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election fraud


On Friday, December 10, two certified volunteers for the Ohio Recount team assigned were in process recording voting information from minority precincts in Greene County, and were stopped mid-count by a surprise order from Secretary of State Blackwell's office. The Director Board of Elections stated that "all voter records for the state of Ohio were "locked-down."
Dayton, Ohio
Friday December 10, 2004

On Friday December 10 two certified volunteers for the Ohio Recount team assigned to Greene County were in process recording voting information from minority precincts in Greene County, and were stopped mid-count by a surprise order from Secretary of State Blackwell's office, calling the denial a "lockdown of all voter records."

The volunteers were working with voter printouts received directly from Carole Garman, Director, Greene County Board of Elections. Joan Quinn and Eve Roberson, retired attorney and election official, were hand-copying voter discrepancies from precinct voting books on behalf of the candidates (Mr. Cobb and Mr. Badnarik) who had requested the recount.

One of the goals of the recount was to determine how many minority voters were unable to vote or denied voting at the polls. Upon requesting copies of precinct records from predominantly minority precincts, Ms. Garman contacted Secretary of State Blackwell's office and spoke to Pat Wolfe, Election Administrator. Ms. Wolfe told Ms. Garman to assert that all voter records for the State of Ohio were "locked down" and that they are "not considered public records."

Quinn and Roberson asked specifically for the legal authority authorizing Mr. Blackwell to "lock down" public records. Garman stated that it was Secretary of State Blackwell's decision. Ohio statute requires the Directors of Boards of Election to comply with public requests for inspection and copying of public election records. As the volunteer team continued recording information from the precinct records in question, Garman entered the room and stated she was withdrawing permission to inspect or copy any voting records at the Greene County Board of Elections. Garman then physically removed the precinct book from Ms. Roberson's hands. They later requested the records again from Garman's office, which was again denied.

Ohio Revised Code Title XXXV Elections, Sec. 3503.26 that requires all election records to be made available for public inspection and copying.

ORC Sec. 3599.161 makes it a crime for any employee of the Board of Elections to knowingly prevent or prohibit any person from inspecting the public records filed in the office of the Board of Elections.

Finally, ORC Sec. 3599.42 clearly states: "A violation of any provision of Title XXXV (35) of the Revised Code constitutes a prima facie case of election fraud within the purview of such Title."


Some commentary:

I just got back from a recount info meeting.

The county coordinator said that in some counties that they have been able to get the pollworkers' signed vote totals, oftentimes those totals have not matched up with the vote totals that Columbus certified and reported to the state. It appears that there have been a lot of small overages---8, 10, 12, etc here and there....all trending towards Republican.

Now, there should be no reason for the signed pollworkers and county numbers to differ from the state numbers...so something is happening. I wasn't sure what was going on, but it appears that Blackwell is refusing to disclose the certified state figures for each county. The county coordinator has requested the information several times, so that she can reconcile the state figures with the county and precinct figures, but he is not letting them do that and will not release the figures. This is public info, so he has no legal authority to do this, but he's doing it anyways.

2% swings the entire election, and 8 to 12 votes in a precinct can easily add up the the needed 2%.


At this point in time, there has been at least as much fraud proven as in the Ukraine. Forget the recount now. A recount would not correct the fraud. We need a revote in Ohio --hell, let's have a recount everywhere, like the Ukraine is going to have.


THIS is the move of someone SCARED enough of an examination that he would sell out ANY morals to cover his crime. THe act itself is criminal and would only be taken to hide REAL HIGH STAKES CRIMES WITH SERIOUS JAIL TIME ATTACHED. It also would not be attempted with out full knowledge that someone would cover his back.


Bush was in Columbus, OH on Election Day, as reported here:  link to columbusdispatch.com




Congressional Forum in Ohio Monday

Rep. John Conyers, Jr, and other Representatives along with Rev. Jesse Jackson will be holding a congressional forum in Columbus concerning new evidence of election irregularities and fraud in Ohio, the issue of Ohio electors meeting while recounts and litigation are pending, and to discuss legislative and other responses to the problems.

WHAT: "2004 Election Forum"
WHEN: Monday, December 13th @ 10:30am
WHERE: Columbus City Hall, Columbus City Council Chambers 90 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH

John Conyers has set up a special form for you to ask questions of the committee. Send an email with a question for the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Ohio Vote or to write your opinions of the 2004 Presidential vote.




51 CAPITAL MARCH Sunday, Dec. 12, Noon - 4:00 PM Picketing on the sidewalk in front of the Ohio Statehouse, corner of Broad and High Streets, Columbus. Picketing will be taking place all over the U.S. at this time!



LOCKDOWN ! 11.Dec.2004 15:49


this move by blackwell just serves to emphasize the fact that working on trying fix the system for " next time " is not nearly good enough.
these bastards are laughing at our feable attempts to think about fixing things for next time. all they need is another four years to work their
their slimey plans and do irreparable harm to our physical and social environment.
the only plan of recourse that is worth our time is one that involves
a LOCKDOWN of the certification of electors , so as to LOCKDOWN the inauguration
of this little fascist.

Has anybody bothered to read the fucking law? 11.Dec.2004 16:14


I could be wrong, but my understanding of the law is this:

The SoS certified the presidential election as being valid, so the actual ballots no longer have any legal meaning. They could only be used at some point to show inaccuracies in the vote and even show Kerry got more votes than Bush did in Ohio, but it wouldn't have any legal weight as it pertains to who won.

On Monday, the electors (life long republicans) will be chosen for ohio. They have nothing that legally binds them to vote for Bush, but they almost certainly will.

Also on Monday the election process itself moves into a "safe harbor" mode in which nobody can legally challenge the outcome until the Electors vote on January 6th.

Since the certification, legally the only thing that can be done is to show fraud and have the Senate members nullify the election and vote in January themselves for president. Each state gets two votes and Since the senate is Republican, they will almost certainly vote for Bush.

If I'm incorrect (legally speaking ) about this please let me know. Also please sight the Federal or Ohio law that says otherwise...

waiting 11.Dec.2004 17:59

another wondering person

First, it would be thrown to the House, instead of the Senate. Likely same effect though.

Second, Ohio Supreme Court has authority to dismiss the issue of existing Sec. of State of Ohio "certification before recount" though....

and they themselves by their vote fraud in progress (refusing to allow the recount to go foreward) created a novel vote fraud by Ohio law defintion. See other articles on the wire.

waiting and wondering

isn't that a prison term 12.Dec.2004 07:27


It wasn't the papers that got the lockdown. You can't give innanimate objects orders. It is we/they the people that got the lock down.

Scam, Inc 12.Dec.2004 07:59

disatisfied consumer

Question: If most members of Congress and the Senate and the electors who vote for President are all chosen by the same fraudulent electronic vote counting system then doesn't this render the whole exercise in democracy as meaningless?

The dominant political parties through their continued criminal aquiesence to this electronic vote counting scam have undone our democracy.


Bird Dog

Need I say anymore?

You can't win in a system that is fixed.

Unless you are willing to fight!

Vote Fraud 12.Dec.2004 19:37

Dennis Kitching marden@coastalnow.net

Where is the mainstream Media on this? Been scared by Bush administration?
Need to get out somehow!

for your consideration 13.Dec.2004 15:53


don't discount the value of adding more doubt about the legitimacy of this
" election " regardless of the outcome.