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Public Radio-Voice of White Power.

On Dec. 3rd N.P.R. (National Public Radio) ran a show called "On the Media". They did a piece, which was titled "All you need is Hate"; they spoke to a group called "Panzerfaust". Panzerfaust is a White Power music distribution company that is running a program called Project School yard. In this program they are distributing thousands of copies of racist music to schoolchildren.
On Dec. 3rd N.P.R. (National Public Radio) ran a show called "On the Media". They did a piece, which was titled "All you need is Hate"; they spoke to a group called "Panzerfaust". Panzerfaust is a White Power music distribution company that is running a program called Project School yard. In this program they are distributing thousands of copies of racist music to schoolchildren. They described the project like this "This fall, Panzerfaust Records embarked on a venture called Project Schoolyard. It's basically a distribution effort for hate music. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Panzerfaust is, according to Newsweek magazine, "one of the top 'white power' record labels in the country." Through methods as simple as direct mail and handing out CDs to kids filing off the school bus, Project Schoolyard aims to hand out 100,000 CDs to kids who may not even realize what they're being handed".

N.P.R. not only didn't criticize what Panzerfaust was doing, they actually played their songs and had only one person say anything in rebuttal to the blatant hate being spouted by the Panzerfaust rep. Here is what they gave as the opposing side of the story "We certainly agree that they've got a free speech right to sing whatever they want to sing. We think it's also therefore important that those of us who are concerned about it, and there are many, use our First Amendment obligation to speak out against it". Let me say it again this was the only thing that was said in opposition to Panzerfaust. In their attempt to seem unbiased they came off complaisant or even supportive of a Radical White Power movement that aims to control America under a fascist banner.

For those of you who don't already know Public radio is corporate media. They are the enemy! As for Panzerfaust, I think that this is a clear indication that Nazi organizing is up and running again. The main thing that looks different this time is that they are better organized and raising a lot of money. They are holding shows and reaching out to people all over the world. Their numbers are growing and they have an organizational structure that will make them effective. To my knowledge no one in Portland is organizing against White Power groups. More over I'm worried that there are very few people in this town that are willing or able to fight against these Nazis.

I hope that I'm wrong, I hope that there are a number of you that will not stand for Fascist hate in your community. The fight is in our town and they are having success organizing in Portland. The one thing that White Power folk do well is to reach out to poor white youth. I remember growing up in this town and having a lot of friends that started heading that direction. Why, because they were some of the only people reaching out to poor people. They talked about taking back the country and changing the government for the betterment of the people (the white people). In the past these people have had a national spokes person, large-scale training camps, and a willingness to hurt people in our community. It wasn't all that long ago that these people would drive into North East Portland and murder people. These crimes were hardly ever investigated by the police and when they were even more rarely ended in an arrest.

The time is now if we are to do anything about the disease that is infesting our home. We need to start organizing today; in fact any ideas that you're thinking of right now need to be driven by action to stop this. The fight is here, what are we going to do about it?

If you want to listen to this garbage passed out as news, you can listen to it here

If you want to read the text you can find it here

What are they doing locally?

77777777 09.Dec.2004 00:06


I'm not sure wheather or not the person who wrote this article actaully listened to it or just read a summery of it. I could pick up no pro-Natzi bias in this article at all. The segment had two, not one, speakers who were activly campaining against the orgaization profiled, and who were explictly explained as being so. So what exactly is this author complaining about, that NPR would choose to cover the growing market in White-Power music and not editorialize about how racism is bad? This may be a bit of a jump, but I think NPR assumed they didn't have to tell them that. Unlike the author of this article, they probably thought that their listeners would be uncomfortable simply with the fact that Nazis were recruiting in schools and not have to spell it out to them. Not ever article about this boil down to cheerleading the Anti-Racist movement, but the author is right on one thing, what's needed is action, not some poorly written historonics on an article that obviously shares the same view point. No wonder radicals are so inefectual.

you've got to be kidding 09.Dec.2004 00:12


Not to split hairs here, but, if your informal transcript is to be believed, the NPR segment did refer to the cds as containing "hate music." That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement. They also, rather obviously, implied that the group was fooling kids into taking something they probably wouldn't if they knew what it was: "...kids who may not even realize what they're being handed."

