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ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nobody wants to work for you anymore George. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Thats what you get for being such a hate-mongering, closed-minded evangelical.

And even when you do find someone like Bernard Kerik, he turns out to be just as corrupt as the rest of you - in his personal life to boot. You are all going to collapse under the weight of your own bullsh_t. I'm just sitting in the audience. We are all just waiting to see the final act.

Did you and your Republican Cronies really think that Iraqis would be happy to have U.S. Soldiers in their country? That is pathetic, absolutely pathetic.
What a bunch of losers...........You guys don't know anything except how to create misery and destruction in other people's lives.
Now, Bush can name 11.Dec.2004 14:04

Mark Kroeker

to the job! Why not? If the qualification is a religious nutcase...who better than Kroeker?

quitting to get rich 11.Dec.2004 14:25


His cabinet is quitting to go work in the private sector where they can make millions lobbying the same people they just worked with... That's why most are quitting...

He was never expected to win 12.Dec.2004 07:39

just a distraction

He quit because New Yorkers have rejected him. The Firefighters and the Police Union knows he is a POS because they got to see him in action. If this POS can't get legitimacy in NYC then his ability to destroy other cities is compromised. They will find another snake just not as obvious as this one.

thanks for the laugh! 12.Dec.2004 14:54

that's funny

putting Mark Kroeker up as 2nd nomination for Sec. of Homeland Security. ha! ha! ha!

What is 12.Dec.2004 19:27

the point of this?

I clicked on this post.
I couldnt find one bit of information helpful.
It's like listening to someone drunk

"the point of this?" don't ya get it? 13.Dec.2004 00:52

the point is

Kerik is a LOSER and the notion of Kroeker as "replacement" is funny as he is 2x a LOSER!

Oh! this is funny... 13.Dec.2004 11:44

the notion of Mark Kroeker

being nominated for Homeland Security is a real hoot! Thanks for the laugh...we need 'em!

THANKS FOR THE GIGGLES...by the way 13.Dec.2004 13:13


happened to that sorry bastard...Mark Kroeker? Did he go Africa? Retire to California? Or DIE?