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National Public Radio: Voice of White Power

On Dec. 3rd N.P.R. (National Public Radio) ran a show called "On the Media". They did a piece, which was titled "All you need is Hate"; they spoke to a group called "Panzerfaust". Panzerfaust is a White Power music distribution company that is running a program called Project School yard. In this program they are distributing thousands of copies of racist music to schoolchildren. They described the project like this "This fall, Panzerfaust Records embarked on a venture called Project Schoolyard. It's basically a distribution effort for hate music. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Panzerfaust is, according to Newsweek magazine, "one of the top 'white power' record labels in the country." Through methods as simple as direct mail and handing out CDs to kids filing off the school bus, Project Schoolyard aims to hand out 100,000 CDs to kids who may not even realize what they're being handed".

N.P.R. not only didn't criticize what Panzerfaust was doing, they actually played their songs and had only one person say anything in rebuttal to the blatant hate being spouted by the Panzerfaust rep.

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