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No Sacrifices This Time Around

It's obvious why the Bush administration doesn't ask Americans to make any voluntary sacrifices for the "war" . . .
As people argue about why Humvees are not properly armoured in Iraq, troop numbers are inadequate, and supplies are . . . well . . . in short supply. But nobody talks about the obvious: That it would be impossible for the Bush administration to marshal the sort of home front support for this conflict that occurred during World War II.

In the first place, no sensible person can even compare the two conflicts. The US entered WWII late and in the face of a declaration of War and a direct threat. None of these things apply to the recent preemptive strike.

During World War II we had the draft, heavier taxes, and very strict rationing of everything from food to gas to nylon stockings. There were victory gardens, metal drives, etc. because supplies for troops and the war effort were a priority. During World War II, US citizens sacrificed in many ways but they were also behind the war effort.

If Bush reinstituted the draft, put rationing in place, revoked his tax rebate, increased taxes to pay for the war, and basicly asked Americans to put their money where his mouth was there would be a HUGE revolt.

Rather than ask for any sacrifice, the Bush administration speaks in platitudes, extends the debt level, and borrows against our childrens' future again and again and again.

No sacrifice . . . no investment. It's easy to change the TV channel to avoid those "messy" pictures of dead and maimed Iraqi civilians and US soldiers. Watch the new car commercials instead! So much is wrong with this picture, I don't know where to begin. Who knows where it will end.
Sacrifices more insidious 11.Dec.2004 19:28

Carl Stack

The sacrifices we're making aren't obvious but they are there. And they are not anything we have an actual "choice" about. Most obvious are the loss of life and limb on the part of the line soldiers and the effects on their families. Then there's the loss to the communities that National Guard troops used to serve, rather than being sent overseas. There's the loss to our credibility and good name. And there's the enormous bill being run up in the name of deficits for short term gain; future generations will be paying for that for years to come - both in a decreased standard of living and a weakening of the dollar worldwide.