NPR is certainly not perfect, as neither is Indymedia. However, it seems (again, from your informal retelling of the story) that they were simply presenting the facts and leaving it up to you to decide what to to think (to take a page from FAUX news). You also take issue with NPR playing some of the songs from the cd. I've never heard any "white pride" music before. Shouldn't I know what the other side is saying if I want to come to an informed opinion about it? Isn't relying on the intelligence and sound judgement of the audience a good thing?

Besides, On The Media is a show about media, not about social issues. The point of On The Media doing a story such as this one would be to concentrate on the issues regarding free speech, like the rights and/or ability of these racists to spread their message and the role media plays in doing so.

But most importantly, you don't want your media to tell you what to think, do you? That's why the Right has Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Larson, et al. From your recollection of the story, it seems that On The Media presented you with facts and then some conflicting opinions about those facts and left it up to you to figure out what was right and wrong. That sounds pretty good to me.

So what would an intelligent, reasonable person glean from this story? Clearly, racism is wrong. Clearly, these racists should be told by everyone they meet that they are wrong. However, at the same time, I don't want to live in a country that would suppress speech simply because it is unpopular. That's what I got from that story. And I didn't need anyone on NPR to beat me over the head with their opinion to figure that out.

In the meantime, you are right that our community should speak out against racism and facism, and I applaud your activism and your passion. But we must also stand up for the rights of those with whom we disagree. It's tough, and it may not seem to make sense sometimes, but it is right.

the logo 09.Dec.2004 01:28


Don't you think that logo is a bit creepy. All you need to do is replace the words "Goodnight White Pride" with "Goodnight Jew Media" and you have yourself a nice Nazi emblem.

To the producers of NPR's "On the Media" 09.Dec.2004 04:43


I hope you can see how irresponsible it is to dispassionately discuss such unpleasant things as white power music, as in your recently broadcast piece "All You Need Is Hate". Surely you recognize that the sooner such filth is given no public mention, the sooner it will go away, just like all other problems allowed to slip beneath the media radar. (Consider the wild success of your network's casual dismissal of the possibility of fraud in the recent national elections. *wink* *wink*)

Hope you see things my way,

- Me

uh... 09.Dec.2004 05:55


The only thing I will not dispassionately discuss is the rights of living things, that includes free speech. To whomever posted above: The only way I can hope to see things your way is to ensure your rights to say them, so stop tacitly supporting censorship.

Lessons in propaganda 09.Dec.2004 09:16


If you fail to see how this works in favor of the Panzerfaust project then you do not understand how propaganda programs work. Panzerfaust is attempting to normalize hate speech(which is how neo-nazis proudly refer to it btw). This is part of their program. They want to polish it up and make it a message that can be spread to the mainstream, while simultaneously financially supporting the organisations that murder innocent people and publishing violent propaganda for them. On one of their more radical flyers(being distributed by Tualatin Valley Skins this coming Jan 8th) they call for "Hey Whitey:
Tired of racial filth contaminating the of city Portland?
Want to do something legal to even?

Our actions will remind all that This is White Man's country and we will no longer tolerate gangs of unclean inferiors polluting our land.

White power flyers can do much to injure the mental health of these subhuman invaders. It is our job to spread the message. It's a message of White purity, White pride and the hope of assuring our genetic future.

Join us Saturday and just say "NO" to the Oregon cesspool of Niggers, Spics, Kikes, Faggots, Ragheads, Chinks, Gooks, Roaches & lefist communist swine."
This is pretty extreme. But their mainstream info is more watered down and digestible, at least for suburban, middle class, white people.

NPR is playing right into their game. I'm sure they're quite aware of that as they are always the tool of someone's propaganda campaign. When this was reported on in Germany, the press called for all schools and parents to watch for volunteers handing out this stuff. Because of this the campaign failed. But like the nonshalant, unconcerned tone of voice said in the "report", they've hopped the pond and the project is thriving here.

Instead of wasting your time defending corporate media and buying into the dangerous myth of unbiased/balanced media, you should be formulating a plan for giving the local nazis the boot. Otherwise you will see the same rash of murders and beatings as the last time they(literally) set up camp here.

