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The Start of the Battle over the "Burnside Bridgehead"

The latest gentrification zone in Portland will be in the area around the east end of the Burnside Bridge. But what gets done there by developers is still an open debate. Are you ready for the struggle?

Y'all have certainly noticed changes in lower East Burnside. It is officially a PDC urban renewal area (mostly a good thing, though that could be argued long and hard).

Part of the project is creating an "anchor" complex at the end of the bridge. The PDC is entertaining three proposals - two of which would involve bringing "big box" retail stores (a Home Depot or a Lowe's) into the heart of Portland. The third proposal would house all local businesses (including a "chef's cooperative"). An article about the issue can be found here.

[ Public presentation of the Burnside Bridgehead development proposals: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2004, 4 PM, State of Oregon Bldg 800 NE Oregon, Rm 140 ] [ Discussion/workshop of the Burnside Bridgehead proposals: MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2004, 5 PM, State of Oregon Bldg 800 NE Oregon, Rm 140 ] [ Portland Development Commission ]