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election fraud

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Wayne Madsen alleges that Bush channeled $3 billion from the Phillipines to finance his rigging of the vote. Most knowlegable sources make Madsen suspect because of his military connections, but only in part. I was able to verify the truth of the Phillipines money from a direct source. Here it is.
I have not been to the Phillipines since the 80's. There is no doubt in my mind that the Japanese hid billions there. 1.3 trillion was the estimate in the 80's. Much was recovered by the Marcos's. I worked on several land and underwater sites. Whenever we uncovered evidence in the digs, our lives were endangered. Though they never introduced themselves as such, I'm sure CIA people were watching us. One individual comes to mind. He kept showing up at remote areas that had nothing to do with his cover story. The site you are describing could possibly be one in Antipolo, which is outside of Manila. There were suppose to be hundreds though. We had knowledge of about 12 sites in various parts of the country. The biggest site I worked on was in Batangas, Calitagong (may have misspelled that). It was about 150 ft. under water. The site was about 500 yards offshore. Though the sea floor was only 30 feet deep, the Japanese used bucket trenches to dig it. This was suppose to be part of India's treasury. 13 billion in gold and several jade urns filled with gemstones. At a hundred feet deep we uncovered a rusted 500 lb. bomb, human bones and metal tools. We secretly left a tape recorder on the PT boat that Marcos supplied us. When evidence started to appear, the Captain of the boat was recorded as saying, "When we find the gold, we have to get rid of the Americans". The next night I took a case of C4 plastic explosives and blew up the entire project. I flew out of the country the next morning. That is just one of many stories.