Offended by the picture? 09.Dec.2004 09:26


Obviously you've never lived in a city that's been over run with skinheads. Ever heard of "curbing" or "boot parties"? These are fun things you and your neighbors can look forward to if you are not willing to fight. They love the fact that the left is non-violent. They laugh at it as they split their faces in half on the curb. The only thing that has worked to remove skinheads from Portland was to literally beat them out. It's not fun, it's not cool, it's not exciting, it doesn't feel good, I know, it's not dancing in the street or breaking a window. But it's necessary to protect ourselves and our communities. At least learn self defense, you'll need it.

that's called "reporting', amateur. 09.Dec.2004 16:03

doctor_jones http://www.motherearth.org/bushwanted/laws.php#rogue

what have YOU done for peace between races in the last year -- or in your life -- besides say -- we should hate these people and stand against them?

i've been in A.R.A. for almost since it began and i know that white power organizations are no fun and not cool. i also know that a lot of people think ARA is "fight club" -- that wonb't solve any problems either.

Indymedia people sometimes have a mental problem -- when they get as biased to the left as the coproarte media are to the right they cancel out whatever good indymedia could do as a service to people who want to know.

great. you pointed out that NPR is a cproprate front. that's good reporting and you could actually do a balanced article on how hypoctitical and corporate THAT is because it is.

but reporting news without lying any JUDGMENTS -- is something maybe you don't understand.

you know that there are people in the world who don't know about nazis, white power skins and hate groups to the effect and depth as street level punks. a LOT pof people. why shoul;d they turn on the raid and get imbalanced judgment charged perspective?

if you are really against racism you are against prejudice. and being against prejudice means you don't use prior judgments -- you reject the faculty of judgment and take people and situations as they are.

which is what the person before me in line is oppointing out.

i am pointing it out on the media tip cause a lot of indymendia people arewasting their time with slogan-based doctrinaire reprtage. what if NPR simply reported what the bands involved were doing and saying and left people to draw their OWN conclusions?

a lot of people don't trust Leftists because of tehtendncecy to propagandize, the tendency to say 'think this way or be cast out" which twists arms when it can't win people over withg its logic. it's in a way just like the right woing notion of telling people to believe one way or be outcastes if they fail to.

if you want to report on the coproate bias of NPR heuury up and get about it. it might improve NPR. but just making overt jugdments helps no one n the long run.

that's what prejudice is, no matter what you are doing it to. shallow assesments of situations are gonna do nothing to fiix the problems of racism in the United States or the world at alarge. too many people have been using shallow assessments and "it's their fault' sorts of judgments -- that's what prejudice is. when you atlke the same attitude and turn hatred on to the corporate world -- you're still a hater. so what, yoy hate the right things? that's what the bigots you would like to oppose think too. shallow news is just a waste of bandwidth.

being superficial and shallow and just passionately jusmping in and making finger pointing assesments will probably get you more informed lectures from old-heads like myself who has seen it all -- including wastes of effort. are you just getting in competition thinking?

getting out of the mind game that the coprporate world plays is hard. keep going.


and...you're still wrong 09.Dec.2004 16:10


beating them didn't send themm away. violence is what people with no intellect always turn to. what do you think Bush and HIS cronies want other than people to get ready for self righteous race vileence? the left fails because they are hypnotized into non thought by manifestoes, not because nonviolence is inferior. nonviolence means THINKING and having FEELINGS, not becoming a target. that's just being dumb.

the attitude that turned ARA into a fight cluub will eventualy go away -- when people who are progressive and sane starrt THINKING FOR THEMSELVES (duh0 instead of letting the dull witted bullies take the reins.

all the people you opposed with violence didn't go away. that's tthe oldest..it never soilves the problem and is the microcosmic version of what was called in the cold war era 'mutually assured destruction./' it;'s all of the problem and none of the solution.

Get a clue 09.Dec.2004 22:13


"Panzerfaust is attempting to normalize hate speech(which is how neo-nazis proudly refer to it btw). This is part of their program. They want to polish it up and make it a message that can be spread to the mainstream, while simultaneously financially supporting the organisations that murder innocent people and publishing violent propaganda for them."

