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Do Not Die For Corporate America

The US is luring poor people to work as mercenaries in Iraq, one of the targeted countries is Salvador.....
Do Not Die For Corporate America
By Ibrahim Ebeid Al-Moharer.net
The Battlefield in Iraq became dominated and controlled by the Iraqi National Resistance led by the Arab Baath Socialist Party. The Resistance is obviously in command, it is deep rooted in Iraq, it enjoys the support and protection of the people, while the Invaders are cornered, confused and desperate and their puppets became the target of the war of liberation.
The invaders are forced to seek new ways and strategies but their attempts are in vain because the strategy of the Resistance was made very clear since the occupation of Iraq, the total liberation of the country is its aim and the destruction of the agents and the institutions that followed the occupation are in its program.
Deception of the new Imperialists is expanding beyond the realm of the United States. The companies that work under the guidance of the Pentagon are facing new failures in hiring new recruits. The mercenaries recruited from the Philippines and Bulgaria were targeted and suffered sever losses; their dream to get rich became futile. They are declining to serve the master anymore and they are exiting Iraq in a hurry. They were promised good life and large amount of wealth but they were loosing their lives and they became legitimate turkey targets for the Iraqi Resistance. Their families who were promised the "American dream" were left with a nightmare, without any support when the head of the family was lured to die in Iraq for corporate America.
With no respect for human dignity the poor nations became a target for recruitment of mercenaries and Salvador was no exception. Private contractors have tapped other Latin American nations, including Colombia and Chile. But Salvador is the favorite for Triple Canopy in looking for recruits with military Special Forces experience, something relatively easy to find in a country that suffered 12 years of civil war, which ended in 1992. The recruitment for prospect mercenaries is under the supervision of an agent who was a US trained paratrooper and he was an officer of the Salvadoran Special Forces that led the war against the progressive forces of Salvador.
This diversion to recruit mercenaries from poor nations is another attempt by the warmongers to cover up their failures. The mercenaries will not be able to help Bush and his Administration to hide the truth. It will not save American lives as long as the Americans are in Iraq. The United States is failing and it is suffering defeat and humiliation at the hands of the Resistance. The US casualty is rising. Members of the armed forces and their families know that the war is a flagrant aggression on behalf of Dick Cheney, Bush and their friends in Corporate America. The troops are exhausted and tired, they want to be home with their beloved ones but the administration of US Imperialism is still deceiving America and the World. The Administration refuses to acknowledge that the sentiment against the war is on the rise and spreading among the Americans, especially among the families of those who were killed and maimed for life. The American deprived classes are paying the heavy price and Corporate America is getting richer by sucking on the blood of Iraqis and underprivileged Americans.
The Resistance considers the mercenaries from Salvador and other nations legitimate targets because they are considered part of the occupation and they will be treated as such according to the Baath and Resistance statements. Do not be lured and duped by promises which will never be fulfilled. Do not become victims of the US Corporate war of aggression. Live for your families, for your children in your own country; do not die for corporate America. The price is not worth it.


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And another socialist fag enters from stage left 20.Dec.2004 09:02


"Do Not Die For Corporate America"
But it's still OK to KILL for it, right? Just checkin', I'd hate to guess wrong on that!

"Few men have come and gone who walk among the souls of heros.
Pity not the common man, it is he, that when the time for battle comes, does not fail in honor,duty,and courage.
Only the coward heeds not the call for fear of his own life, and not the lives of others".