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Help a brother

This beautiful red tailed hawk has been evicted. Help him return to his home.
I am not sure just why the eviction of this lovely bird from his home of eleven years on a posh building at 927 Fifth Avenue in New York has hit me so hard. For some reason, knowing the gift of this bird flying over New York was a kind of symbol of a wild innocence that was rudely ended by some people who do these things because they can. Paula Zahn of CNN, the ultimate newsblonde lives in that building. She thought the bird was a "problem." Others living there were not happy that ordinary people aimed telescopes at their building, mistakingly thinking they were the object of observation. Seems impossible that people were more interested in the hawks. I just feel a terrible kinship with that bird and all of the other misplaced creatures in the streets at this time of year. There is little I can do for any of them. There is a web page to check, though, if you want to do something to help this bird. It is to be found at palemale.com. There are email addresses for the Mayor of New York, Senator Clinton and others. The man who maintains the page updates daily. Maybe if enough of us care, this is one small problem we can help to solve.
He's Welcome Here 12.Dec.2004 20:42

Dottie Ty MYRT3434@Juno.com

Here in the Vancouver WA/Portland OR area we are having a serious pigeons-on-the-bridge problem. While it would be a long fly for Pale Male and Lola, they would receive such welcome when they got here! and all those pigeons to eat!

If people in the high rise can't appreciate the wonder of this young couple they don't deserve to have them. If they do not come to their senses, I hope that tons of pigeon guana fall on their comings and goings forever.