And that's what "On the Media" was reporting on. They do stories on how the media is used. Can't see anything wrong with what they did. Isn't it nice that people like us now know what Panzerfaust is up to? I certainly wouldn't find out on my own, not being one of their target audience.

By the way, NPR doesn't control the content of "On the Media." On the Media is produced by WNYC, a pretty radical little radio station.

Priviledge stuck in moral highground abstraction again. Anyone surprised? 10.Dec.2004 09:51


I will admit I am sensetive to this issue. I was born and raised here. I remember what it was like. Most punks and activists didn't have a fucking clue what was happening in the poor communities until the skins started coming after them. One of my neighbors' houses was raided by skinheads. They killed or wounded everyone in the house because they were "race traiting" and they were their competitors in the meth trade. Many women were raped for "race traiting". An african immigrant woman was brutally murdered. People I knew were being recruited, going to Metzger's training/brainwash camp, and getting addicted to meth. Someone that had been my friend got recruited and beat a black man to death, just because he was black and dared to get into an accident with a white person. Right down the street from where I was living an elderly black man was beaten to death by 4 skinheads. They were never caught because the people who knew who did it were so afraid they would be killed, they kept silent. This is not even the half of my experience. Most of these incidents weren't heard about until some surburban punk kids started getting messed with. What you fail to understand is the effect this shit has on real poor communities. Not your little pseudo-poor activist ghettos. You live in a bubble. I'm not quite sure why I bother with you morons sometimes, but then I've met some pretty amazing people in your midst.
So yeah, I'm gonna have a strong reaction. I'm going to call for self defense. Whether your priviledged ass backs me or not. I will not stand by and let this happen again. You can gloat about whatever organisations you want to to give yourself pseudo credibility that only matters to priveledged uneffected kids anyway. I will defend my community.

What would you do? 10.Dec.2004 10:17


So enough back and forth over blah, blah, blah morals. What do people plan to do about this here in Portland?

in the long run 10.Dec.2004 16:51


WCM...sorry you've had to mess with the white pride people...I don't advise violence, but at the same time, there are decent people who find themselves in untenable situations where opportunity or respect for reason have been dismissed by aggressors attempting to coerce, terrorize, or kill them. In that situation, some might choose to die rather than fight.
I think dying has it's place, but there's no point in dying stupid, and letting someone do all that to them without fighting would be stupid. Of course there is a way than you can fight and at least minimize violence. Tell your friends and they may help you. That is the point of the article about the white pride group being aired on NPR. With its listenership, NPR has the ability to inform and help develop allegiances amongst many people who are not friends to the nazi thing.
Of course you're right also in that by airing information about the nazi people, knowledge of what they are doing is learned by some people who like what they are doing. It has a certain double edge sword character to it. Personally, I suppose I'm comfortable with that because of the people who will hear such articles on NPR, more people people will be opposed to the white pride thing than sympathise and support it.I believe integrity of the individual is of paramount importance. People can be intelligent, and I hope they'll do the right thing if the facts are laid before them.
So let the articles run and maybe you'll get help in driving and keeping the skins, nazi's, etc., out the next time. Still, it's a long haul, and we who advocate non-violence should think very carefully about just why people who do believe in equality, justice and peace for all would find themselves having to resort to violence to defend themselves so close to home against those who would seek to compromise those freedoms.

A responce 10.Dec.2004 17:23


I've read over the thread that is up here and I can't believe what I see. When I wrote this story I thought that people would be pissed about Corp. media normalizing hate speach and giving free air time to racist bands. I also thought that I might make people worried that there would be a resurgance of Nazi's in Portland. What I found is a lot of NPR apologist screaming free speach. I agree free speach is good but fuck you if you want to give air time to nazi's! Fuck you if you think that normalizing hate speach is ok and fuck you if support white power at all! I can't say enough that complicty will no longer be tolerated. If you take no side while people are being killed than YOU HAVE TAKEN A SIDE! The media shouldn't be coplicite when it come to Nazi's. If you think that I don't want you to think for your self than your wrong, but thinking that a story thats down with Nazi's and then defending it because of free speach is just crazy. In the article did I say burn OntheMedia to the ground? No I said this is Corp. media and there fucked for supporting racist hate mongers. I don't really care about NPR though, what I'm really concered about is oragnizing agianst Nazi's. That's the main thing I hoped people would think about. I'm sorry if you don't care. I'm sorry because I think to myself how really hard it will be to talk to the person of color down the street who's house was just burned and there family killed. What will you say? Will you say well we saw it coming but I couldn't do anything because free speach is a right, and I couldn't organize against it because I'm a pacifist nazi who will do nothing? This is the time to stand and fight, because if you can't fight against this then I don't know what you think is worth fighting for.

