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Prophecy Dec. 9 : Did Iran just enter Iraq

Just heard something important
I just heard something very important up in the heavens. It was around 7:30 AM Central Time. I think it could be the case that Iran has just entered the war in Iraq.
why would they do that 09.Dec.2004 08:33


That would be an incredibly foolish move on their part, they cannot match the US in conventional war. What makes you think they would? It would be the biggest Middle Eastern military blunder since Iran invaded Iraq, or... you know...

No, but Gustavo Espada just entered someone's butt. 09.Dec.2004 13:08


Gustavo Espada = KOBE SBM

suppose they had a war 09.Dec.2004 14:49


and they tried not to tell anybody

I guess I really am just that suspcious

it is possible that what just happened this morning in Iran was the 'rallying of the troops' in which case I would expect to see something happening just shortly (that is if they allow us to see what is happening)

they have hidden everything 09.Dec.2004 15:05


They have hidden that NASA video tape of that luminous craft out side the international space station back in April 2001
they have hiiden that audio surveillance tape I was telling you people about just a couple of weeks ago
they have hidden everything they could hide every single step of the way
I am expecting them to hide the war as well,
useless as such a strategy would be
but that is what I am expecting them to to do

I have always said that you people are far to trusting
I have also said that you have a clear choice here
You can believe your government and your media
Or you can believe me when I tell you things like the one about that important NASA tape or that important audio surveillance tape, the 'hidden prophecies'

If they don't do something stupid and try to hide that war as well I would be very surprised since it would be a change in policy for those people, and they have never changed their policies in all these years...

why try to hide something like a war? 09.Dec.2004 15:24


what you need to keep in mind here is that we are playing poker
and those people have now put every single dime they have into the pot
naturally they don't want to quit playing now

So therefore it makes sense that they would try to hide a war
maybe do some behind the scenes bluffing
perhaps they can hide that war for a day, or two
and still win a poker by bluffing

As for myself I know who I have believed in and it is not those people
and so my plan is just to wait patiently
because I really do expect them to try hide a war
just like they tried to everything else before
It might sound far fetched, but this poker we are playing


only the most gullible people on earth 09.Dec.2004 15:28


would go and check with their faithful news media
to find out if there was a war between Iran and Iraq
that is certainly the way I feel about this situation

only the most gullible people on earth would check with their faithful news media
to find out about that video tape of that strange space craft your neww media broadcast live from the Shuttle camera, and then kept hidden
and that was one hell of an important video tape
you know, questions having to do with humanity's place in the universe
are we alone in the universe
what is the true nature of reality

all this proves that the purpose of the media is not to inform and enlighten
but rather to obfusticate and obscure
so that you don't know the truth
thus being kept in the dark about the true nature of reality
and that would be true not only in the case of that NASA tape but the rest of reality as well.

CNN 09.Dec.2004 16:01


by the way, now that I think it is safe to mention this
I thought I would mention that I noticed that on the CNN website
someone has been posting some really damaging anti-Nazi propaganda over the course of the last month
I kept quiet about it, since this anti-Nazi propaganda was subtle while at the same time being kind of obvious
I don't know if that is some policy over that place
or if there are just a few moles at work in that place
I think it is probably the case that the latter is true
so I kept quiet about it to protect the moles over CNN

stuck between a rock and a hard place 09.Dec.2004 16:11


or then again it could be the case that over at CNN
they are caught between a rock and a hard place
with their viewers demanding news
while a bunch of capitalists buying advertising don't want them to get any news
when you consider that difficult problem and those two irreconcilable points of view you can see why it is vital that the news media become a sacred public trust, free of all commercial interests so that they can finally start telling the truth instead of disgracing themselves all the time, sharing the disgrace of capitalists, who are the root cause of all these problems people face.

Where's my armadillo 09.Dec.2004 17:39

west pecos pete

The national guard gets little in the way of armor. The Pentigon needs to stockpile some for the Invasion of Iran. As Rummy says you get the army that there. Texas national guardsman are being fitted with mammals having hard scales?

canadian news clip about iran 09.Dec.2004 23:06

andrea pdx

Several days ago, i believe it was Saturday night, News World International, the canadian cable channel that is broadcast in the united states ran a story about Iran conducting military exercises along their border with Iraq. There was video footage of armored vehicles and troops said to be massing on the iranian side of the border.

The report however was not repeated at all during Sunday which I thought was curious.

I havent found any other news source that was reporting this story, until I saw this story posted on indy media

I suppose its also possible that since it has been revealed that
CNN was used by military black ops to broadcast a false story about military actions in Fallujah, perhaps this is also a similar story planted to prime the pump for military actions against Iran???


Hi 09.Dec.2004 16:26

My name is brent

And I like to sucker interested browsers looking for solid news into meaningless threads by debating myself in order to notch up the number of responses to my ridiculously inane postings. All you suckers will fall for my tricks again and again and I will slowly dull your mind until you start believing my rants. Beware.