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Global Walkout! Jan. 14th, Jan 20th, Mar 18th 2005

Global Walkout protest against the Bush Agenda

Jan. 14th, Jan 20th, Mar 18th 2005
From the organizers...


We need a VISION of PEACE, that is powerful enough to open the future to hope, more than anything, we need to be a people of hope.


Join the coalition of artists, musicians, students, teachers, actors, cooks, waitresses, longshoremen, truckers, lawyers, contractors, veterans, bus drivers, homemakers, cashiers, maids, janitors, grocery, office, sanitation,farm, factory and train workers walk the road to freedom and peace and walkout on January 14, January 20th, and March 18, 2005. The larger the economic impact the more effective the walkouts will be.

Over 100,000 civilians have been killed and over 1,000 young Americans have died since the illegal war on Iraq started on March 20, 2003. Everyday we learn of gruesome acts of torture and crimes against humanity.

The true outcome of the vote in the U.S. election is in question and the world is in crisis. Nuclear war, global warming, disease and ecological collapse threaten the world. We face cuts in access to healthcare, education and income. Consider walking out of your job or class on January 14, Thursday, January 20th, and March 18, 2005. Let the war profiteers know how we feel. Make the government and corporations pay a cost for their crimes.

Activists all over the world are planning two weekends of actions to stop the illegal war and Bush's agenda. One proposal is a walkout on Friday January 14th, Thursday January 20th and March 18th where workers and students take the day off. The walkout can cause war profiteering corporations billions of dollars and shut down schools sending Bush a powerful message. Some people may occupy congressional offices and military facilities. There will be teach-ins, concerts, marches, rallys, blockades, banner hangings and all kinds of actions designed to show that the world wants an end to the war crimes in Iraq and that we reject the Bush agenda. Feel free to start planning the walkout and other actions in your community. The protests before the war were the largest actions for peace in world history. This could be an even larger.

Now is the time for the people to come together, and stand up for our rights. Today our constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms are in jeopardy, along with the fate of mother earth and her children.

Please consider this important proposal. We are looking for your ideas. Ask your family, coworkers and friends to join you in making a difference and walkout together on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
Consider organizing a planning meeting and community events or celebration on the days of the walkout. Some communities are planning to take direct action. Copy the flyers below and pass them out.

Call A Global Walkout Network 707-544-9229 or 1-800-884-1136..."


Check out the site. Get your fliers and endorse the Global Walkout.

homepage: homepage: http://www.consensus.net/walkout.html

This is Important 11.Dec.2004 12:34

Global Strike

All means should be used to get the word out about a general strike and walkout, especially on Jan 20th. Let people make up their own minds - just get the word out. If you are fed up enough with the way things are going, then you will know what to do. If you feel strongly enough about making a statement, please consider going on strike - at least on the 20th.

3G Strike!!! Graduated Global General Strike starting Jan. 20 13.Dec.2004 06:37


Each month we add another day to the strike but we must start on January 20th. No economic activity at all!! No buying gas, food or anything on that day!! Make corporations FEEL that we are coming after them!! Make Bush FEEL that we will impeach him before his term is over!!!!