaverton, Oregon. Neringer forcibly removes the infant monkeys from their mothers on the day they are born to house them alone in steel cages. Because rhesus monkeys are among the most social of all primates, the price in terror and suffering to these babies and their mothers is impossible to overstate. To compound the abuse, Dr. Neuringer drills holes into the skulls of some of the babies to remove pieces of their brains. They endure painful recovery from these brain surgeries as many as four times before they are killed at or before 3 years of age.
Martha Neuringer
Martha Neuringer

Cynthia Bethea 13.Dec.2004 13:31

monkey puke on Cynthia's face

Cynthia Bethea's monkey research at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center typifies everything wrong with animal experiments: Cynthia Bethea's monkey research at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center typifies everything wrong with animal experiments: scientific invalidity, cruelty, wastefulness, and irrelevance. Bethea uses monkeys in her quest for treatments for depressed menopausal women by first spaying the monkeys to simulate menopause, then studying their brainsspecifically those areas containing nerve cells operating through the neurotransmitter called serotonin. She hopes her experiments will explain depression in menopausal women. Previously, she discovered through analyzing monkey brains that the drug raloxifene--clinically used to treat osteoporosis in menopausal women--affects the brain serotonin system in ways similar to estrogen. Finally, Bethea ponders whether a menopausal woman would benefit by taking raloxifene and Prozac simultaneously.

However, like so many hypotheses that animal experimenters generate to justify their work, all Bethea's theoretical formulations originate from knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology.
Cynthia Bethea
Cynthia Bethea

KEEP IT UP 13.Dec.2004 17:32


shit!you guys,whoever and wherever you are,are totally awesome.you rock my world.love what you are doing and the information you are putting out there.will definitely spread the word and put it to good use.you are my heroes!

Amazed And Impressed 14.Dec.2004 13:59


Animal Rights Activists that actually get out there and fight the fight for the animals.Iam amazed and impressed.Wished I knew who you were so I could shake your hands but will have to settle for a simple "thank you" instead.