reply to Cleareyes 10.Dec.2004 17:48


I appreciate your genuine attempt to understand where I'm coming from. But you have too much faith in the majority of white people. The NPR audience is just exactly who they are targeting for their pr campaign. They're promoting themselves as a kinder, gentler version of skinheads(even though their funding goes to groups that promote and commit acts of murder). If you read the site of the local group(TVS) and their parent organisations(National Socialist Movement, Panzerfaust), they specifically state their pr strategy and their target audience. They are seeking liberal sympathy with reports of state repression and censorship. While targeting middle class america for recruitment.
If you do not stand up, then who will? You cannot sit back and trust that most people will see through the b.s. They didn't see through it before, why would they now? If you sit back, they will take full advantage of that and you'll find your communities taken over before you can figure out what happened.
For those who are interested, there's another article linked to from this one that has some comments from people who experienced this before including myself.

7777777777777777 10.Dec.2004 22:03


I agree with direct action against neo-nazis, but I think an article reporting on their tactics and mindset would be lot more more helpful then some screed that basically amounts to "Racism is Bad" Thanks for posting the information about the skinhead meeting, but ditch the media criticism Anti-Racism, you're terrible at it.

of faith , vigilance and strategy 11.Dec.2004 02:43


To WCM and all others....It's not a case of having too much faith in "....white people". No, I've no intention of just throwing up my hands and letting the audience of NPR, whom I imagine to be quite an ethnically, spiritually, socially diverse group of largely middle-class listeners allow schoolkids to be indoctrinated into the feel good adrenaline high of race hatred. I'm not sure how the NPR audience will respond to these tidings, but I think I'm right to hope that they'll act in the cause of justice as needed. At this point, I'm not sure what I'd do in terms of directly confronting this threat where it presents itself.
At this point, I'm probably not prepared to put steel toe boots on and go kick the shit out of some nazi bonehead who apparently takes some kind of warped pleasure out of messing with little kids minds, or thinks he's going to be successful selling the sublime pleasures and rewards of racism to comfortable middleclass citizens. I can see someone living in one of their target neighborhoods resorting to that even if I don't think it's the greatest idea.
If your feeling is that the situation is that dire, I'd say it seems like there'd be a number of non-violent things that could be done before violence is resorted to, such as documenting all related activity visually, with notes, reports. Publicize incidents, and evidence of things happening. If it's really outrageous, I think widespread recognition and action in support of the assistance you need will follow.
I have some concerns about how "middle class america" might respond to the idea of racism as introduced by kinder gentler skinheads in this era of many americans supposedly embracing a stronger blend of conservatism. Hard to say. I keyed in to what you had to say about what happened back in the day in the poor community. I can see that happening, because poor folks don't get served to the degree that middleclass folks do in terms of income, ability to provide adequate housing for themselves, and safe community policed neighborhoods.
I can see "skins" as you say, come into such a place, messing things up, and there being a big delay until the rest of the population goes "Wha-a-a-at?" It's not hard to reason that injustices might not be redressed quite as quickly in a poor nabe as in a rich one.
Tualitin Valley could be a challenge for them though. It isn't poor now, though if it started to become so, and a group could somehow place the blame on non-whites, which Tualitan Valley has increasing numbers of that are hard-working and economically successful, something could build. I've no certainty as to how that would play out, but I don't think it will play out like nazi germany.
Really, if they do show up in the valley in january, it should be quite interesting to see how the racist/neonazi/skins will be received. I think they could find themselves being run over by a lot of suv's and old 4 wheeler pickup trucks. But seriously, in this increasingly populated, economically interdependent region, idiotic racist mentality and activity will very likely be spotlightlighted by a very unsympathetic multiracial community. Informed by both NPR and yourself if we can count ourselves so fortunate.